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    Do you run a netlabel? Do you have a favourite netlabel? Tell me about these things. Links are vital.

    I used to keep up with these things a little bit, and failed on two occasions to organise my own links (1, 2, tons missing). So let's have another crack.
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    From their website... launched in early 2008, committed to representing extreme heavy metal music from quality bands and artists from around the world. The first of its kind, is a record label publishing and licensing bands directly to the digital music market, though performing as a traditional record label in the capacity of promotion and adequate representation of its artists.
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    • CommentAuthorradian
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    oneOne - don't run it, but help out on transcoding and profile
    • CommentAuthormorevi
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009 edited
    Container Inc:

    The brazilian netlabel Container Inc starts during an academic work on Futurism that came the jump-start for the development of a more extreme project using noise as a form of expression. With Futurism not only as a nostalgic theoretical support, but also as an inspiration to establish the culture of noise in our time, the bands in this label use handcraft instruments allied to samplers, distortion pedals, sequencers, electronic drums, and software to develop a noisy sound specter of brutality and beauty. The purpose is not to represent a blooming cybernetic delirium that is yet to come, neither to rescue the dusty spoils of the industrial noise forerunners, but to link both ends and to emulate such fury today. Joining mechanist programming, organic free improvisation, and immersions in arbitrary distortions, the netlabels sonority tries to live a bucolic, maybe romantic, past of the Industrial Revolution, with the developments of that revolution in our days. Days in which an inexorable torrent of information carry us to the unknown, to a place of nightmares and synthetic utopias that will, without a doubt, keep some vestiges of steam machines. One of the bands, as part of their conceptual agenda, the Gengivas Negras (Black Gums) have a rigorous visual code composed by formal attire, from which grotesque canvas masks sprout, making clear an unnamable and ominous convulsion that breaks the fragile membrane of normality. The mask subdues and at the same time frees the orderly character, once it allows him to plunge in the torment.

    "Scurvy is a very common illness during the trip. It usually emerges because of the long period at sea without touching land, and also by lack of washing, cleaning oneself and changing clothes. Those who are surprised by it become swollen as hydropaths, and the edema is hard as wood, mainly on the thighs and legs, on the cheeks and necks, and all that is covered by coagulated blood of livid and grayish color, as well as tumors and contusions which make muscles and nerves stiff and paralyzed. Gums become ulcerated and black, the flesh, limp, and the teeth shaken and displaced, as if they were held to very little, and most of them fall. With that, such an infect and foul breath hampers approximation, because it is felt from one end to the other of the ship. Besides, that illness makes the sick feel so obstinate and strange that everything is distasteful to them. Some die in a few days, others last longer. They have a pale and yellowish color. When we were at the island of St. Lawrence, three or four of our men have died of that disease, and when their heads were opened, their brains were found black, decaying, rotten... It is a terrible thing to see, the large chunks of putrid flesh that one must cut from the gums." Pyrard de Laval, 1601
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    i am involved with roxxor2, uk based 'netlabel' (mail order CD based, as well as custom online distribution*). wide ranging anti-bland music policy, artists include uk-based 'brutaltechnopunk' act Kieronononon and ambient soundtracker Mr Introspective amongst others. various other artists (both live and recorded-only), collaborations, etc.. featured. submissions not restricted to any genre, as long as it's not dull, then we're open minded.
    we've not really used the expression 'netlabel' to define ourselves previously, but it probably describes us fairly well..

    *for example kieronononon use a custom online distribution through roxxor2, where you get a free download version of an EP by solving a puzzle on their website. not sure if this idea has been used by any other artists/labels or not!
    take it easy
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    Rope Swing Cities is run by a friend of mine.

    There's no good about page to paste here. Mostly IDM and a bit of other stuff. It's based in Denver. It looks like he's up to 38 albums and 59 DJ mixes.
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    • CommentAuthor√•ke
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    I don't run one but I can recommend (if you're into reinterpretations of old C64-tunes that is, if not I don't recommend it). The selection is limited but the service is excellent, you can buy either physical CD:s or DRM free Digital Downloads. If you buy the physical CD you automatically get the right to download the digital tracks right away so you can start listening to the new album straight away.

