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    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2009
    Excellent Book 2, thanks guys!
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2009 edited
    Sorry for the silly question, but what exactly are all the FA’s “obvious roles”?
    I’m still trying to match them to twelve archetypes – some easy, some not.

    Definitely not Astrology.

    So far:
    Miki – Medic
    Kait – Cop / enforcer
    KK – Good with steam/ muse / too hot for words
    Karl – Nurturer
    Kirk – Lookout / warrior /
    Arkady – WTF? / Delirium of the Endless / Inspiration
    Jack – Forager / Hunter
    Sirkka – Libido / Love / Total Slapper
    Kaz – Engineer / mechanic
    Luke – Devil’s Advocate (kindest possible interpretation) / self-centred Melon-Farmer
    Mark - ? / not averse to a bit of mass mind control
    Connor – Self-confessed scribe / Helper of strays

    Remember, we had an attack on Whitechapel the instant Alice took over the watchtower for the first time, also the mortar boys from Shoreditch knew to shoot a missile straight at the FreakCave in the last day. I’m sure that means one of the remaining eleven is trying to bring down / shake up the group.

    Discounting Luke (too obviously an evil bastard), I’m thinking possibly Miki (shake the FA’s out of self-obsession and do more for other people), Arkady (ditto), and Connor (dark horse) as possible FreakTraitors. Also Connor knew about Arkady’s teleporting before the rest of the group.

    Sorry to rant, but this has been bugging me, and I'm sure you guys have some really good ideas.

      CommentAuthorBexx B.S.
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2009
    fab all around.

    can't wait for more.
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2009
    It was a long day. Aww. Hopefully I'll get time this weekend to review at least Book 2. Lots and lots of exposition slipped in about FA's background and I'm eager to doublecheck for missed details.

    Thanks again!
    • CommentAuthorDC
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2009 edited
    @-Louie Huwie Looking through a Rising Stars point of view, I'm thinking, the basic roles of a society:
    Karl – Farmer
    Miki – Medic (agreed)
    Kait – Cop/enforcer (agreed)
    Jack – Hunter (agreed, ground patrol)
    Kirk – Lookout / warrior (aerial patrol? or maybe infantary)

    About KK and Kaz, KK the mechanical enginer and Kaz the structure one? One for basic machinery and the other for structures that support a community such as shelter, water, energy, etc.
    Luke – He should be the leader, the rational one, if he wasn't such a dick
    Sirkka – The passion/emotional one to counterbalance Luke?
    Arkady – I'm thinking the artistic one (to balance KK and Kaz) and the one that knows almost everything about the power. If someone goes wacko, she's the one who could bring a freakangel down (except, in this case, she's the crazy one).
    Connor - Like the Poet, he writes down everything. He's the memory.
    Mark - The opposition? The villain? lol Don't know what to think of him unless I see his version of the story
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2009 edited
    I especially enjoyed how before today, Connor was just the biggest asshole of those we'd already seen (I won't count Mark), and I really didn't like that guy. He was just tolerated because he was one of the FreakAngels or something. Now he's the scribe and I have gained a lot of respect, because that is a thankless-but-important job if there ever was one. He's like the hero of the story now! (okay, that last part may be projecting a little too much) But still, I can see turning around on Connor now.

    Edit: After reading Wikipedia, it seems what this episode *really* did was show me how I had mistaken Connor for Luke and vice versa. I thought Connor was the one entering that girl's mind when he came to fetch his clothes. Well, at least I can like the writer now without feeling bad.
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    This weeks comic was good like always. I loved the last page.

    For me this week has been less of a train crash than previous weeks, although still a train crash. However I do have a job interview to look forward to next Tuesday. In light of that I do have to get my hair cut shorter. Which I'm not looking forward to.

    Oh and DST means I can go climbing more outside. So that's rad.
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2009
    Karl – Farmer

    One thing everyone should remember is what being a farmer/gardener entails. It's not all about nurturing pretty growing things. It's also about weeding the garden. Removing the competing plants. Remember that Karl was the only other Freakangel that we know of who was in on the attempt to kill Mark. And it looked very much to me like it was Karl's idea. Karl will happily share his strawberries with you, but if you fall on the chaff side of the wheat/chaff comparison, he'll chunk your ass into the fire without a second thought.
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    I wish I read this before I left the house for the day - would have made the day better.
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    Also Connor knew about Arkady’s teleporting before the rest of the group.

    No he didn't. That was Kait.
    (that same page goes for Arkady's purpose in all this).
    • CommentAuthorMark R
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2009
    Freakangel Friday might just be the highlight of my week. Thanks Warren, Paul and Ariana.
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2009

    All these K's, huh? What to do....

    No, i did mix up Karl and Kirk once , but back in book 1, after blasting Luke with overdose mojo, Arkady goes on a 'porting spree
    leaving flowers for Alice.

    Alice wakes later, , asks what the flowers are doing there, and Connor says that Arkady must have stopped by.

    He's a proper dark horse, that one
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2009
    Hmmm... Quite true! But that doesn't prove that he KNOWS, though.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2009 edited
    Hate to quote myself but ...

    ... never mind ...
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2009
    Nice quiet comic. Curious what they'll do after they redeem England.