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    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2009 edited
    And mix #5 is in the original post.

    I'm on the fourth track on this mix now and my spine is shivering with the creepiness. Excellent job!
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2009
    Started number 6 (The 'Dust' is a Spore) with NIN - Pilgrimage. Mostly because I wanted to put it in there somewhere and didn't have time to get on one of the earlier ones. Take it where it goes, I have no mood in mind aside from... postapocalyptic.
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    All righty.

    02. "My Broken Song of Love" - Quick edit I made of pitch-shifted Patsy Cline and a snippet of heavily echoed narration from Chris Marker's 'Sans Soleil': the effect I was going for was to evoke the same mood as his 'La Jetée', which some of y'all might remember from a google video link couple years back. I didn't even know it was the same guy until I looked it up just now, though. So, in fact, the resemblance was already there, in the Sans Soleil clip. DJ skills, people. DJ skills.

    03. Funkadelic - Maggot Brain
    aw hells yes we doin this

    I unfollowed our follows; they were really off brand. Sorry, Karen from Seattle, our number one fan. We still love you in our non-existent heart
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    I loved the 5th mix, a slow building... i can imagine people traveling across the open country, searching for a safe place, founding small towns, maybe a creepy chapel... and then at the end, they find one nightmarish city... i loved the ending track of the mix!
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    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2009
    Skipped to the end of this thread, but if "The Last Day on Earth" by Marilyn Manson isn't on there, might I suggest it?
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    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2009 edited

    If you think that it should be in there, then definitely add it on. Details are at the beginning...
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    oh and i´m listening to the mixes while i´m cleaning my flat. interesting
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    Added some Beck to #6.
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    Some of these have been shifting around since being published -- I'm pruning a bit. Adding on to the ends is fine, but revising where people have already set an order and listed it here undoes the group-think happenstance that put these together. If the first eight songs move, they'll be moved back to how they were posted here. The mixes should live and breathe, but editorializing should be kept to a bare minimum. None of us is meant to like every song or song order.

    Whoever put up the Beethoven : your mp3 file was skippy as heck. I removed it from mix 4. Upload a better copy if you'd like.

    These last 4 mixes have been fucking rad, folks!

    edittttted for spellign
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    On that note, unpublished number 6 hasn't been listed properly so far:

    (someone moved my two up front - no complaints because the NIN sounds super great after Funkadelic)

    1. My Broken Song of Love
    2. Funkadelic - Maggot Brain
    3. NIN - Pilgrimage
    4. Sonic Youth - Theresa's Sound World
    5. Siglo XX - Answer
    6. Canibal Holocaust Main Theme
    7. Beck - Nobody's Fault But My Own

    Mix 5 was swapped around again since it was published last night, but the original listing is not on this thread. I think someone had uploaded songs to mix 4, and someone else saw them and built mix 5 out of that (worked out nice for mix 5). I trimmed off the duplicates in mix 4.

    Keep building, folks!
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    And the last track for The "dust" is a spore mix is :
    8.- Calexico - Falling from sleeves

    And for the next one... what if we steep up a little the "tempo" ?

    1.- Heres is your future by The Thermals - Check the lyrics of this song, i think that they fit nice for our mixes theme.
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    appended to mix6

    9. Gang Gang Dance - Dust


    The 'Dust" Is a Spore
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    The mix has been added.

    @Brian, thank you for co-managing this. I really appreciate it.

    I am totally blown away. These mixes keep getting better and better. Keep it up folks!
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    And I've added "The Changing Lights At Sandover by Kepler to a new mix. Wonderful little song.
    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2009
    holy fuck, @BrianMowrey. that Funkadelic track is killer!
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    Yeah, Eddie Hazel kind of rocks the best guitar solo of all time right there. When I finally heard this song in 07, it seriously blew my mind that it's still largely obscure ("stairway to heaven" gets 2 and a half million results on google, "maggot brain" only 250k (and it's also the title of the album, so...)). Here is Guitar World's list of 50 guitar solos that are not nearly as good as Maggot Brain, except somebody mis-titled it '50 Best Guitar Solos'.

    The world is 70 percent covered with water. And injustice.

    Added two. Mix 7 thus far:

    The Thermals - Here's Your Future
    Kepler - The Changing Light at Sandover
    The Microphones - Map
    Dr Dog - The Beach
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    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2009
    have added 2 more. Am trying to think of an aprocalpytic scenario ala Waterworld!

    5: Stoffer - Benni Hemm Hemm
    6: The Fire is waiting - the secret Machines. Note - I´d advise putting this as the end track of the mix. Its about 10 mins long and make me think of the most fucked up Mega pirate ship/ giant squid attack possible!!
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2009
    i have added 2 more tracks. However the credit for these shouldn´t go to me but to Nigero and his dememented curiositas 8track mixtape. Listen to it. Be afraid....

    7: O Sacrum Convivium - Phallus Dei
    8: hymne a sathanael (aimantation des forces) - Igor Wakhevitch

    and that is mix number 7 up. What was once ours. The seas have decimated our towns and cities. There is calm, but on the horizon a massive storm/pirate/giant Cthulu squid attack is coming on the horizon...

    am rather intrigued by how my music tastes have evvolved since this thread started up. My wife is fearful for me, even though i tell her it´s "research"
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    New mix started ! this time the first track is "The Snow" by Larsen ... quite a haunting track... also, the only idea i have for the name of the mix is "as above, so below" ... but that is not really apocalyptic.

    @icelandbob "The Fire is waiting" is really good! hmmm... it make me think of a city "mad max" style , with bodies hanged in the buildings, fires and destruction...
    @BrianMowrey im hearing again "Our settlement needs women" (my favorite mix of right now) ... Killbot 2000 "Murder by death" is quite good ! the rest of the song of this groups is as good as this one ?
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    I'm really glad you guys have started this up again. It's a good way to get introduced to new music, and the mixes are awesome ;)