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    Yeah, what oddbill said about Flash galleries. I personally avoid artist's galleries that are flashy and over the top. Its the top reason I like to subscribe to blogs about fashion/art/whathaveyou over keeping up with the sites themselves, which are nearly impossible to navigate, or take forever to load.
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    I'd have to support the other heavy web users here and say that watermarking your images or displaying them through flash isn't the most loved solution. Personally I tend to see signatures as a good compromise between marking your work as your own and keeping the picture as primary focus, it's got the advantage of having been around for several hundred years which just makes it look a little classier than a logo.
    That said, when the inevitable happens and ebaums or one of their ilk steals something off you just remember, no one else likes them either, that's why they get DDOSed so often.
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2009
    Holy dogfuck, I don't even sign my work out here in the real world. Now I'm feeling mildly panicky.

    Being a bit of a traditionalist, I sometimes live in this fanciful world of the late 1800's, where having the only hard copy of something means you can feel safe and smug about the chances of it being stolen (save for experienced art thieves with crowbars and massive moustaches).

    Unobtrusiveness seems to be the key, here. It's difficult to stop people pinching images of your work, and if they see a watermark they'll try to get rid of it ... so hiding a tiny, unobtrusive and yet distinctive signature springs to my mind. The sort of thing that people won't notice straight away, yet you can point out should you see your work being claimed by someone else.

    And then, hopefully, see said person in leg irons being pelted with rotten vegetables.
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    I don't suppose anyone's looked at steganography as a watermarking technique?
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    @ krista noisrot -

    Yes.. you are right. Hiding Hershfeld-like NINAs in one's work is a GREAT idea!

    Only, see... my one issue that I keep coming back to, is the image-blog phenomenon. Less a matter of someone making MONEY or taking CREDIT for something I'd made... but more annoyed at the prospect that something I'd created could end up seen by many by being hosted somewhere secondarily, and my connection to it would be lost and unknown. I complete waste of potential viral advertising of sorts.