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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    @ChadMichealWard You've been one of my favorite photographers for a long time :). I've got one or two of your art books actually, and sold a bunch of them through my store.
    Those above were really awesome!
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    dedicated amateur.

    my flickr
    my website & gallery of older photos
    i'm interested in writing fiction that has accompanying images... for my mfa thesis i did a project on warhol's films where i watched the films and wrote accompanying texts, then took photos employing recurring images from the films to accompany my textss... can be seen somewhat here

    neon telephone

    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    grravy here, I shoot under the name Trench Photography. Been getting paid for the last 8 years. Cant say it pays the bills, but i could care less about the bills. I shoot mainly at night, looking for spots of light that you cant see...
    little road
    where you want to be
    Amber Guard snow day
    amber guard snow day
    toadies @ possum kingdom lake
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    Amateur dedicated to keeping himself sane - the photos can help. Even old photos of Aimée can make me happy becasue I really tried to bring out the beauty I saw in her.

    Probably my favourite photo ever

    a recent fav
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    Still an amateur photographer, but if someone offered me a paying gig, I wouldn't say no....

    Me on Flickr

    Fan dancer

    Katsuo-ji daruma



    This is still my favorite....
    Shijo procession girl
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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    • CommentAuthorzanegraves
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009

    Amateur, though my father is a professional photographer, and I went to a school for photography (though studied other things there), so I know which end to point.

    Ironically, I did more photography with a film camera, and having access to digital made me almost lose interest.
    • CommentAuthorFlashfire
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    A few people might just recognize my name from an early Transmetropolitan issue (remember the "Name the Cat" contest? I didn't win but I did get a mention).

    Amateur at this point, though I've done a good deal of sports photography around minor league baseball with credentials and my goal is to get paid for it someday. I also love going out to shoot landscapes, nature, things like that and plan to play around with a Kodak Jiffy Six-20 my grandfather bought in 1940.

    My (occasionally updated) blog.
    My photo site. Used to have more on an earlier version but that site went down and I need to move some things over to the new one sometime, probably after I move in a few months.

    A few samples of things:

    Bourbon Street, New Orleans

    Joshua Tree National Park



    Minor League Baseball

    Minor League Baseball

    Minor League Baseball
  1.  (5100.9)
    Students march past the occupied George Square Theatre

    Edinburgh University Ladies Basketball team

    Photojournalism, Sports, Sports Lifestyle, Commercial & Industrial and fun.



    I Follow Burn magazine

    Live in Edinburgh, love London.
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    Tom from Seattle here, I am a total amateur. I take photos for fun and to keep a record of where I go to help me remember, memory is so fickle. I take photos for a Tumblr Project : 52Locations, it is a group of about 50 photographers from around the world each week we post 3 or 4 photos from a different location. The poster below was one of my entries this week.

    Georgetown wheatpaste poster
    Look at full size to read text; it's worth it.

    Felinae Vodu
    My cat Otto left this for me a few weeks ago as a symbol of his value and ability as a hunter, he was proud of himself.

    I like to travel and take a lot of snapshots this was Lisbon New Years Eve 2007.

    My Photostream on FLICKR
    My HomePage
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    I was photoj until the newspapers started to die. Eh, too many ribbon cuttings and not enough riots hereabouts anyway.

    I recently kicked a nasty HDR habit only to get sucked into macro things.

    Rotating head
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    i'm a dedicated amateur that loves all the different photography. i use a point and shoot and i would love to get a dsrl but since none of my work gets paid or even gets that much attention so i don't think that i can justify the investment..

    here's a link to my flickr stream:

    and i'm currently doing more selfportraits since it's basically the easiest model work i can make every week :-)
    so here's some of my own favs:

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    Dedicated amateur here. I'm out every weekend getting into abandoned spots, climbing under bridges, hiking through the woods, and trying to go everywhere that most people won't. I'm hoping for a gallery showing this year, but won't hear back about that until early April. It started as a hobby, but it's become a passion. I love rust, macros, abandonment, trains, tunnels, and graffiti. It's good to see I'm amongst such amazing talent here on Whitechapel. Come check me out on Flickr!

    Field of Columns

    Flammable Ford

    00F 3221
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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    I'm a social worker for Children's Protective Services in Pittsburgh. I've been doing photography for the past 4 years in an attempted to do two things.

    1. To show the world what it's like to be a social worker. There are those that see us as saints, there are those that see as people that like to bust up families. Trust me, we're neither. The best of us are trying to hold back the sea, the worst of us are pissing in it and laughing at the first group.

    (also, part of my job has me photographing deplorable housing conditions and child injuries. Worthwhile, but soul crushing. I want to have fun with this, dammit)

    2. Pittsburgh is one of those towns that has been teetering on the edge forever. Everyday, I meet someone that tells me how boring and terrible this place it. Mostly, these people are boring and terrible, and are incapable of having fun unless it involves cable and 30 minute increments. It's a strange and wonderful city, and I love it deeply.

    Anyway, here's an old shot from my Flickr stream that sums these sentiments up.

    Location, Location, Location
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    I am hep and I am a photographer in SF. Mostly I shoot product and catalog work, tho I also shoot a bit of fashion in a product and catalog context. Everything I shoot professionally is crap. Here are more interesting pictures:

    out of the pan



    train yard



    flickr | DA

    me: me
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    I'd say I'm a dedicated amateur but a little out of the habit at the moment.

    Dinner for OneWeek 1 - From my gardencuppycakes_azrael_006xmas cupcakes 0004


    20031113-001IMG_0409Veil_Border_Ektachrome...soft focusstareyesOminous
    • CommentAuthorBankara
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    Going pro as we speak

    IMGP3740-Edit the official "photographer-for-hire" page for the quasi-legal documentary work. Shhhh, don't tell anybody.
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    @ChadMichealWard you are a god, I love your stuff. Wish I could be in CA for the show @ Club Hell.
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    I quite nearly became a photojournalist, ha, thank God I didn't. I guess I'm a "dedicated amateur", but really it's just a side effect of living with a professional photographer (who is also a photojournalist) and having shot for the last decade or so.

    My Flickr, as I document tonnes of stuff with pictures, is easier navigated for pretty things by surfing my collections. The few photographs on my portfolio site are of things I've made, rather than images in themselves.

    The primary things I shoot are things I done made:

    Small townships and foresty spots around the valley:
    Tangled skeleton

    Events that interest me (as being behind a camera is the most comfortable way to be in a social situation, natch):
    Waiting Tension
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    Trained Pro. Hampered a little by dislike of shooting people, but I get over it when I need to. I prefer still/found/dead/dereliction, abstract and plants.
    My real passion is for the post-processing, digital editing, touch-up side of things. I am an Improver.
    To really test myself I have agreed to two wedding shoots this year, after that I may well be fearless.
    Currently undertaking a 365 project whilst I earn bill money in other ways. This is also to help me post more things online, as I have tonnes of images that never see daylight.
    I also post images to my website/blog but most can be found on flickr.

    february 18th February 12th February 16th Ivy Midsomer