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    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2009
    You can never be too paranoid when it comes to backups. We can actually be fired for gross misconduct if we've not been using the proper backup procedure and we lose work as a result. It's easier for us coders though, we use a source revision control system that sits on a central server, and it gets backed up nightly onto ancestral tape backups (2 weeks rolling backup). Which are kept in a fireproof safe. And once a week a backup is taken that lives offsite entirely.

    There is no sound more painful than the noise an entire floor of games developers makes when the power goes out suddenly. To say the air turns blue is a slight understatement.
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    Internet backup solutions such as Novastor have saved many-a employee's ass.
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    It seems crazy that you have to back up everything twice these days. It used to be easy to remember to go through everything and toss this, save that, backup the other, defrag the drive, etc. I wonder if the advent of the flash drive will make this less of a problem? (even though whatever happened to you this time has a weird alchemy-like quality to it...)
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    @warrenellis -

    Your reccomendation of Marc Ellerby contributed greatly to my internal "What made my week?" list, other such items being Doktor Sleepless #12, Ignition City #1, and a girl I met.
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    I also use Memeo to back up to an external HD. Massive multiple megabytes of art files generated almost daily. Thought I was pretty clever getting this setup. Now I'm apprehensive. If this could happen to the Internet Fuck God, I have no hope at all, do I?
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2009
    Work under the assumption that it will go wrong at some point. Take DVD burns of your backups from time to time, backup to multiple places if you can afford it.
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    I also back up to JungleDisk daily.
      CommentAuthorGreg SBB!
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2009
    By a strange quirk of fate I'd ordered the three volumes of Ellerbisms and the Chloe Noonan mini-comic before I saw this. Just finished reading them and strongly recommend people load up on Marc's stuff - they're all ace.
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    I would buy stuff, but your site isn't secure. Cookies can be easily made, and although that may be part of the programming for that site, I don't put credit card info onto any site that isn't secure. Try a reliable online vendor, like amazon or at least ebay.
    • CommentAuthorKinsella5
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2009
    In an earlier post, Warren said "And COUNTLESS other scripts and documents. And a novel."

    I will admit I am new here and I had heard about Warren's computer crashing, but perhaps someone could shed some light as to what exactly happened, or if there was a post made by Warren announcing what happened, etc. Stupid question I am sure, but I also believe there are companies that can save a computer's hard drive and everything on it even when it is thought to be destroyed. It can be an expensive cost to have done, but is possible. Just curious as to what exactly happened, not trying to stir up any bad memories for Warren.

    Also, does anyone know if "Ignition City" is a mini-series or an ongoing series?

    Lastly, hopefully we will see more "Fell" and "Desolation Jones" in the near future, I know the answer to that will be to keep watching the site here for official announcements, but hopefully it is soon. I miss those books.
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2009
    Stupid question I am sure, but I also believe there are companies that can save a computer's hard drive and everything on it even when it is thought to be destroyed.
    You are correct: there are, in fact, such companies. Unfortunately (as Warren mentioned two posts before the one you quoted) sometimes horrible things happen when you take your machine in for data recovery. Like:
    (which, I'd remind people, culminated in the 20-year-vintage top local computer shop closing down with the staff vanishing to the four winds after the proprietor evidently died on an operating table in Germany while my machine was still there undergoing data recovery, the shop now boarded up and no-one anywhere having a clue where any of the computers inside disappeared to)
    • CommentAuthorseverian
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2009
    I have to agree with Flaybo that a good RCS or other setup is what should be on every freaking computer. Backing up floppies was time consuming, and a majority of those I've talked think it's normal to have to lose everything on a 6 month schedule. 30 years on & even "One Touch" external drives are confounding to a larger proportion of the population then I feel comfortable with. If people treated their newborn babies the way they take care of a computer it'd be a miracle to see a healthy infant past 6 months old.

    ZFS & Time Machine are definite steps in a good direction. It's too bad that they'll be under-utilized.

    Triple redundancy is a minimum. At work I keep a separate system rsync'ed to the servers so that even everything if the whole server closet died all at once we'd still be up. It has actually come close to happening. One of the two servers died & fried its drives. The next day, the other developed a corrupted RAID array.
    • CommentAuthorPinkFearie
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2009
    A long shot but is it possible that by slipping the HDD into another caddy and ruling out caddy failure. This has happened on occasions. Drives I thought were dead were actually ok and it was the caddy that went tits up. Replaced the caddy and off again. No need to initialise and format the HDD as the caddy is only a bridge and its the HDD that has the data.