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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009

    Currently shooting mostly editorial/journalism stuff for automotive and travel magazines both print and web.
    Working on doing more with it. Very interested in collaborating with fashion designers, prop builders and models.

    flickr | deviantart | myspace | modelmayhem

    Mechanic Redux

    The 5th Floor

    Masque a Gaz
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    I'm semi-pro. It doesn't pay the bills, but it does make some money. I'm based out of Minneapolis, MN. Generally I do portraits for musicians, writers, and artists, but I do a lot of other shots too. inktea at gmail dot com. Here are images of some of last year's gigs:

    All This is Temporary
    (Photograph by me, the rest of the cover art by Scott Raleigh.)

    So Fuckin Cool
    Electronic/Glitch/Loop musician, Caly McMorrow.

    Raspberry Sauce

    Tough Girls
    Slam poets Rhe, and Sierra DeMulder, for their Talk Ugly To Me tour.
    (I also did the stage makeup for this one. The poets posted images from this series online, and got concerned phonecalls and emails.)

    Paulie Lipman
    Slam Poet Paulie Lipman.

    Homeless Ryan K
    Slam Poet Homeless Ryan K.
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    pro who still keeps a day job over in Spokane WA

    do weddings and the like, but I'm working on doing more commercial work/editorial magazine work.

    have shot for Pacific Northwest Inlander, Spokane Metro Magazine, Inland Northwest Homes and Lifestyle Magazine

    my wife and I publish a monthly pdf magazine about the Spokane area creative scene: SPOKE(a)N(e) Magazine

    my website YellowHouse Photo
    my blog YellowHouse Blog which has a link to the magazine.
    my flickr YellowHouse Flickr
    Sneaking reprocessed
    birthday booze
      CommentAuthorBexx B.S.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Dedicated Am working with Pro Equipment.- I am always lookin' for ways in on being more pro. Trying to get into Stock and Book Covers actually. I also need to get into the habit of having on my body - Releases.. Model and Place/Item. ya know.. all legal like.

    Light & Cross

    Shadow & Light


    I'm in the middle of getting my flickr Haus all settled up and organized. Weeding out the snap shots from the ones I'd like to show off.

    this is me on the slightly defunct JPG Magazine They've gone the way of the Dodo.. but might have a buyer out there.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    I'm an Am film photographer, living in Seattle, WA that takes photos of people on the street and in bars. Usually working with high speed B&W film. Working on making my first photobook.


    #42 Stranger: Norly

    Flickr Page
    Personal Page
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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    amateur. no formal training. a nikon d70 and getting myself out there.

    municipal water structure in la plata, argentina

    Parque J. Vucetich

    decomissioned ships in mar del plata, argentina


    a friend in mar del plata, argentina


    ryan of cicada in rehearsal in syracuse, united states

    Ryan - Cicada

    ian just can't believe it (who says all photography has to be artsy)

    Ian just can't believe it
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    Is pro/am when each time you get paid you blow it all in a frenzy at the laundromat?

    Umm... I'm in the middle of reducing the number of sites of have, and then reorganising from there.
    Three places I'll be keeping that will be good to watch me at are ...

    1. Impetuous Headlong Rush (my tumblr blog)

    Xenia Pestova defends ... with MUSIC

    2. VanessaY, My flickr account

    3. For The Love Of Montreal
    (my city blog from which all of the images automatically crosspost to the above mentioned impetuousheadlongrush tumblr)

    I love you, Montreal.

    Bonus: I still have some pretty photos I took in China up on that you are of course deeply welcome to look at. I'll be keeping that site as well but will be heavily working it over and adding new things as time permits.

    I like humans and architecture and pretty little bugs.
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    Guilty as charged. People are occasionally silly enough to pay me so I s'pose that makes me Pro...

    El flickro:

    The work:

    SICK:  The Kiss

    PAIN BOX:  The Hierophant

    THRONE:  In the Lair of the Spider Queen

    William Control, "Deathclub" Music Video

    THRONE:  Dark Mistress
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    @chadmichaelward: Wow. Really impressive both thematically and in execution.
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    I've worked for several Portrait studios, but do "artistic" photogragphy in my spare time.I'll admit I do portraits berst, but love landscape shots....

