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    As If I didn't have enough to do:

    I've just signed a contract for another movie. I'm the screenwriter and a producer on it and it will go before the cameras later this year. I'm aiming to apply all of my pulp writing and design sense to the production of this one so we create a cool look for no money - a live action comic book.

    We're aiming for something like this.

    I'm (still) writing a business plan that needs to be completed soon. Ditto proposal to an author to license his work.

    I'm working on pitches I've been invited to present for a stinging pulp prose anthology.

    A story I wrote for Black Coat Press last year is coming out in French.

    There's a webcomic in my future. Writing it now, though hosing off the crap is probably a more apt description of my process. Trying to make it like your novella format, Warren. 48 page equivalent in terms of webpages/layers.

    And I'm writing a newsletter to be tied into my blog. It will go into more detail about the movie, the business and so forth. It will come out once a month with all sorts of rantings and ravings stuffed inside.
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    Build personal dump site in the 'tubes for bespoke clothing, design, freelance writing/editing, and the mad things in my brain.
    Possibly acquire a shop full of vintage to sell, if the offer gets accepted...
    • CommentAuthorgerimi
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Finalize the script on a short horror story comic (shooting for around 48 pages) and draw/letter the layouts. Hopefully I'll start drawing it before spring is over as well, but there's always the dayjob looming overhead.

    Redesign my website so the whole thing is Wordpress powered. That's gonna be a pain in the ass, because I've never been that into webcoding

    Design a booth display for comic conventions. The only thing I'm signed up for this year is the West Hollywood Book Fair in Oct, but if I can get someone to split a table, I may try to weasel my way into one of the bigger shows this year.

    There's more I'd like to do, but I'm also moving in a month or two, and that's gonna F up everything.
    • CommentAuthorHana
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Writing an SF/adventure novella cycle, not for publication, just to prove I can. It's coming along in fits and starts; I start writing from dialogue and interactions, then build the plot as I go and setting to suit it, so I'm at the stage where I know the plot, and I'm crossing out and rewriting great swaths from the beginning onward.

    Designing myself a new webpage. It's been too long since I've had one. It will be all about red and white squares.

    Want to make at least one more scarf before the weather starts to warm up and I lose interest. Red and either dark red or purple.

    Also, finding a real grown up job.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    My extracurricular activities have been suffering in favor of my primary job. SmartAction is getting to have some pretty good demos, and we have a fair number of potential licensees in negotiations right now for various types of scripts and apps. It's not the sexiest thing in the world to me, but it'll pay the bills once it's up and running.

    Once the sites are up, maybe they'll let me flip some switches and let people talk to the full engine as "upgrade testing" or something instead of the scripted lobotomized version we're pushing right now. That would be pretty cool.

    FoxDaughter is technically up, but I have a backlog of pages and lettering to do.

    I have some bleepity bloop music I fiddle with every once in a while on my tablet now that I have a keyboard. It's not fantastic, but I've been planning on collecting it and exposing it to some review. By some chance I saw a meme for naming your band and first album today, and I have some prototype album art:
    My band's first album

    I have some architectural models I'm hoping to contribute to VertigoJones' THECITY thing he announced a while ago.
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    I have two stories that I need to get to paper. If I have to drill a hole in the side of my head to pour them out, I might.

    -A story about a group of twenty year olds who steal governmental secrets without knowing what to do with them.
    -A story about a guy who got knocked out while working as a video rental clerk and awoke to being captured in a semi post-apocalyptic US.

    This shall be a feet seeing that I have only written really dry political science papers.
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    -New comic co project with Dapper (theme and title still in limbo)
    -whoreing self out to get support of first project
    -clean new found civilization of dust people of of my room
    -post more on whitechapel
    -fix camera
    -drink more
    -drink more
    finish research article for local journal and just over all try to get an employment title that is not paired with the word "self"
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    Nose still to the grindstone of Witch Doctor, my horror/medical drama comic with artist Lukas Ketner. A disgraced physician-turned-mystic and his quest to find a vaccine — for the apocalypse.

    By April we hope to have New Strains done. Three eight-page stories with different tones, focused on different parts of the Witch Doctor universe. A road-map to a new comic series contained in the space of a normal floppy. (Failing that, by April we hope to have a publisher. That process may very well interfere with getting all three stories out on time, because when editors ask to see things, we drop what we're doing to accommodate them.)

    For those unfamiliar with the project, here's the latest two pieces of concept art we've released.

    Lukas and I are also getting contracts this week for a absolutely fascinating historical project. Crossing my fingers!
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    @kirkmitchell: heh, yeah, that all sounds disturbingly familiar. And derby has already claimed the last 5 months of my life, and seems set to eat pretty much all my spare time until the end of the summer...
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    I'm being hired full-time at the school where I work, and that's requiring me to learn some new skills. Particularly, I need to learn the AVID video/film editing system (at least, better than I do now) and to a lesser extent learn ProTools (a high end audio editing suite used for film and video sound editing).

    Other goals that I have for myself:

    Finish the rough draft of my Ghost in the Shell inspired screenplay (currently at 90 pages) World Moves On. Like all my projects, I started with a very straightforward plan for what it was supposed to be, and it has increasingly grown beyond my original concept and bloomed into weirder territory.

