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    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    I've wondered about this several times. They don't seem to use their powers to support their various engineering projects nearly as much as it seems ought to be possible. (Breaking up pavement?) Why not?

    Aside from the points that Andre brought up, maybe KK just enjoys the hard, physical work of construction using her own hands and tools.
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    And sweat is sexy.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    It seems that for any given individual FreakAngel the actual power level varies. There seems to be a basic set of abilities that they all have, but it seems that some are better at certain things than others. Arkady can just blow shit up whenever she chooses, she's clearly the one who's explored the 'package' the most. Am I right in thinking that the only time we've seen someone other than Arkady do something destructive with their powers it's always been in tandem with at least one other Angel? Maybe the powerful stuff just needs more 'oomph' than one (sane) Angel can generate?
    • CommentAuthorcjtremlett
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    I love the Sirkka teaching panel. It's so non-gritty, making a lovely contrast with the healthy grittiness of the building and digging work, and the grim grittiness from the end of book two and the general condition of the world. Steamologist is a wonderful term. And I totally have a crush on Kait. Again. Still.

    I wonder if KK always works alone. Caz has a crew of people she works with. I wonder if Karl is having to make an adjustment to working with a crew instead of just by himself on his rooftop, too.
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    Those chickens...

    It's all a conspiracy...
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    Yikes! Skipped school today to sleep in and now I'm 3 pages late to the show!

    This episode was beautiful all around... except that last shot of Luke. Here I thought, wow, Luke really looks nice in that light and that angle, and then BAM! I'm hit with this weird fisheye lens shot in the next panel, and I cringe. I guess that's a good reminder that Luke is supposed to be the unlikable one ;)

    The first panel with KK and the last page are my favourites this week. And the first panel with Luke, even though it was ruined by scrolling down, hehehe.

    I'm excited for next week!
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    Thanks. I bought volume 1 at my LCS. Still suspicious of Luke though.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009 edited
    Red Bull has no effect on me. My energy drink of choice is tall-cans of Beck's. Failing that, coffee. Failing THAT, water. Or whisky, the Water Of Life.

    Here's a thought ... there are six boys and six girls. One boy is gone, presumed dead (yeah, right. This is comics. Nobody dies, even after you've seen the body and may I point out we have not.)

    How does this throw the natural balance outta whack?

    Also, other than Jack & Sirkka, they decided early on that mating with each other would be a Bad Idea. Or maybe they just didn't fancy each other.

    Got more questions than answers here, Warren. I s'pose that's the point, though.

    EDITED to give props to Paul and the purely wonderful Ariana.
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009 edited

    Great to know that Mr Ellis was once a lame fanboy like me. Albeit only when he was eleven.

    Art and plot-wise, FreakAngels seems to be moving up a gear. I bet that only a FA could have killed and gone undetected - is Mark back among them?

    Or is it Connor?
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    I like the idea of Mark Plunging like Arkady but without having some of is mind fried out on drugs already. Thus maybe having the ability like Kait to shield completely, as well as some other tricks. Maybe he tricked them into taking in those people, maybe he's hiding among them wearing a different face.

    Maybe he will lead Whitechapel against the others after he exposes them in a bad light only to use that situation to get the FA to attack the people. You know, like in Trigun, or twilight in the current run of Buffy.
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    Ahhh, foreshadowing! Sirkka's picking up random flashes! There is sneakiness happening!
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    Page 6, page 6, page 6 o my!
    • CommentAuthorE0157H7
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    Arkady is going to teach Luke a very painful lesson, I think. Something about not idly messing with the heads of the new guys. Then the others will kick his ass for good measure.
    • CommentAuthorDC
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    What a fantastic episode! I loved the detail of Paul's work and then that last panel I was just: HOLY FUCK!!
    Great introduction to vol.3. Can't wait to buy it.
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    @mister hex
    I speculated on that 'pairing' thing a while ago (which always comes back to the comparison with The Midwich Cuckoos).

    There was a time when I thought KK and Mark were dating. I think at least one of the FAs has slept with Luke. Jack and Sirkka, obviously.

    I wonder if they were born to be meant for each other, but then realized they could break away from all that, and did.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    Dun dun DUNNN!! Good stuff! Funny funny fucker with chickens ;)
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    I don't think you can find any example in Whitechapel of something that was built through the direct application of KK or anybody else's "powers," and they definitely could use new stuff, considering that everything they have is decayed and scavenged. So having to cut barrells must not be anything new.

    Applying scientific rules to what the FA can do, i.e. if they can move some things around then they can move anything around, and then coming up short, doesn't mean anything. There's nothing in the book that told you these are science-based powers. To me, they seem to follow a more intuitive logic that better resembles magic. What the Freakangels can and cannot do falls more in the line of Defensive and Destructive, not Proactive or Constructive. They can use their genius to nurture growth slowly, but not enact it directly. They can apply their powers toward a limited set of ends, not necessarily in an ordered set of means. It seems they will have to sit and wait for age to come, before they can really get their powers to just create a better world around them at the snap of a finger. Such is the way that human talents work in general. Pretty basic, really. I hadn't even stopped to wonder about this stuff until today's comments.
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    @EvJ - Sydney. It's been in the mid to high twenties all week.

    Sitting back on Friday night with a beer, reading the new Freakangels, is one of the highlights of my week.
    • CommentAuthorGodzina
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2009
    @Brian - Interesting thought. I never interpreted KK's and Caz's engineering talent to be powers based before. Now that I think about it some more, the Freakangels package might help there to a certain degree, give them a bit more brain power at their disposal - but as with Miki's medicine, I took that most of it was learned from books (the hard way) and not entirely "magical" or intuitive. They're driven in that they have a responsibility for what happened, and that's what's pushing them forward. Wonder if either KK or Caz can look "inside" machines and visualize them the way Miki can peek inside people's bodies.
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2009
    So I spent all of yesterday in bed doing nothing. I am now making up for that with work and reading FA. This is good. But, I must be off, back to the work thing.

    Thanks, all for something wonderful and disturbing every week...