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      CommentAuthorcity creed
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2009
    I hereby pledge to my one reader, Citrus Creed, a forthcoming increase in blog activity

    hahaha I thought you'd dropped off the face of the planet :P but I surmise it is merely common or garden variety rum-soaked tropical debauchery that has you in its clutches...
    okok I don't check it every day, but there's a ton of content there, I think I still haven't got through all of it.
    Also, you definitely have more than one reader :D I point ppl at the site all the time ;)
    I should say though, I think Dinosaurs Fucking Robots is my new favourite ever. How did I not know about this?
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2009
    Boing Boing - For just general fun.
    Ectomo - For my weird Cthulu needs.
    Tomopop - For my vinyl news needs.
    BME - For my tattoo needs.
    Grinding - For my futurist wants.
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2009
    Fernsehblog (German) – television criticism
    The Agitator – a blog very much devoted to police scandals, and there seem to be a lot
    Dispatches from the Culture War – I hate it when I agree with libertarians, but there you go
    SkepChick – women can think critically? Indeed, they can
    Mädchenmannschaft (German) – the most regular and best feminist blog I read
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    As I am not of British origin, these may not apply. So what.

    Nikola Korac This is a young guy doing acrylic paintings when he can get his hands on some colors. Mostly he just doodles with felt tip pens in a cheap notebook. Notice the cyrilic letters. Highly unusual even for us Serbs.

    Sale Arsenic This guy doesn't just have a cool name, he also does some old school Belgian style drawings. And digs western. So there.

    Ivan This guy used to draw naked girls on bikes. Now he works for les Frenchguys.

    Oto Oltvanji This guy writes noir horror. But the blog is mostly about the stuff he likes. Jack Bauer, LOST, pulp novels, Steven King.

    Robbo This guy cuts trough the crap that is modern football. So most of you never heard about him, presumably.
    • CommentAuthorshades
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2009
    I read the Draplin Design Blog most days, and most days it helps staunch the urge to go Columbine on my design tutors.
    content includes Good design/Design History/thrifting cool shit/being awesome human beings/sausage dogs

    all the other dailies I just skim.
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    Maybe not daily, but:

    Whedonesque: All your Joss Whedon needs in one place.

    Nick Robinson: Political comment for simple people.

    Mark Kermode: Annoying/adorable film critic doing funny voices.

    The Hooded Utilitarian: Poncey comics talk. Some great stuff in the archives.

    BEYOND THE iMPLODE: Rarely updated, but always hilarious.

    Also want to give another shout out for The Big Picture. One of the best things on the internet. Oh, and if not for Mr. Ellis, I wouldn't be here.
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    I met Mark Kermode once, years ago, and he was a really nice bloke. I always feel bad for never following his radio stuff.
    • CommentAuthorVetes
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2009
    Warren Ellis - Obvious

    Destructoid - Game Newz

    Japanator - random news about Japan's strangeness and love of schoolgirls

    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Takes the normal and makes it sadistic and deranged, in comic form.

    Sci Fi Wire - Powered by I guess
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2009
    I'm not including repeats, so I'll just offer two.

    The Swift Blog - James Randi et. al on the psuedoscientific and paranormal.

    I've recently noticed that Jeff Pasley has a blog at Common-Place. He's a historian commenting on various references to early America that pop up in the media. The journal that hosts the blog is also a good read.
    • CommentAuthorUrbanAngel
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2009
    I only read 1 blog, ever. I just came across it one day, found it interesting and liked his writing style and for some reason have stuck with it ever since.

    Waiter Rant
    • CommentAuthorE0157H7
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2009
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    This Modern World

    Evan Dorkin's Big Mouth Types Again

    Alex de Campi's general production/life blog

    Does Fundies Say the Darnedest Things count?

    WarrenEllis -- I feel redundant including this but I don't really read that many blogs daily, and this is one.
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2009
    i dont check them daily, these are the top 5 blogs i am checking regularly:

    EL ORÅCULO DEL SAN GENNARO Rjyan Kidwell aka Cex. not as diary oriented as his old website, this blog sometimes offers light content (a photo or quote), sometimes offers snippets about music he is releasing and sometimes has super indepth intresting essays that he writes on various topics.
    Mudd Up! a blog about world music and culture from the viewpoint of dj/Rupture.
    Filastine Frequency "Observations on the Beginning of the End of the World", it is mostly about traveling and recording, but also about different cultures, with photos, videos, sounds and words.
    mashit A record label/blog/podcast, lots of free tracks/dj mixes.
    Mad Decent's Blog Another record label blog with lots of free tracks/dj mixes.
    • CommentAuthorIan_M
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2009 edited
     (5580.94) I don't look at the pictures. I only read it for the links. Honest. Mmm, politics.... Gay conservative Catholic. The cognitive dissonance offers almost as much fun as throwing dynamite into a kiddy pool.
    The best political commentary the US has to offer. Sometimes it's even funny.
    He doesn't update daily, but I keep an eye on Charlie Stross.