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    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    There's some lovely stuff in this thread.

    For me, I'm going to be feverishly working (around actual, paying work) on the art for KidneyDevil, a 13-page DareDevil parody comic written by Whitechapel's own Ted Roland.

    I currently have the pencils for the origin story (7 pages of the 13) complete, and the first page of that inked. The aim is to have it done by mid-March, giving Ted plenty of time to letter so we can have it printed and handed out to the willing mugs lovely folks at Seattle's ECCC in April.
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    Things to do this year on my noticeboard to action:

    Finish the converting of all my old cassette recorded music to digital.

    Finish scanning all my old comic work and place on my site as Pdfs.

    Complete the new season range of t-shirt designs to put up for sale.

    Get my Masters degree in design organised. (and started of course)

    Generate enough freelance design work so I can quit my current job.

    Read more.

    Finish the animated video for a friends metal band.

    Record some more of my own music, and record some podcasts to put on iTunes.

    And these are just the ones on my noticeboard in front of me....
    • CommentAuthorTwist
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    So it's coming into Autumn here and I have two big projects...

    1. Illustrating a hort story written by a friend involving Alistair Crowley in drag. This is for publishing.

    2. A gallery submission for oztaku ( which was/is a manga art community, but it's kind of spreading to "People of all walks that are interested in Manga and Anime". I'm don't do manga style but will be submitting a peice ink wash, charcoal and pastel.

    3. I think, given time around uni, weddings, and art-with-a-deadline, I'll be getting started on a series of realted peices that are buzzing round in my head.
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    I'll be entering the Small Press Idol contest, soon, when I finally get a cover image that really kills, and I'd like to finally get something into Zuda, which I think I've finally got the perfect project for.

    Also, I've been thinking about recording some more music, except that what I really want to do is an entire "album" of Will Smith movie theme songs that Will Smith didn't get around to recording... You know: He did songs for Wild Wild West and both MIB movies, but I thought that I would create a Will Smith rap track for EVERY movie that he's been in, like Six Degrees of Separation and The Pursuit of Happyness. I'll be going by the name "Fake Will Smith", and will rap the tracks in my best Smith impersonation, and then put them on my Myspace Music page for all to enjoy.
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    Polishing my chops as a music reviewer. Did a lot of that once-upon-a-time, mostly for the old Op and Option magazines. There's a shred of opportunity I can maneuver that into something more satisfying than the corporate gig I now have.

    And building some more "music" - which has no commercial potential at all.
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    LongBox -

    March/April - Release of Phase I
    July/Aug - Release of Phase II
    (and all of the development, marketing, promotion, contracts, etc involved in the above)

    Comics -

    - Sometime in the next couple months, finish the last 40 pages of Displaced Persons
    - Begin setup and organizational work for Rock Star A's "Graphic Album"
    - Begin setup and organizational work for Rock Band B's "Graphic album"

    Miles to fucking go...
    • CommentAuthorLouBall
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    I'm working on a post-post-apocalyptic socio-political sci-fi shaped thing that's supposed to examine the existential relationship between an individual and their democracy during the lowest times of the Bush years(or something). The bastard is up to the first act break, but I keep putting it down to write short fiction. I've got three shorts in the can and a few more rattling around between my ears.

    I guess my project for the spring is to get something in print.

    I'm hitting the gym as often as I can learning how to break people, which is all kinds of fun. I'm hoping to be ready to step into the ring before this time next year, but it probably won't happen. Not enough hours in the day.

    Also, I'd kind of like to get a stand-up act together and hit a few open mic nights. It's always been my dream to call a room full of people a gaggle of weeping cunt sores and have them love me for it.
    • CommentAuthorFangface
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    Got this webcomics / animation project going with a very old friend called Drill Boy which should be finally appearing online this year. We're aiming for something approaching a Chris Cunningham take on The Odd Couple. Should be cool. I'm writing, the other guy's doing artwork.
    • CommentAuthorBrazen
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    Based on this thread, I'm officially going to stop bitching about how busy I am all the time.

    Work: Learning to grow Talin gene deficient Natural Killer Cells in vitro (in a plastic dish) by harvesting them from Mouse Embroid Bodies grown from Embryonic Stem Cells. Also generating DNA constructs with the Talin gene or various custom mutant Talin genes using Molecular cloning. Also harvesting spleens from mice... which is mostly just unpleasant.

    Other work: finishing some graphic design projects for a Biotech company I used to work for.

