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    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2009
    @ Ryan: Cool, good luck! Let me know when it is up and running and I'll try and drop by.
    • CommentAuthorRyan;
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2009 edited
    @ Texture
    It'll take some luck, last time my label organised an event for me to play in Stonehaven, at the last minute the council turned round and said they didn't want that kind of music playing! We had to refund every ticket sold!

    Thanks, I will put up dates if it does happen, and hope to see you there!
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2009
    Work on the book continues. I've got 12 illustrations done so far, out of a possible 20-30.
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    Writing a comic inspired by Givenchy's "Western Bondage" show last fall, which interpolates the old west with BDSM in a psychedelic jaunt down fun times.
    Also doing a comic about ghosts who ride zombies in the future.
    And making cover art for a series of singles that a local band is doing.

    Amongst many other things. But those are the principle actions right now.

    Oh and I'm doing a series of one page comics with a handful of diffrent artists to be placed on the internets. They're very much in a Little Nemo/Bunuel fashion.

    Finding myself writing a lot of horror lately. Which I had never done before a year ago.
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    What kind of music are you thinking? I might be able to hook you up with someone interested in Aberdeen.

    Edit: Never mind. Ignore me.
    • CommentAuthorRyan;
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2009
    Well, it was hardstyle for the record, but ah well?
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    Giving myself a tattoo with a needle tied to a broken paintbrush and a bottle of india ink, then saving up to buy a DIY kit with a tattoo machine so I can go nuts after I draw up my next design.
    • CommentAuthorRyan;
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2009
    @ TheHolyParable

    Try a pencil instead? That's what my friend used for his DIY tats.
    • CommentAuthorCymro
    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2009
    I'm trying to buy a house, so that I can put some of my plans for urban sustainability and self-sufficiency into practice.
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    Are you talking about minimal "living on/off the grid" type stuff like solar panels, home gardening type stuff?

    All I needed was a sturdy bit of whatever so the needle wouldn't go stray. It turned out okay by my standards.
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    So, out of three scripts/projects started...

    the first one, the 300 page fantasy thing is all written (and waiting for rewrites and a larger scanner so I can draw it on A3 paper).

    Second one still sitting as a raw plot. I need to find lots of useful reference images if I want to move on.

    Third one, second volume of my webcomic, is currently being written by me. I'm at about 40 pages of the actual script (usually doing 5-6 panels per page) and the rest is loosely plotted. Hoping to be done at the end of April and I'll be drawing it as the first of these three.
    • CommentAuthornorther
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2009
    I'm working on my short comic, ''Welcome to Arkham''.
    Also working on a pen and paper rpg named ''Dark Days''.
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    Finally telling myself to put up or shut up and beginning to unleash the fiction I've been working on for the last few years - Posted as a loose web serial here, updated once a fortnight or more often if the interest is there. Got enough pieces to fill that schedule for the next year and a half and writing more all the time (like when I'm in work on Easter Sunday instead of celebrating the birth of Chocolate Jesus).

    Also, trying to decide on a design for my first ever tattoo, giving up smoking (again) and figuring out how to cope with all of the above plus fatherhood.

    Christ, I need a smoke just typing that...
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    @The Holy Parable -

    I might do the same. My DIY tattoos were more of a "I wonder if this actually works" exercise, but i've been yearning for a less expensive method. Buying a kit seems the way.
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    Since my previous post about things I intend to do, I have...

    a) Acquired several Adobe programs, including Dreamweaver and Flash. Attempts to educate myself in the usage of these things is going slowly, but it's going.

    b) Done no writing, but have come up with a couple of new ideas, refined some old ones, and found a new use for an idea stuck within an unfinished novel from years ago.

    c) Applied for very few jobs, but sent my CV off to magazine publishers in the hope they will take a chance on someone with no published writing to his name. This happens, right? (Please don't respond to this question, Whitechapelers. I know the answer but am running out of ideas.)

    d) Unlocked Master Exploder on Rock Band 2, and it is awesome. I have also completed almost all of Rock Band on Hard (guitar). I am proud of this pointless accomplishment.

    I've not yet dealt with the painy joints, though I'm considering taking up meditation to remove the stress that is making it flare up. It's about time I calmed my nerves.
    • CommentAuthor_paegan_
    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2009
    Since my previous post about my Spring plans, I've:

    - quit smoking after 22 years.
    - created mad_hattery, a LiveJournal community about hat making, collecting, trimming etc that was to have 50 members in 3 years. It went way beyond that and we've had a hat trimming competition already.
    - faced a life-long needle phobia (no one ever worried I'd be a junkie) and begun visiting an Acupuncturist.
    - begun several sewing projects
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    - Finish the script for my first comic.
    - Figure out what to put on the semi-completed canvas that's been sitting on my easel since Christmas
    - Find a photographer that's wanting to do TFP locally
    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2009

    We had to change our game company from darkStar Games to XOMBI Games, too many people using darkStar. Other than that, things are going smoothly for our indie zombie RPG. XOMBIGAMES.COM is up, we're using a wiki to organize our thoughts, which will then be published into a book through lulu.

    Tomorrow I'm buying the cheapest of Wacom tablets.

    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2009
    Finished my script, sent it off to the artist who is supposedly working on character designs.

    Started working on what might be novella, though I have no fucking clue how to sell such a thing.

    Still haven't figured out a way to make money with all this newfound introversion I have. The longer I wait the worse I feel; the more I feel the longer I wait.
    • CommentAuthorCymro
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2009

    Essentially, yes. I've got about a plan for the next 3-5 years for gradually turning my home and yard into a more, if not perfectly, self-sufficient dwelling. I'll be posting more details as I begin work on the project. If you like, drop a line and I'll tell you more about the plan as it stands.