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    I wouldn't really consider myself a photographer, it's just something I absolutely love doing.


    More of my photos can be found here:
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    But, also here is some of my solo stuff. My Flickr. My website.

    summer's last stand grrraaaar.
    flicker flutter cold ground
    mayday 038rdx Bed Stuy
    jackpot. fingers

    EDITED TO ADD: was I supposed to mention my background/training? I dont have any, and I'm not a pro as I don't think I've ever been paid for anything I've created in way of photography. My mother had a darkroom all while I was growing up, but I wasn't permitted to use her cameras. I only ever used disposables until I found a brick sized Sony Cybershot in a cafe 2003, which I started trying to figure out in 2004. I used that as my only camera until I got my digital SLR last year.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009 edited
    Semi pro I guess? I work a day job at a photography studio in NYC that will remain nameless... I shoot\assist for them but mainly do digital retouching. I've also done the random freelance job here and there but my real enjoyment comes from my personal work that centers around hdr panoramas recently. I've had to scale the images down for here and flickr, most of my photos work out to being about 3ft long and 100mb+ files. I will have a real site soon where the full size images will be up for viewing, but for now here is my flickr



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    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    @carbonfish, "Night Cityscape 1" smacked me up side the head with, 'HOME.' Thank you.

    If you would like further nightshots of the same city, I recommend sneaking up to the graveyard. The view is best from the top of one particular mausoleum, if you can get to it. They've got the place rigged with motion-sensors nowdays.
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    General Pics:

    Project-Specific Pics:
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    @ Hryckowian - CRACK!

    @ Theremina - Lana!
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    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    Addicted to my camera.

    Many many photos here:
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    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    Ack, missed seeing this...

    Completely amateur, self-taught(and really needing to teach myself some more, as I mostly just go and do it without figuring out how to do it better), and running around taking pictures of whatever I come across that catches my eye(which mostly happens to be the practically-in-my-backyard Mississippi River and random graffiti in the area). Had a few places spot a pic they liked and want to use it, which has left me a bit confused and delighted each time.

    Pictures on flickr, some samples, first the old camera(Nikon Coolpix L3):
    DSCN5242 Scary Gasmask Bike Police And suddenly, a thunderstorm!

    And the new camera(Panasonic Lumix FZ8):
    P1090030 P1050303
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    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    @subw00ter- hooray for more photos of the retarded RNC police activities, and a couple nice looking sets of it that you've got on your blog there.
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    I'm determined to remain amateur. I've sold a few photos and done a few sessions for friends, but always turn down commercial sessions. I toy with the idea of fine art photography though.

    Tech-wise, I'm indiscriminate. Expired black and white is a favorite, but I love just about everything that can record an image, regardless of format.

    Construction Columbus industrial untitled

    Looking through my jumbled mess of a Flickr stream, it's obvious I need to start taking more photos of people.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2009
    Seems like there's been a couple Minneapolis-based photographers so far...
    • CommentAuthorHenchbot
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2009
    another Seattle-ite/another amatuer.

    and I watch this

    click the pic for flickr or visit my pirate ship here.
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    I like taking pictures as a hobby, and post a lot of them on my flickr page. I live in NYC and take a lot of pictures of the wonderful people and things my city...

    dancing on air

    ...though sometimes i travel
    have have not


    I enjoy wholesomeness...

    panda hats

    ...and unwholesomeness


    I like comic-book-realted things
    undead spidey

    joker tattoo

    and am a sucker for dogs...
    canadian bob

    ...especially when they're wearing costumes
    stay puft french bulldog
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    I am a hobbyist also. I just love snapping photos. Sometimes I take one that looks like it was taken by someone that knows what they are doing.

    My Flickr page is right here

    I likes takin' pictures of live music

    The Mighty Goblin Cock
    worship my geetar, puny humans

    A Panorama of a local South Carolina dirt track. A place you are guaranteed to never be the drunkest person unless you start drinking about noon.
    Lancaster Speedway Panorama Turn 4

    My pain in the ass cat
    Pippin in the Sun

    Southern Culture on the Skids playing at the Milestone Club in the early 90's
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    Wow. There's a lot here from people I hope to be half as good as. Dedicated amateur here, and will likely stay that way unless I shake some of the anxiety and gear envy I often get. My Flickr.
    Some of my favorites:
    Stepping It Up
    Alas Yorick
    My The City
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    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2009
    i'm studying photography, which should make me a pro someday, but only kills the dedication so far... my stuff looks something like this:

    hour of the wolf #5

    another last evening #3

    oh glorious mercy


    blacklight #5
    ...and that's me.

    and here's my site.
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2009
    Pro. In an odd way. I shoot a lot on the side and work during the day at a company in Toronto that rents VFX gear (Digital Blue, Green, Red Screens, Motion Control, 35mm & Vistavision VFX/Plate Cameras, Front/Rear Projection gear) and my passion for Photography has been growing like some kind of malignant tumor since I was younger. I did a lot of photography in Public School, a bit in High School then fell out of it for a bit until getting back into it more heavily with a 35mm film SLR. My passions for movies keeps pushing me into possibly trying to branch out and become a DP but time will tell on that one.

    This is probably one of my favorite pictures that I have taken. Shot on my trusty Bronica 6x6 camera. Don Valley Brickworks in Toronto, I keep wanting to go back for another shoot but keep procrastinating and kind of wonder if I'll be able to get as many good shots as I did my first trip there.

    I shoot a bit of everything and am a huge proponent of trying to do things in camera instead of in post and heavily favor practical, diy-ish, and often convoluted solutions to making that happen.I also shoot a lot of timelapse stuff at work and on my own. I shoot a lot of body modification related things, suspensions, my own tattoos or scarifications and the like. This is one of my favorite Bodymod related timelapses. At least of the ones that I have online. For some reason, I couldn't embed the video directly.

    I have had some of my bodymod stuff on modblog a few times.

    I has a flickr, a Vimeo and a website. Some of you on here are also on BME/IAM and I'm floating around on there too.

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    I guess I would be semi-pro. Worked for a studio for a couple of years doing mostly portrait and event shoots. It had it's moments but we were the only game in town so it was also insanely stressful.

    I didn't have much on my computer, most of my work is on an external hard drive 300 miles away.

    From Monet's garden-

    WWF Demonstration in Paris-

    Port town-

    Inexcusable cuteness (sorry)-

    Trailer Trash-

    These threads always make me miss my macro lens.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2009
    Very amateur here. I do my best with what I've got but unfortunately, all I've got is my cellphone camera. It's not terrible (5mp with 16x zoom) but its far from the D-SLR I crave. Here's some of the pics I've taken lately.

    Royal Vancouver Yacht Club marina in the fog

    Lions Gate Bridge (I'm pretty sure I've posted this one elsewhere)

    Mystery Moth

    Burrard Street Bridge (pretty sure I've posted this one too.)
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2009
    Although I work in the automobile manufacturing world, my main passion is photography. After high school I went to college for 2 years to study photography (and a wee bit of drinking). After that I worked in a photo studio for about 8 months. My boss was a real knob. He was a born again something or other and felt he was the most righteous human on earth. I couldn't take much more of him so my photography career ended there. Photography and drawing and reading remain my top passions in life.

    Come and see my photos at