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    How many photographers do we have here? Pro, pro/am, dedicated amateur. Show yourselves. It'd be nice to see a picture and a link to your site or archive, too.

    -- W
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    I'm an am photographer who does some professional gigs on the side. My other job (EPKs for bands) takes up more of my time so I haven't dedicated too much to photography lately...but hopefully that will change.

    my flickr portfolio
    My regular flickrstream
    My site that has no photography on it yet I'm afraid.

    Here's one of the photos I took at Toronto's Nuit Blanche:

    And this one I call "Natural Anthem":

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    I'm a photography major attending the Southeast Center for Photography Studies in the Sates. It's my second semester now. I switched from illustration (wanted to be a comic book illustrator since I was 10 and found out it was actually a job). I'm building a small website, but waiting until I have some better prints under my belt before advertising myself. For now I started a Flickr account specifically for the work that I plan to put on my site. It only has two at the moment. By the end of this semester a professor that has really taken me under his wing is going to go through all my images with me and help me edit them out. Flickr
    I'm in the merit program at school and one of my Holga prints is being put up in permanent instillation in the building this week. I've never had a gallery show or anything yet so that's pretty huge for me. This is the print:

    Holga Hippy

    This is my most favorite picture I have ever taken:

    And this is me: I'm the redhead and really do not have many pictures of myself in front of the camera looking normal.
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    I suppose I'd fall under the "pro/am" category of photographer. I'm currently in college for it and have made some (but not much) money at it. My web presence is all over the place right now though.

    Personal website:

    My unrelenting and probably unhealthy focus for the past couple of years has been in analog (film) using a 35mm SLR and several "toy" cameras including a Holga 120N.

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    I suppose dedicated amateur fits me pretty well. I have done a couple of actual photoshoots, but I haven't charged anything for them, so... amateur. I shoot mostly digital, but will probably make a transition to film as soon as I can afford a proper darkroom. All my shots are sent to my Flickr, which is here. I have little use for an online portfolio these days, so I haven't got one.

    This one's from a band rehearsal, shot with 400 ISO Tri-X film. The scanner I used was really dusty, pardon the poor quality!

    Musician 3

    This one's from my latest shoot. Pretty boring, I guess, but I was very pleased with how the lighting and colour tone turned out.

    Photoshoot with Ingvild, 4
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    I'm a pro photographer. Most of my work has been sold to doll magazines, websites and a business magazine. My street work, toy camera and polaroids are actually my better work (and more unique).


    My Doll photography is what I do a lot of though...

    The Eye of the Storm

    Smiling Skulls


    My flickr (which I am reorganizing right now) and my doll blogg.
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    Nebulous plans in place to sell prints and stock -highly dedicated amateur right now although did PR, editorial and stage stuff in a previous life. Floral:

    And landscapes /seascapes :


    More can be found here, older stuff is here, or stock stuff can be bought from here
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    I just do this as a hobby, although currently unemployed and dreaming. I am a purely digital kid, and find film a strange and unsettling world. I shoot with an entry-level Canon DSLR. I feel I have never got the hang of taking pictures of humans.

    Sample (Shanghai, March 2008):

    Rénmín Gu?ngch?ng

    Seldom updated Flickr:

    Thanks for the thread. I'm looking forward to seeing other folks' work.
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    i'm in video, but i've majored in photography at RIT, and i still do commissions on the side, plus my own projects.

    my flickr site is here
    deviant art

    i have my own domain, but i've been majorly slacking on it lately. i'll probably post it once i get around to setting it up again one of these days...

    been feeling somewhat homesick lately, so here's a few old ones from the beach...

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    Dedicated hobbyist here. I like to take pictures of old dead things, mostly:



    And occasionally I take portraits of my fellow author types in fun hats:


    My flickr stream.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Dedicated Amateur.

    All the actual work I do, it's so I can do this.

    My website.

    My flickr.

