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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    New project? Co-writing and scripting a (fan) audio drama over at Pendant Productions. Okay, the outlining's already underway, but it's going to be roughly ten 15-20 minute episodes, so I think it's safe to say I'll be scripting well through spring and then some...
      CommentAuthorBexx B.S.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    getting my Etsy store up and running. Meaning I need to get my ass in gear and get to making my Wack-A-doo plush.
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    Over the Winter I've completely restructured the architecture of my book, and I reckon I've got a couple more weeks of that to really get everything properly nailed down. Winter is for thinking. This Spring's project is to get the draft down and in the barrel for another round of editing. I fall in love with this story every single time I look at my outline. There are three chapters already written that I have to remind myself that I was the one who wrote those. The combination of more intense critical thought than I have ever really applied to one area and just being so fucking pleased with myself is a strange and exhilarating feeling.

    But I need something to do with my hands, and come March I won't have a garden. But I will have a workshop. So I've got a sketchbook full of clothing patterns. Over Spring I'd like to get enough money to afford fabric and a sewing machine - now that I can't borrow the use of one - and start putting together those clothes. My mates insist that if I do that I'll end up with a design house by accident.

    @LindsayDuff, yeah, having done a spot of refereeing for the Terminal City Roller Girls, I'm pretty certain I know what you're going through. Being the youngest bloke in the ref team, the girls ignored my name and simply called me Jail Bait. I reckon that's the best synopsis of my Roller Derby experience. That and General Jinjur's veteran's eyes as she said "Derby'll eat your life, son." I haven't seen her for a year.
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    Try to get my new one act play staged, by hook or by crook. Possibly teamed up with a friend and her one act for a night of snarky theatre.
    Finish the new pilot.
    Finish the new spec.
    Write an Auslander short story (or two) for Astonishing Adventures
    Finish up comic proposal packet before SDCC.
    Swindle 80 million out of an slimeball art collector by selling him a forgery of a missing Cezanne.
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    My big project for Spring, and for all of 2009 really, is THE LOST GRIND OPERA.

    Because I'm not content enough being an artist or a photographer or a director or (sometimes) a writer, I've now thrown my hat in the ring as a producer.

    Located at the world famous El Cid Theater in Los Angeles, The Lost Grind Opera is a bi-monthly theatrical showcase that brings you the very best in dark cabaret. With its unique blend of glamorous modern burlesque, original live music and deviantly hilarious vaudeville, The Lost Grind Opera looks to set the new standard in L.A.'s underground scene.

    I've been working on putting this show together since October and we're finally launching our opening night on March 13th. The idea for it basically sprung from the notion of "if you can't find anything to entertain you, create it yourself". I finally got off my ass and started gathering my creative friends to see if we could put together a fun, sexy cabaret type show together.

    Click on the image to check out the MySpace page for more info and pretty pictures:

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    Finishing the novel that's halfway done.
    Setting up a website and a few mailing lists from it
    Writing the non-linear novel I've been planing for years, then emailing the chapters out before putting them together in different orders for a POD book
    Writing the rest of the issues for the comic pitch I'll be hawking about for this year
    Writing at least 2 of the Future Shocks I have half ideas for AND submitting them this time.
    • CommentAuthorZeebo
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    My main goal is to qualify for my PhD track, but that strikes me as a boring goal that mostly involves studying and convincing my peers that, yes, I did in fact write five pages of text in a single sitting. Scientists tend to regard writing as some sort of tentacular Templesmithian monstrosity.

    Of greater interest to me is to generate preliminary data for my new project that has arisen from my qualification escapades. It involves delicious mouse bone marrow and cancer virus.

    Aside from work, I intend to finish this specfic novel I've been writing and have been too busy doing science to work on in the last two weeks. Editing will be the summer's goal.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    I have to work out the best way to teach other people to become good teachers.
    I am not a teacher.
    • CommentAuthorfenmere
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    I have six graphic novel scripts to start producing, beyond the two comics I'm already working on, so depending on what happens with my day job I intend to begin one of those.

    Also, I'm working on a CMS script in php, mysql and Ajax for my local comics group, The Bellingham School of Comics, to use for hosting their works. It looks like I'll be finished with the back end and will start on the page layouts this Spring.

    And, if the 'Ham is receptive enough, I should be starting my One Year of Shows. My goal being to have artwork hanging somewhere in my home town for 365 days straight.