    (These were a few of the pictures I had on photobucket- had to wipe my computer so I dont have any on here any more. Thank God I backed them all up.)
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    i get paid to shoot (when i'm not working on my own art) but i don't think i've made that leap to "pro" yet (probably because, when i do get paid, it's not a lot of money LoL)

    my sister and her roommate. atlanta, ga. 2007 (my sis is the one in white)

    when chelsea clinton came to mississippi. jackson, ms. 2008

    courtney by polaroid. plano, tx. 2007 (i can't believe polaroid would stop making instant film)


    callaway @ the Appaloosa Horse Show. jackson, ms. 2008

    Erykah Badu @ Voodoo Fest: The Tenth Ritual. new orleans, la. 2008


    shooting for the make-a-wish foundation. jackson, ms. 2009

    well, hope that wasn't too many. just wanted to show i shoot a wide variety. :)

    i'm currently exhibiting at the One Blu Wall Gallery in jackson, ms. (even though i haven't sent them any images for the website yet. d'oh! need to get on that)

    if you have any spare pocket change you can buy my first photobook; "Look Well To This Day"

    you can find all my contact info on my website:
    you can also add me on twitter

    oh, and this is me


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    Amateur. Barely even count as "dedicated". But I do like taking pictures. Particularly:

    Gig Pics:

    Random Nature:

    And moderately telekinetic authors:

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    I am a total rank amateur, but I love taking photos, even if I'm not great at it...


    Mountain View
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    I'm rather shit at introducing myself and noticing the creation of this thread is what motivated me to finally register, so I thought I'd go ahead and make my first post here. Mostly I just love to take pictures, so I guess it is just a wishful-thinking hobby. I own two point-and-shoot digital cameras that are wonderful enough for me.
    I do have a flickr here.





    I'm Nadia by the way. Hello.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Story Time With The Alia (5)

    My Flickr photostream is here.
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    Dedicated amateur here, looking to turn semi-pro over the next twelve months.

    Most of my stuff is on my Flickr stream and my blog.

    Here are some of my favourites:

    The Tranquility of Solitude

    I call this "The Tranquility of Solitude." It was a lucky snap, shot from the hip almost.

    The band (first iteration)

    A group of my friends and colleagues, taken at a gig we played in Prague (I play bass, but not in this shot).

    Many sorrows

    I love shooting urban decay, and I'm trying to get permission from my local council to shoot in some of the derelict buildings along the waterfront. This was taken in an abandoned retirement home, and is part of a set that can be found here.
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    dedicated amateur with an ever growing camera collection (254 and counting...)

    most of my photography lives at serpentfactory


    towards the bridge

    mark gives his opinion
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    Immature amateur living in Paris. I started taking pictures with a DSLR 8 months ago.
    My Flickr

    Things i like to shoot :
    Lovecraftian creatures with boobs

    Weird disguises
    pig disguise porc salut

    Beers rhum

    Young Widows Isis

    Thank you for your attention.
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    I'd call myself a passionate amateur. I got it in my blood, lack in funds. When my dad's Nikon manual gets passed onto me, that'll change that. But I also long for a decent digital camera. I prefer b&w over anything else, but colour certainly has its applications.

    I like to take a picture of anything that catches my eye. Yes, that's a cheap answer, but no less true:


    Works of art:


    The Rapture:



    But my favourite of all time is this one (for Dad):

    I'm shining_lion on flickr, but it's such a mish-mash of stuff until I can upgrade it to get more sets, etc., that it's not much to look at. But it's there if you'd like.

    Great work everyone! Last night while canvassing, I was in the home of a couple. While she was getting her checkbook, I noticed a painting. No, not a painting--a picture she took one morning in Tuscany. I just about died. It was so lush, with the mountains and the water and dark green trees. She had a nice eye for pictures.