    Hobby: My webcomic site turns a year old in April and I will be starting the Fourth chapter of the main storyline comic which I am pretty excited about. Also figure I will try my hand at a more seriously produced comic about a process server in the world of comics. I'm worried that my art skills, while much improved, are not up to snuff.
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    Volume One (aka: the first 13 story "chunk") of NIGHTMARE WORLD over the Image/Shadowline webcomics hub ends in two weeks, and we'll be rolling right into Volume Two (aka: the second 13 story "chunk") of NIGHTMARE WORLD the following week, and we're excited and delighted about how it will include two completely redrawn/reinterpreted stories that have never been seen before.

    If you miss the days of cerebral/non-splatterfest horror, check us out!
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009

    wait wait wait. I thought you were here in LA as well. 100 miles west and south are at best... Santa Rosa Island and San Clemente, or just open ocean, depending on where in LA you live... (or maybe the OC if you're well inland.)
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009

    You're correct. I'm in LA pretty close to LAX. So, 100 miles due West and due South are gonna be challenging.
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    White Writing on a Black T-Shirt

    I've just started a small fashion label, specializing in limited edition designer T-Shirts.

    I'll be spending the spring working on designs for season 2', as well as designing jewelery.

    "hey, you know what would be a great idea? starting up a retail business during
    the worst economic downturn since the great depression! I'm sure people will
    still want to buy clothes when they can't afford food!"
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    I am currently between comics-writing projects and so tomorrow--yes, tomorrow--I will begin work on the YA novel that has brewing in my head for two years now.

    For serious.
    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    I have some articles I've been researching and it's time to actually do the writing part. This should take up the next few weeks in between school work.

    Also have two short stories I'd like to get past the few notes I've made, one a zombie thing which popped in my head thanks to reading about a book looking specific for zombie stories with a certain focus, and another story that has taken so many different shapes over the last two years I have no clue what to really call it. But this year has been the year of no longer dicking around and been to a great start so far, just need to continue to push forward.

    Also need to make more cover letters to apply for internships for the summer, last thing to do before joining the big bad job world.
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    1. Get Unseen Governance Press going; get the site to the point it's worth the project.
    2. Finish developing the RPG I've been working on.
    3. Get the CC License shared universe going at top speed.
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    "What new projects are you starting this spring?" This is a terrifying question, but after reading through 7 pages of everyone else's plans, it's obvious I'm nowhere near the most ambitious.

    My band just got our CD back from being Mastered, so we're putting together the artwork and creating a press pack for that now. I'm also throwing together a DIY CDR package to hand out while I'm traveling before we get the final pressing back. I'll post something here, when it's time.

    We're writing new songs for upcoming shows.

    I'm writing new songs for an upcoming EP, even though I don't know a damn thing other than drums and synth noise.

    I'm buying furniture and decorating in preparation for taking more portraits. Had I just gone Danish Modern, I would've been done weeks ago, but no... I had to decide on Louis XVI on a budget.

    My parlor (when you have two living rooms, you have to call one a parlor) is full of lights and backdrops for taking some group shots later this week.

    There's also this box of photos waiting to be turned into a book.

    I'm not even going talk about the online and work-related projects.
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    Being incapable of seeing a project through to the end, I have found some people to collaborate with who will force me to stay on project like a mother keeping her children from filling up on cake. Main goal, turn my terrible zombie movie idea into a terrible screen play. Also, I'm hoping to aid my local comic book shoppe with their bi-monthly webisode discussing whats out and whats coming up. And maybe moving out of my mom's basement... but baby steps.
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2009
    Major project at the moment - apart from the continued promotion of Murky Depths (watch out for the small advert in SFX - Heroes For Sale in Inverness have just started stocking it) - is generating some buz about Richard Calder's adaptation of his critically acclaimed first novel (that was some 20 years ago) Dead Girls into a graphic novel. Leonardo M Giron's beautiful manga-influence art and creative input has generated a partnership that will make Issue #9 of Murky Depths (that's the issue the first episode will appear in) very collectable. And Issue #9 also features a brand new short story from Juliet Mckenna. But you'll have to wait until August!

    dead Girls title page
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    I'm currently trying to tackle a project to make a creative commons City, by which I mean, I'm inviting people to submit concepts, designs, even full meshes of architecture within a "City" to see what happens, the idea being that it can be showcased, in mock panoramic and snapshots, to show what everyone submitted, what the final result was (the idea being that, if people can't submit models, I'll do the modelling, thus helping them realise their design, and get some much needed practice in).
    So far, its struggling a little, due to some extremely bad foreplanning, and the amount of time I'm having to spend at work. I'm currently refraining from advertising it openly, as the idea, and the foundations need a little (LOT OF) work, but people are welcome to follow the link in my Profile.