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    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2008
    So, at work over the past two or three days, I've been sketching out steampunk-ish instruments. I have an 'electric' guitar, a bass guitar, and I'm almost finished with a drum set. I plan on constructing these devices in Second Life. Probably not for sale, though I might modify one for a friend of mine, but I really just want to build it for the challenge.

    Now, I understand that steampunk is a lot of brass and tubes and such, but I'd really like to see what other people have done as far as Second Life goes. Are there any really good places where one can stroll about and see what people have constructed?
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2008
    Have you checked out the Babbage sim? It's pretty awesome on the visuals. New Babbage has a lot of nice vendors selling steampunk items.
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    Babbage is four sims now!

    Dasai, put Babbage into the map search, and once you've had a good root around there, do the same for "Caledon." Caledon is massive now, at least ten sims of steampunkery.
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    I had about half of a Steampunk girly robot avie built, never finished it, ended up working on my shiny chrome instead.
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    When I first started building, I wanted to add a smoking chimney to my steampunk av, but I was broke and didn't have a clue about particles... so I constructed the av around a freebie smoking cigar I got from someone. Hardcore.

    (edit: except that somehow the thing that created the cigar's smoke particle got distorted, so the smoke was coming out of my bum. Still pretty hardcore, hah.)
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2008
    It is ever so easy to get lost in Caledon. I haven't felt this new since I started. Thank you, warren.
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    I'm working on steampunk armour, if anybody's interested in checking it out out (in progress for now), IM me (Jonah Revnik). Up for any suggestions too, because I'm coming from a fairly limited knowledge of steampunk...
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    I've started a group to hawk my few wares, including that steampunk armour, some post-apoc stuff and a little cyberpunk. Check out RVNK Products if you're interested in having a peek... Hoping to start up a store in Babbage soon.