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    We've gone through two volumes now, and into the third. 51 episodes all together yet we still know very little about them, thier powers, and their history.
    We know what they are doing with their lives now, and we know only the powers which they have shown us. But how far back, and how varied do the powers get?

    Do thier powers have limits? We are adding new stuff to the list all the time. We know they have general psychicness, talking to each other in thier heads, being able to talk to non-freakangels that way too, changing how people think, mind control, moving and manipulating objects, Teleportation, and now resurrecting the dead! (Although not totally successful. Not much use ressurecting someone with a slit throat while thier guts are on the floor but bless her for trying.) Add any more to the list as Im sure Ive left a lot out.

    Are thier powers person specific? I dont think so. Maybe some can currently do what others cant, but the others havnt practiced, or even tried or thought about doing it. Like 'Kady said about teleportation, they can all do it if they dig in and find the controls. Could they do absolutely anything if they put thier minds to it?

    As for thier history, we've had the occasional flashback but theres so much missing! I love Freakangel Flashbacks! Give us some more of these please Warren!
    The Freakangels seem to have known each other for quite some time. Kirk remembers KK's mother shouting her real name when they were kids, going round to Conners house for tea has also been referenced. Have they all known each other for so long, or maybe just a few?
    How did they come together? Maybe that was part of the package. They obviously know where the other freakangels are, maybe they were just drawn together by the package. From Kady's flashback a while ago we saw the Freakangels on the run, but from who? Its clear they had thier powers from being teenagers, but from Kait's flashback in Ep.51 it looks like they have had them for much longer than that. Possibly since birth?

    How did their parents deal with having superpowered kids? =P

    But enough of my ramblings! Id like to hear your ideas and theories on the Freakangels histories, the possible limits and nature of their powers.

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    I don't think she was so much resurrecting the dead, as she was trying to tap into residual memories.
    Like the idea that if you eat the eyes off a dead body, you can "see" their last experiences (who killed them, perhaps).
    Or the idea that if a dead body is fresh, then the spirit is still somewhere nearby, and a talented psychic medium could tie the spirit back to body momentarily and communicate with it. I guess that's sort of resurrecting the dead, albeit temporarily.


    She's not bringing the dead back to life as much as she's asking it a few questions.
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    Actually I think you're right there. I did first think she was just going to try and tap into the last few memories of the guy, but they he spluttered back to life? Maybe she has to temporarily give life to the body to get into the mind?
    She doesnt seem to have quite perfected that particular technique though. Though whos to say she couldnt keep someone alive for longer if she practiced? But like I said, theres not much use giving life to a body that has a slit throat and its guts on the floor.
    So I agree with you on that, she wasnt trying to bring him back to life for good, but she did need a spirit in thier long enough to try and read his mind.
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    I think she was attempting to give voice to the guy so he could tell her what happened. Perhaps she can't actually read the mind of the already dead but if they can physically speak, she can make them tell her what happened to them.
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    I always spell that wrong. =/

    My apologies to Master Ellis! I hope it doesnt burn your eyes to see such mistake.

    Edit: Spelling mistakes? What spelling mistakes? =P
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    Apparently "normal" Freakangels can't read the minds of dead bodies, but they -can- try to jump-start a dead brain into a brief period of functioning. As Kait demonstrated, this is hardly a foolproof process.

    A notable weakness is that they don't seem to have much in the way of healing or physical recovery capabilities: They deflect attacks against them rather than bearing them out - even a simple box cutter or a knock to the head - and Miki relies on medicine rather than doing any voodoo on people. But, they don't appear to care much about catching diseases, hunger or thirst.
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    I think the idea is they're protected from diseases. They still have to eat and drink I think.
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    They can control their metabolism so they only have to eat and drink from time to time. I think they have almost total control of their bodies (remember KK being drunk and the next moment clean?).
    I bet on a Rising Stars kind of power. Everyone has a specific role and their powers are tunned to that role.
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    > Id like to hear your ideas and theories on the Freakangels histories, the possible limits and nature of their powers.

    In episode 0062 we may be seeing one limit to their powers:

    a) They're only powerful when they're concious (their not acting out in their sleep, while dreaming, may be a good thing for the rest of us; this isn't to exclude some altered conciousness though, e.g. 'Kady using vodka during her psychonautics)

    b) An unconcious FA can therefore be *kept* unconcious: I reckon it was a struggle (taking two) to render Luke unconcious, but that now while he's down any one other FA is able keep him under indefinitely.

    On the topic of being concious, do they sleep? Do they need to sleep? Here's one other limit: in Episode 003 Kirk says he's stayed on watch for 10 days, which KK says is because he has "slowed his metabolism"; whereas KK who was supposed to relieve him falls asleep up there. So, the limitation, and it's an obvious one, is that at least some of the manifestations of the package depend on practice, and aren't instantly available.