    The music is mainly a selection of the "stars" of the C64 remix scene but also Amiga/Atari inspired music along with some bit-pop albums are available.
    • CommentAuthor2BiT
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009 edited
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    A friend of mine and I co-run the 8bitpeoples netlabel & artist collective, which focuses on new music & visual art operating within the aesthetics of early-generation / primitive computing. The netlabel arm of the group is probably the most active, with just under 100 releases under our belt; and musically speaking, the dominant style is chipmusic -- electronic music made using the soundchips of early-generation home computers and gaming consoles (NES, Spectrum, C64, Game Boy, Atari ST, etc.). To hear it described this way probably makes it sound pretty "retro," but the intentions are actually more forward-facing; trying to do something new by pushing forgotten hardware in new directions.

    By and large, the releases are freely downloadable mp3 EPs, although we've occasionally dabbled in the realm of "real label" physical releases (we went all out for our 50th release with 8BP050, a professionally-pressed 50-track, 50-artist, 2xCD compilation).

    We also run a monthly chipmusic night in NYC called Pulsewave, and for the last three years have organized a knock-down blow-out 4-day international chipmusic event called the Blip Festival. For anyone interested, a documentary about chipmusic in general, and the first annual Blip Festival in particular, called Reformat The Planet, premiered at last year's SXSW Film Festival, with a DVD release coming in the next month or so.

    So yeah, I guess we keep pretty busy.
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    I run Tide Pool, which just put out its twenty-fifth release. We sound like techno. We sell our music, but offer lots of stuff for free.

    "Tide Pool is about half-finished thoughts, tools, dubs, edits, and all those other words that electronic music likes best. We believe in both dancing and shoegazing in equal measures, and sometimes at the same time. We believe in leftfield masterworks, off-kilter dancefloor devastators, and general wonderment. We hope you dig it. We are distributed through our own store, and via Juno Download, BeatPort, and King-Beat. "
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    Thank you all.
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2009
    I don't think Jamendo and Magnatune count, but they are still some of my favorite sources of music.
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2009
    I help run Noiseusse Recordings. We lean towards abstract electronic type stuff.
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    This discussion hasn't seen much activity as of late but here goes anyway...

    Chew-Z is an Italian netlabel based in Turin that specializes in electronic/experimental/ambient music of which I am proud to announce myself as one of their artists in a bout of shameless self-promotion. All works are available for free download as part of the Creative Commons License.
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    Through my Quiet World label i release very limited run cds by myself and other artists - Darren Tate (of Ora & Monos), (Arizona field recordist) Banks Bailey and (fellow Welsh ambient musician) Adrian Shenton. As each release goes out of print they are added to the website as free downloads so hopefully that kinda qualifies it as a net label.

    The music is fairly varied but tends towards the more minimalist ends of the drone and ambient spectrum. I generally describe it as quiet psychedelia.

    There're about 20 albums on there at the moment and i'll be adding another 3 to the site later this week.
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2009
    I have just launched my new netlabel, Black Lantern Music.

    Black Lantern Music logo by Inkmoth

    There are a couple of different channels - two so far, one in the works:

    NeverZone - experimental noise, hip-hop, drone, metal and madness
    WPNZR - dubbed-out weirdness, spoken word, hip-hop and stoner rock
    Urge Mode - coming soon... electronica, dubstep, techno and more

    We've got four releases up so far:

    Sileni - Riders on the Conquering Worm (LP)
    A crepuscular journey through Lovecraftian hip-hop and doom-laden breakbeats.

    Burning Bright - Cherry Tree (EP)
    Jazz-inflected hip-hop with a socially conscious message and insane feats of verbal acrobatics.

    Chemical Poets are... Goin' Back to Arkham (Mix)
    A compilation showcasing the varied output of the Chemical Poets collective.

    Asthmatic Astronaut - Dejine Compilation (Mix)
    In association with dejine.rec, a blissed-out mix of trip-hop, breaks and improvised electronics.

    Thus far, the focus is on our own bands, but we have a lot of interesting stuff coming up - French hip-hop, dubstep from Scotland and beyond, experimental metal and a healthy dose of psychedelic mind-music. Thanks for checking us out - follow @blacklanterns for updates; releases will be added to the RSS Feed at Weaponizer.
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    Texture it's good to see that this has finally got going. I've just had a go at downloaded everything there. The zip files for Chemical Poets and Sileni didn't work for me. But I'm enjoying the Burning Bright so far.

    - Will.
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2009
    Thanks for the feedback Will.. not sure why those zipfiles wouldnt be working. Should be OK for mac and PC. If you have any more trouble you can drop me a line at