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      CommentAuthorCK Burch
    • CommentTimeApr 23rd 2009
    When I loaded up the myspace page to listen to it, I was prepared for Chris Cornell's rock album produced by Timbaland. I wasn't prepared for Timbaland's beat album sung by Chris Cornell.

    It's not a good match. Cornell's proven that he's got vocal range before (see his cover of "Billy Jean"---masterful), but this is not his arena. This is the realm of Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown and other, pure pop vocalists. This would be like Trent Reznor getting down on an album produced solely by Dr. Dre. Or maybe that would actually work; I digress. This sound produced by scream is akin to cats making love. That's probably why it's called "SCREAM."
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    "This would be like Trent Reznor getting down on an album produced solely by Dr. Dre. "

    didn't Dre produce a song on "The Fragile"?
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    i believe trent wrote all the songs on "THE CHRONIC".

    oh wait, i just made that up.
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    Uh, Dre and Reznor have worked together, and Reznor's always proclaimed himself a fan of Dre's. And Ice Cube's. And Rick Rubin's. Also, to respond to an earlier comment -
    I don't believe this album has staying power, and I don't believe anyone will be talking about it years from now.
    Considering the fact I still love working in a joke whenever I get the chance about Garth Brooks pulling his whackjob Chris Gaines experiment more than a decade after the fact?

    Yes, people will be talking about this years from now.
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2009
    Dre and Reznor were supposed to do an album together, right after the time that The Fragile came out...
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    Sadly, the album is just "meh." However, where Trent Reznor gets the balls to critique anyone is beyond me. Like we need more people telling us what we should like. Billy Corgan said pretty much the same thing about Cornell's new album. Fuck 'em. It's the same as anything, if you don't like it, don't listen too it.
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2009
    I think it was less Mr. Reznor telling people what to like and more making a statement of his opinion. Kinda like everyone's entitled to do. Kinda like we've all done on this very thread. Just because his opinion is a little more visible doesn't make it any more valid.
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    Possibly, but being more visible makes your opinion carry more weight. And to jump on someone else' artistic choices is in bad taste, especially for an "artist".
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    so trents not supposed to comment on things anymore because his opinion has "weight"? thats a flimsy idea at best (keep in mind, while i used to care what treznor had to say about 10 years ago, i dont really care how he feels about anything except his own music now-so im not defending him as some fan-nerd or anything)
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    Not at all, he can comment on anything he wants.
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    I agree with Sizer's comment (as well as others) about certain artists falling into the trap of their own success.
    I also agree that artists should certainly have the freedom to pursue whatever they want artistically.

    That said, I threw up in my mouth a little when I heard the samples on Amazon.
    It doesn't matter to me that Trent Reznor thinks the new album is crap. All that matters to me is that I think the new album is crap.

    I don't think it's a money grab... I mean, how much more money does he need? Soundgarden records are still selling, Audioslave is doing ridiculously well, he's a successful model with at least one (if not several) high profile restaurants... this isn't Vanilla Ice doing a rock record, this is a credible singer doing something inexplicably weird.
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    I just listened to the single on youtube. It's nowhere as bad as it's made out to be. Not great, not awful, kind of dull. That's most pop music for you.
    he's a powerful ass singer and i think that was most fitting for powerful ass music, acoustic or electric. I think Audioslave and Scream were both experiments, even though audioslave was a "tested" band. I expect good things from him. He can make mistakes, but he's still going to have that voice for a while.
    At least he'll take a chance and experiment.
    Won't buy the album though.
      CommentAuthorCK Burch
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2009
    @doclivingston: I did a Google search, and while Trent mentioned wanting to do something with Dre, he never actually did.

    But I think that a Trent Reznor/Dr. Dre collaboration would sound a lot different than Dre laying out a beat and Trent doing his thing over it. Trent is a producer, he sits down and creates his shit. Dre is a producer; taking two producers and putting them in the sound box could make something awesome, but my analogy was Dre producing and Trent simply vocalizing. That's what we got with Chris Cornell's new album, Timbaland in the producer's chair and Cornell singing. Or warbling. Or trying to get that dead hamster out of his throat.