    Finally, I want to start remastering my old comics and begin layout for The F-ing Big Tome.

    But truth be told, I'd be happy if I can just keep Harmless Free Radicals and Par for the Core going.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Well, last week I managed to set up a web site for my trip to Memphis. My next projects will be involved in improving the site and adding more to it as well as taking on more and more clients for filming.
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    Finish building the engine for the portable steam electrical generator (boiler built, electrics design complete), figure out how to tune music box made from a 6' sheet of spring steel and a 55-gallon drum being featured in kinetic art documentary, begin construction on cyber-regency mechanical fashion/armor pieces. Need to find models for that.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    My aim is to have multiple issues of my comic out in time for this years local comics show.

    I am confident I will be successful in achieving this aim. Can you tell?
    • CommentAuthorbraak
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    @happyjack1888: Do you have pics/links for this stuff? I've been itching to see a neat steam/electrics engine.

    I am writing a new novel, the sequel to my first one. Also, another short story, two plays. I have my work cut out.
    • CommentAuthorVetes
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Finishing up my 28 short stories sent out to various places in February gig. I also have some poems I'd like to touch up for publishing as well.

    Next month, I'll start onto a pseudo non-fiction book that I have a small outline for already. The plan is to write ten pages per chapter at ten pages a day with 12 chapters planned. Theoretically, it would only be 12 days for a first draft. Let's hope I can stick with that.

    Job searching in Pittsburgh or New York. Whatever one gives me a reliable offer first becomes my new hometown.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    One thing I love about Whitechapel is that everyone is so tied in to creation. It's not a board for fanboys. Totally amazing everyone, I wish you all the best of luck with your coming projects.

    I am still getting my food/travel/tour blog Vagabond Appteite off the ground. I have been seeing some pretty decent traffic so far and hopefully when I am on the road again it will pick up with more daily updates. Also I'm always looking for suggestions of places to review so feel free to shoot me a line with your favorite dive bar or restaurant.

    Speaking of being on the road my Bryce Midas incarnation is hitting the road in 2 weeks (agh!) and touring the East coast and part of the midwest. Then I'm meeting up with Battlefields for the end of their tour in April and then back to my hometown to get some work done on my next record which still has no name. Also on the tour I will probably be putting out an EP of demo stuff I have done in Florida and will have that online for free download in the coming week or two.

    I also have a couple of other projects on which I am working, although they remain in the planning stages at present so I am not going to talk about them so as not to jinx anything. I will say this about them. The first one involves quantum physics, Sufism, a man in a tuxedo who is not wearing pants and a lot of cursing and boozing. The second one involves Civil War-era alien conspiracies, the temples of Angkor Wat and the discovery of Atlantis off the coast of Japan.

    Also if the world ends this year I am going to buy a .308 Winchester and a lot of bullets, hole up in some remote part of the US and learn to garden, can, install/repair solar/wind generators and pick off a G-Man from my rooftop lookout.
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    Finishing the pilot for FX and hopefully getting the season on its feet. Finishing the two or three pitches for comics mulling around in my head. Hopefully moving the hell out of my shitball apartment complex.
    • CommentAuthormeudy12
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Working on the first issue of a horror/sci-fi pulp comic. Story boarding the first issue now...working with a great artist, just know that we have a long road ahead of us.
    • CommentAuthorlcrisler
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Working on several short stories (always), waiting on word back from editors (always) and working on my first novel (at long last).

    Gearing up to deploy to the Middle East next month (which has the fringe benefit of giving me more time for those items listed above. Srsly.)

    Waiting with baited breath for a response from IMAGE or AVATAR on a comics miniseries proposal I sent.

    Further information on any of these items can be found at LincolnCrisler.Com, with information on the comic here.
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    I'm going to make a real effort at starting my RepRap this year:

    That's a Replicating Rapid Prototyper, or about as close to a Von Neumann machine as things get so far. Here's their website:

    Expect some acknowledgment of this on before Equinox. Hopefully.
    • CommentAuthor_paegan_
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    In an effort to clean up my life after spending the last five years recovering (way too slowly) from catastrophic illness, I've been participating in a LiveJournal version of "1001 things in 101 days". My springs, summers, falls and winters for the next three years will be focused upon this list.

    Some of the highlights I'll be hitting this spring include hat making, sewing projects, resurrecting my eBay business, and furniture refinishing.