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    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Two role playing game sourcebook projects, likely for the GURPS system.

    I've had, on the back burner, an old-style text adventure set in a summer camp. You can actually play it, but I keep coming up with shit to add to it so it remains eternally half-done. If I get inspired again I might finish it. Hah.
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    I just finished working on Byron #5, which will start to be serialized on the SLG Publishing website in about a week or so. Chapter #4 is still up here

    SLG's Bou-tiki gallery will also be hosting my 'Barflies, Boozers, Bastards' art exhibit all throughout March. I'll be flying out there to San Jose, CA for the First Friday, March 6th. Details here.

    I'll also be sticking around San Jose, CA for SLG's Creator's Studio Workshop on March 7th. Apparently, I'll be talking about my creative processes and drawing some funny pictures. Bring a bottle. Details here.

    I'm working on Byron #6 now and attempting to finish up the graphic novel (there are 7 chapters) by Comic-Con.

    I'm sure there will also be a couple more art exhibits here in Denver over the spring that I'll also be a part of.
    • CommentAuthormunin218
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Getting some writing done on a new idea.

    Finishing a class.

    Applying for jobs in another department at work.
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    1. starting a small press to publish experimental fiction and poetry

    2. working on my novel/dissertation which is a study of/inspired by the 1960's soap opera dark shadows.
    • CommentAuthorzanegraves
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    I did a stupid "Make stuff!" meme over on LJ so have to figure out crap to make people. One person specifically stated it could not be made out of feces, so I'm having trouble finding something worse to make his ... whatever I make him, out of.

    In terms of "real" things, I have a short animated film to finish up, amounting to eight to nine minutes (so the composer can stop whining that it's too short to properly score, oddly enough).
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Finish and polish a piece of writing (or a few) and attempt to get them published...
    Find a job.
    Bath in the blood of the damned... or at least one damned.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    I started up a book review podcast in January, so my Spring Project is to actually keep doing it. I'm six episodes in, and I know some people are listening, so that helps. I just need to make sure I keep motivated....

    Other projects for the Spring include: Investigate a new job, resurrect a dormant creative outlet (drawing or writing, don't care which) and move in with The Boyfriend, with all the drama that entails....
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    I'm writing another comic, as I just now finished an anthology that put togheter two years material that was laying around dead on discs or forgotten folders in the bowels of my computer. Link to the anthology will come soon enough. Begining next month, I'll restart the project of the clothing line. There's a feel t-shirts on my flickr page (link) , but I'll upload more stuff soon and set up a website to sell those things on-line.

    I'm still writing every day. The dead line I gave myself to the first draft of my novel is may 24th. Let's see if I can make it. Before that, I have this new comic and a pitch to produce.
    • CommentAuthorgjmiller
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    1.) I am determined to find a decent use for Twitter.

    John Scalzi mentioned that while he uses Twitter, he doesn't directly follow a lot people using Twitter itself. He subscribes to the RSS feeds tied to their Twitter accounts. I like this idea much more than using their web page or using a client like Twhirl. I put together a Yahoo Pipe to mash together a bunch of Twitter RSS feeds so I can subscribe to a single feed. I quite like it, but it's not perfect and I'm determined to wade through Pipes' obtuse documentation until I get it right. Once I've fixed it up, I will probably post some more details somewhere here.

    I've also started posting here today. It's just going to be bits and pieces of things I've felt the need to look up or research further while reading. I don't guarantee that it will be updated regularly nor do I guarantee that I will stick to it, but I shall try.

    2.) We use LOINC and its accompanying tool RELMA a quite a bit at work to facilitate the sharing of laboratory results between local hospitals. However, the RELMA software is clunky and we only use about 70% or less of its features. The thing regularly takes up 200 or more MB of memory to do its thing and it uses a pair of Access databases to store its data which is, quite frankly, offensive to me. I'm thinking of building a web-based version that is snappier and consists only of the features that we regularly use.

    One catch is that I'd need to motivate myself sufficiently to work on it outside of work hours as The Company owns anything I create while on their time and I'd like to release anything I develop into the wild.

