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    Warren may have more details on this (i'm just relaying a group notice).
    The Wasteland sims will be celebrating one-year on the Second Life grid tomorrow, January 19th.

    Rough schedule of events planned so far for the entire day:
    (All events are at the Junkyard stage in the middle of the JY sim unless otherwise noted)

    8-10: DJ Sandling Honey
    10-12: DJ FullmetalDJ Bailey
    2-3: The band Redzone (Live Performance)
    3-5: Movienight either at the Wasteland Drive-in and/or Gameshow at the Fissure Chaoseum with Giuseppi Spicolli hosting either.
    5-7: DJ Gomi Mfume
    7-9: DJ Fiona Carson

    Probably a fight night at some point in the day.

    I highly recommend stopping by to listen to Redzone. I was quite impressed when last they performed at the Junkyard (along with 2 other bands whose names escape me).
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    Nah, all I've got is the group notice.
    • CommentTimeJan 18th 2008
    wah... I won't be able to be on til after 5...but I'll stop by then for sure.