    Write an experimental one-act play for a theatre group in Chico that has called for submissions (my girlfriend's aunt clued me in). I'm writing it in iambic pentameter because I want to give that a shot. I've got about a page and a half now, and I'm aiming between ten and fifteen for the final piece (which will almost assuredly mean I'll be somewhere around twenty pages by the time I'm done).

    Finish my current video/film compositor demo reel project, a movie trailer for a fake blockbuster called "Wizard People." The goal is to showcase a series of compositing and motion graphics based special effects (magical beams, particle effects, day for night, etc) in the service of a totally inane story. The trailer, as scripted, included the standard cliches of "This summer..." and "In a world...." All the footage has been shot, now I just need to work on the compositing.

    Learn Apple Color, a software based digital grading and color correction system for video. I've done some of this kind of work in Adobe After Effects (I've actually got an IMDB credit for it) but Color is built from the ground up for this purpose. I'm going to start, at the suggestion of a friend who works as an instructor in the software, by coloring poorly corrected/uncorrected movie trailers from I've just started and so far so good; I pulled probably about 20 trailers off of the site to use to learn the software. I plan on posting the results at my youtube address.

    EDIT just moments after posting: I almost forgot, a coworker and I are going to start work on a weird film project sort of inspired by Tetsuo: The Iron Man and Brazil in our downtime. We're going to shoot it in standard definition, then use a series of video filters in several programs to reduce the image to a series of colored lines against black, then scale it up with another series of visual filters, increasing line density. This will simplify the shooting and editing process and allow us a great deal of latitude to create imaginative visual effects with no budget, and work within the context of the story's dystopian setting.
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    music music music...

    doing some mini-tours around the province with The British Columbians, preparing for the out-to-Toronto tour in June, playing more shows, hopefully creating more songs, new material.
    also recording with another band, Buffaloswans. there's an album on the way, and an additional recording of a musical interpretation of a Shel Silverstein story/poem.
    got some good shows to see coming up too - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Acid Mothers Temple, King Khan & The Shrines, and Ravi & Anoushka Shankar...
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    I'm learning to screen print! I've always meant to learn how but finally have gotten around to it. An upside is that these days the inks are water soluble so it won't make me high while I'm doing it.

    Also I'm taking letter press classes. I actually have a minor in book arts, but I want to refresh my brain because college was a long time ago. Plus if you take the classes you can rent time on the presses at Which will be what I'll be doing starting next month. And also making more books.
    • CommentAuthorBren
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    I'm building a website and launching a DIY magazine for a music night I'm running in Reading. I'm hoping it'll enable some of us to build a localised open-source creative community
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    Main project is that, so help me God(s), my dissertation proposal will be all planned and the literature review written by the end of spring. Hopefully will also have a paper in submission by then as well. Final project is more tentative, involving experiments in genetic recombination - i.e. getting pregnant. That one is still under negotiation with the other primary investigator, though.
    • CommentAuthordbspin
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    Byron Frump

    I've just launched a new podcast. I'm trying to do something I haven't seen done before - comedy that follows the listener into the real world. The format is a series of unofficial tours of Dublin museums and galleries - all complete lies -, presented by a pompous fictive art expert whose one part Melvin Bragg, one part Edgar Oliver. I've got three in the can, and I'm mid-way through writing the fourth. My aim is to do ten, then work on a spec script using the same character, but a more radio friendly format, for radio 4. All my comedy heroes from Chris Morris to Steve Coogan got their break writing scripted comedy for BBC radio, and it would be heaven to get the chance to do something similar.

    Also trying to finish the ol' novel and get some more short stories published.
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    finishing my new sci-fi/horror story, publishing it, submitting it.

    seriously mixing my own music-- as cheaply as possible.

    finishing my movie fan edit.
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    @braak I've got process pictures, working on getting a project site up. I'll make sure to poke you when there's something to look at.
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    I'm working on the design for my first tattoo, and am hoping to have it finalized by the end of May. I've selected an artist, and we've had a brief discussion about the piece. Before I go any further in the collaboration, I need to make some decisions in order to provide clear direction to him. Hopefully, I'll have narrowed and clarified my ideas in the next 3 weeks or so, so we can start working out the final design.

    Also, hoping to have one direction (probably East) done for my photo project. I want to go exactly 100 miles from my home on each of the cardinal directions and shoot what I find there.
    • CommentAuthorheresybob
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    I'm on vacation, so Tuesday of this week: 24 hour comic. Will post back on Wednesday.
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    Hmm, let's see.

    Currently having trouble meeting the bills, so I have set up a shop on Spreadshirt, the idea being that it may bring in some extra much needed income, and would be a good way to get some of my art out there being seen. Just funny, quirky, and geeky stuff really. So far only two designs are solely mine, but I made a couple more shirts to fill it out using designs that they have on file.

    Anyway, part of what I'll be doing over next few months is create some more original designs for it. The shop can be found on

    Also, still carrying on work on getting Zombie Death Squad released. We're now much closer to it, so hopefully by the end of Spring it will be out, and you'll all be buying it. Over Spring then I will also be creating stuff for the marketing campaign and getting that started in earnest.

    I'm also looking for artists for some of my own personal comics projects, there are about three I'm looking to do, with as many artists would be good. So I'm writing scripts and hoping to hear back from artists soon, though always good to hear from more. You can mail me on about it if you want.

    I think that's about it. So looking at it, I have something of a busy Spring really.