    The other catch is that the license that LOINC is released under doesn't allow me to re-use all of their database tables without express permission. I'm not sure I can get this permission and I'm not sure how much I could accomplish without it.

    Yet another catch is that I've not programmed much beyond SQL and Python scripts in the past five years.

    We'll see I suppose.
    • CommentAuthorFlashfire
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Buying my first home. Plan to be in it by the end of May or June.
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    Finishing my second novel. Getting the first novel published. Attending a few sci-fi conventions in pursuit of those goals.

    I'll also be working on the crossover comic I share with a few others. I want to make a new comic wholly my own, but setting up a website is daunting. And the plate is a little full right now.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    joined a hardcore band, so the plan is playing my first few shows with them, hopefully house shows...
    • CommentAuthorgjmiller
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    I'm also determined to build a small-scale version of this. I just need to find a place to buy the plants cheaply enough.
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009 edited
    There is really a lot of fascinating stuff going on around Whitechapel.

    I have begun writing and doodling a series of mostly autobiographical comic stories under the titled "Scrambled Circuits." I can't draw humans very well, so everyone is a robot, tentacle creature, or some sort of hybrid robot/tentacle monstrosity. The stories range from attempts at comedy to depressing as can be and awkwardly mundane.

    This project has two purposes for me.
    [01] Get over my paranoia and stop letting my lack of SUPER LEET drawing skills prevent me from making comics, which is what I fucking want to do, and allow me to slowly learn how to tell stories in this medium I adore. And hopefully I will one day be able to illustrate the more artistically challenging things I write.
    [02] Tell these stories that I feel are important. Of course I don't know if I would feel my stories are important if I didn't admire James Kolchaka, Harvey Pekar, Carol Tyler, and others like that.

    I want to release the first collection by the end of the year and I want the final product to be as many pages as I can fit into a saddle stitched periodical and priced as low as I can. I'll most likely go through Ka-Blam/Indy Planet because I order comics from them a bit and the quality is fantastic. It looks like it will be 4 dollars for 50-52 black and whites pages. Though that might end up being 5 dollars, which would mean that every copy that sold I would get just enough in profit to print up another copy for free that I could then give away to promote it, but I don't know if people would be willing to pay 5 bucks. I have no delusions about making any amount of money, and I won't mind sinking a bit to print off copies to send to people/give out.

    It's quite the learning process, and the few finished works I've scanned and uploaded are far from the quality I want in the end product, but everyone starts somewhere.

    Scrambled Circuits stuff can be seen at:
    My Blog
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    Well, I just received my FINAL WINNING NOTIFICATION from the IRISH NATIONAL LOTTERY, so fuck this old "work" bullshit, I just won about 4 million GBP. I'm never working again. Just as soon as I send them all my personal information, they'll wire me the cash.

    What I WAS planning on doing until I won the IRISH NATIONAL LOTTERY and emailed to claim my prize (please, you should all email to claim your prize as well), I was working with my cousin/best friend on a newspaper comic strip about two smokers, a clown, a demon, and a friend of mine from college, which we will hopefully submit to some of the finer web publications out there. Eventually, if we get picked up, we'd like to work daily, or at least week-daily. I'm also putting together a three-man standup comedy/filmed sketch show together, which will hopefully start touring the Midwest by the end of March. And lastly, I'm working on building up a good set of interviews with some key cutting-edge figures in comics and comedy to submit to The Rumpus. I'm actually hoping to interview Ellis, among others.

    But, as I said, I won the IRISH NATIONAL LOTTERY. So fuck that shit.
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    I have begun publishing a mini comic this year. It is available in print in NZ only. This is a stupid (but fun) way of doing things: Spring (my Autumn) will see a web launch of the comic, once if figure out how to do it right.

    It will also see the jump from small 8-12 page stories to a larger, serialized story. About building death rays.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Just signed up for this summer's gaming festival. A vain hope of doing something interesting with the Transhuman Space setting by ditching all the dice geekery.

