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    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2009 edited
    Hey there, I´m looking for some help, wondering if you guys could aid me a bit.

    I´m planning on a road trip this summer, and I´m thinking I need some good "on the road" songs .

    Ofcourse I´ve already got the obvious classics down, such as ´Born to be wild´ and ´Highway to hell´

    Sooo.... any suggestion will be greatly appreciated :)
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    I've driven across the country twice, from Idaho to New York both times, and find that anything upbeat and anything everyone can sing along to is best. Audio books are also nice, depending on how far you're going.
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    REFUSED-shape of punk to come
    listen to it in its entirety for a varied, complete album...that also will kill over an hour
    • CommentAuthorDC
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2009
    Tarantinos' OSTs.
    • CommentAuthorAlexGBYMR
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2009
    DJ Shadow - The Private Press for night driving.
    The Hold Steady - Seperation Sunday is my current choice for long hauling.
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2009
    Tenacious D - Tenacious D
    The Bloodhound Gang - Hooray for Boobies

    No. Really. Both these albums get played, in their entirety, on any car trip I take. They keep me awake, they keep me alert, they keep me amused. Unfortunately I don't get to blast them at the Proper Level now that I have a child...
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    For mountain driving:
    Explosions in the sky - Friday Night Lights OST,
    Theme tune to the Film "The Shining"!

    For Highways/Motorways:
    At the Drive in - Relationship of Command
    MAssive Attack - Protection,
    VA - Driving Rock!
    Audio Books of Old Ricky Gervias' XFM shows.
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    At the Drive in - Relationship of Command

    i also support this for a complete listen through.

    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2009
    On a trip from NYC to Denver in 91 "Sweet Home Alabama" came on the radio all the time, so I always associate that song with road trips.
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2009
    i will get behind Refused and At The Drive-In.

    but the ABSOLUTE MOST IMPORTANT ROAD TRIP ALBUM EVER is The Magnetic Fields - Charm of the Highway Strip. just do it.
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2009
    Iceland or abroad?
    Some suggestions:

    BB King- Riding with the King
    The Animals- We gotta get out of this place
    Audoslave- gasoline
    Audioslave- Getaway car
    Audioslave- I am the Highway
    Black lable society- concrete jungle
    Black stone Cherry- Drive
    Black stone cherry- Rollin' On
    Bo Diddley- Road runner
    Iggy pop- the passenger
    Bo Diddely- Ride on Josephine
    Britta persson- Car song
    Chuck Berry- No particular place to go
    Daddy Yankee- Gasolina
    Dr. Feelgood- Going Out West
    Iggy Pop- highway song
    Korn- lowrider
    Jerry lee lewis- Just a Bummin' Around (with Merle Haggard)
    jerry lee lewis- Lost Highway (with Delaney Bramlett)
    Stone Sour- Road Hogs
    Suzi Quatro- Devil gate drive
    Therapy?- Accelerator
    Thin Lizzy- Cowboy
    Tom Robinson Band- 2-4-6-8 Motorway
    The Vines- Ride
    Motörhead- Keep us On the Road
    Ane Brun- This road
    Eskobar- Devil keeps me moving
    Motörhead- down the line
    BB King- key to the highway
    Billy Idol- Blue highway
    Deep Purple- Highway star
    Roadrunner - jonathan richman
    el guincho - palmitos park
    On the road again - Willie Nelson
    Highwayman - The Highwaymen
    Ramblin man - Allman Brothers
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2009
    Road Trip - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Anything by High on Fire - keeps me awake
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2009
    Two must-haves:

    Tom Waits - Old '55
    Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2009
    Refused is an absolute necessity.

    You also need the collected works of Girls Against Boys for when you're driving around between dusk and dawn.
    • CommentAuthorZJVavrek
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2009
    Bat Out Of Hell, by Meat Loaf, has become one of my new favorite songs over the past month. The rest of the album I could leave behind, but the title track is worth it and perfect for crashing your car. Wait, that's a bad thing.

    Similarly, Godspeed You! Black Emperor's Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven is perfectly suited to long, monotonous stretches of road. After a while, you get an out of body experience as the music transcends simple background noise and invades your brain.

    ... Also a bad thing, come to think of it, but those were the two pieces which came to mind.
    • CommentAuthorAlexGBYMR
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2009
    I second the GY!BE emperor idea.
    F#A#(Infinity) is pretty good as well. The Dead Flag Blues is mostly awesome on country roads/long stretches of motorway.
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2009
    Thanx for all the advice, and keep it coming :)

    Many great records and songs there I had completely forgotten. To give you further insight the trip will take place on Iceland, the plan is to go the full circle with a stop at Icelands rock festival Eistnaflug this summer, and will take 2-3 weeks.

    So we will need songs to cover the whole, the road, the partying and camping, and the hangovers ;)
    I already have a list that covers almost one page, but there are never to many good tunes .
    • CommentAuthorgjmiller
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2009
    I'll throw in a Refused vote but I have to add The New Noise Theology by them as well. It's a short EP but it is just as excellent as The Shape of Punk to Come.

    I'll also throw in:
    Tom Waits - Blue Valentine (good for driving in the rain)
    Crystal Method - Tweekend
    Fatboy Slim - You've Come a Long Way, Baby
    Anything by Bomb the Music Industry! would be good for sing-a-longs.

    I haven't owned a copy since before I got my license, but I bet the soundtrack to Lost Highway would be good driving fodder.
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    Mine was a very long string of anime themes and j-pop broken up with classic rock.

    This may not work for everyone.