    My photos:

    Katie West is The Best Bride

    Laura, in My Favorite House Ever

    Morgan Makes it Look Easy
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    I take photos of bands, of urban photography, and of scorpions fluorescing under ultraviolet light.


    Livejournal picture archive

    Livejournal scorpions archive


    The Boxing Lesson
    The Boxing Lesson, a great psychedelic band from Austin I saw last week

    The Legendary Pink Dots Halloween night 2008

    carolina theatre

    The Carolina Theatre, site of nevermore horror film festival, lit up covered in blood

    One of my scorpions
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    I will go ahead and take this thread as my opportunity for my first post. My name is Ross, I am a college student in Florida. Here are my very amateur photographs done for two different classes. Intro to Photog and Experimental.....
    This photo was taken using push processing in very low light...
    These first three photos were taken using push processing in very low light...
    another low light photo...
    from the same set
    my first attempt at blending photos, thought they went well together wasn't really trying to send a message though but I was called pretentious for this photo already! yay.
    my first attempt at blending photos, thought they went well together wasn't really trying to send a message though but I was called pretentious for this photo already! yay.
    had to shoot a fairy tale guess as to who that is
    had to shoot a fairy tale guess as to who that is
    and this is my first attempt with a digital camera and post processing....still learning all of that.
    and this is my first attempt with a digital camera and post processing....still learning all of that.
    But yeah those are some of my photos, sorry for flooding the page.

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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    I like traditional photography. I've got a nice 35 mm I bought for a Black and White class my last semester of college. I want to get a macro-lens so I can take some better close up insect and reptile pics. I don't have any of my photos scanned but I've got a few framed around my house. My favorite was a close up of a "grandaddy long legs" against a starkly pale leaf...I have his eyes reflecting the's neat...(I feel lame describing it and not posting it but my scanners not working currently)

    I am however going to be getting digital copies made of my dad's old film. When I was an infant my dad, mom, and I traveled all over Europe, visiting all the sites. I ended up going to museums, castles, and other awesome places that I can't remember. My dad took a bunch of pics and I've kept the film for the last twenty some years. We dug them out recently and coincidentally my dad mentioned getting them printed.
    Once I do I'll post a bunch of them. They were really nice.
    • CommentAuthorEl Dave
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Amateur working with small subjects. Currently working on a 3 day a week photoblog and a Flickr account.

    Mr. Freeze (by ElDave)
    Wall-E (by ElDave)
    Thanos, Consort of Death (by ElDave)
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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Pro/am here. Shoot for a bunch of events, concerts, promoters here in Chicago. Occasionally manage to find studio space and a model at the same time. Pics on Flickr, and more on my site.

    a few recent pics from out various events:

    already posted this one on whitechapel, but felt the need to share again:
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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    I'm a dedicated amateur, but I've done a wedding or two for money and have had some recent inquiries about licensing stuff out, so I might be blending into pro/am territory.

    My flickr stream is here:

    And my website is here:

    I'm currently doing a photo of a book every day for a year. It's a weird idea I had.


    I like shooting lots of things other than books too, though.

    Here's the oldest existing steam engine, from the Henry Ford museum in Detroit:

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    I've been making pretenses lately at being an amateur photographer. Trying to take enough pics with my point-n-shoot that I can justify the expense of a D-SLR, and just got a Nikkormat that's older than I am so I can muck about with film. Obviously new at all this, so still trying to nail down the basics.



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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    I do mostly pics of children. I'm boring like that. But then again, I've only been getting back into photography about two months ago. relearning everything in digital. (my original Nikon FG was stolen many years ago) But I do think the classes I took in college helped me with composition and all that stuff.

    Sorry I'm not as hip and exciting as everyone else here. I like my stuff though. Playing more and more with post-prod.




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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
     (5100.20) Amateur
    Me channeling Cindi Sherman
    The Cardinal and Mistletoe
    Mine Eyes