    The Nørwegian Style project collecting small "role playing poems" and minigames seems dead or dying, just as it was approaching the finish line. Haven't given up hope, but can't put it on top of the list yet.

    A paper issue of the Imagonem fanzine might be too much to hope for, but having one ready by May would be awesome. Currently, it's a heap of layout sketches and mad suggestions and pictures of penises scrawled in crayons by a bunch of drunken game designers. Maybe if I put a pretty cover on it...

    There's a canvas stashed somewhere with a lot of broad strokes on it. I was planning to play with oils again. Will probably stay that way for a while.

    My minigame, "Mundus" has been playtested several times. Results are exciting, to me at least. The engine works; now I just have to make a bunch of skins to dress it in. Then more playtest.

    Lærelyst ("Lust for learning"? Sounds... wrong in translation. Educational RPG scenarios for schools.) has yet another final deadline approaching. This time it is final. Looks like I'm making it to payday.
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    @ alastair: AWESOME! house shows bring the rowdy fun! hope it goes well.

    i am working on the long awaited (by none) final issue of my zine, getting everything prepped so that on march first i can just start cranking out final pages. writing, rambling, six pages of comics. i dont like drawing my own short stories because i am not as good of an artist as i need to be, but fuck it. ive done it before, ill do it again. four pages of it is my take on the "comics as pop single" but since i love powerviolence, and the best PV songs are about 45 seconds long, i am writing it as a chopped up (almost post-FC, dare i say it) piece of weirdness. listen to a HATRED SURGE song, and you will see where i am going with this.

    also got back my interview with david lapham, that he turned from a maybe one page affair into a four-five page radness session. to whet your appetites, it includes the sentence "i commuted two hours coming and two hours going each day so i could work in the offices and learn from...the old marvel vets they had, even Bob Layton, before i knew he was a dick".
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Well today actually is "clean my damn room day" so... But once that's out of the way:

    I'm thisclose to nailing down a stage managing gig for some friends in North Hollywood. I'm really, really nervous that I'll have written this and then something will happen and it won't work out. The last year, solid, has been a series of getting so close to bring productive that I can taste it only to have it be taken away. Well, it's not for pay and about the only thing I've been able to do in 12 months has been donate my time and effort to other people's ideas. So that's in favor of the project. Anyway, I should know by the beginning of the week.

    This is as good a space as any to declare to myself that the two short stories that have been taking up space in my head and not letting me sleep at night will be written by the end of May. One is the noir(+/-dick) story and the other is shifting language, possibly written in the second person.

    Another project that just started getting out of the "if only I could..." stage will be to take myself on a photo tour of the LA area with my Water is Life subject. The project is totally self indulgent since it's a pantomime of what I could do if I had a real DV recorder and software and know-how to use it all. I just have a sad little Canon snap photo thing, but that's not reason not to do the project.

    I have a movie kicking around in my head. I don't know how to write a screenplay, let alone make a movie. It would be better off a novel but it's not coming to me as a novel. Damn annoying that. It's the only thing that's come to me so far for trying to tackle the shifts in identity and duty. Anyway there are other movie-ish ideas but I won't waste your time with shit that isn't going anywhere right now. Suffice to say I'll keep an eye out for outlets to learn to write for film and/or get people together on this.

    Also going to keep writing outlines, sketches, pen portraits, whatever for a thing that should be a comic but suffers from my lack of skills and personally knowing anyone willing to draw a comic for free (for now). I'd love to have the major characters sketched and the (first) major story arc completed by end May.

    Personal projects going to be: figure out how to stay on top of the news without it taking over my days and nights. Also need to resume being diurnal and get into shape. Its horrifying how fast I get out of breath these days. And find a way to make money, for fuck's sake.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    I have taken up Jeet Kun Do. In spring I will beat up many men and steal their candy.
    I have taken up track management and keyboards. In spring I will be touring with a couple of bands on a short stint from Canada into the US.
    I have all new softwares coming for video editing and music editing. In spring I will be using these softwares and start uploading materials to the internets.

    But for now.... slumber and preparation.
    Drawingboard is very full.