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    The dialogue between the characters is so eff-ing real, it gets me excited. Not in the "my friends talk just like this way" or anything, because that's crap. No one I know talks like post-apocalyptic survivor psychics carrying boxes of chickens. It's just believable how they play off each other.

    God, I love this series.
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2009
    Ahh, another beautiful episode :)
    Almost makes you forget there's a killer running loose.

    Until @lordmitz reminded us with the hilarious picture ;)
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    "An episode most fowl" Oh my fucking God...

    A bit surprising episode, what with the build-up from the previous two episodes. Again, I really like this format; Just enough info and visuals to generate an idea in your head and wonder about the next episode...
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    I <3 Arkady and what are apparently going to be her "CHIKKINZ!"

    @lordmitz You win teh intertubes. Please sign here for it...

    and here...

    and your initials...

    one last sign and date.
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    What a most pleasant way to awaken this morning. Granted I was looking forward to more CSI with Kait, but there's no way I can complain about such a lovely, world enriching episode. It's episodes like this that mke me love FreakAngels, the fact that this format allows the kind of depth and exploration that you can't get with monthly releases of comic issues. If I could read all my favorite comics this way, I would, and I'd still go out and buy the graphic novels! Warren is brilliant. And Paul's art is a wonderful treat for my eyes...

    ... which are all bloodshot with pinkeye. Bleh. I have been sick for a week, then I got pinkeye to top it off. My voice is all but gone and I can't hear well out of my left ear, I feel like a frickin' zombie. At least I have FreakAngels, and WhiteChapel (where I can't help but be happy, since people like lordmitz do things to make me laugh so hard).
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2009
    The conversation makes sense.

    Do hot springs occur in the UK outside of Bath? Something that would assist in making steam?
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2009 edited
    Oui, the tone of this episode is deadly (as they say in Green Eirinn) If one day someone starts a thread about our favourite FA quotes, I guess quite a few'd be extracted from that one. Just one: "I don't think eggs are a fruit" Another one: "She's training more slaves to wank in front of her and I spent the week out on the river hunting chickens." And another one: "Wait for them to poo out eggs"
    I then realize I could quote many more of them (but I won't of course) Brilliant. Bien entendu.

    (that, and also I am proud to have contributed to freakangels Friday)
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2009
    Well worth the wait. AND a little clue that, yes, indeed, the Government tried to kill the Freakangels.

    Warren, what can I say but I am in awe and also in no way connected to lordmitz? And Paul - when I grow up, I wanna marry KK.

    Ms. Ariana. (*tips metaphorical hat respectfully to the much lovely yet totally terrifying woman at the computer.*)
    • CommentAuthorjeanette
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2009
    beautiful as always =)
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2009
    Paul, you're raising the bar with volume 3.

    Outstanding colouring, appreciated even more because we've had a few of those clear crisp days recently (at least where i am).

    So what are you hoping for with the fa cup semis?
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2009
    Good times. And lovely images. Just walking pleasantly along with chickens and fencing simple and so detailed. Really gorgeous work, Paul!

    Thanks again for just a few more background details. I do feel rather like a bird going through these episodes looking for itty bitty grains of history. They grew up together, went to school together, but had their own families with family dramas. Then...the government found them? Ok. They weren't exactly created. At least, not created and then guided and kept as lab rats from day one. Interesting. I wonder when the package kicked in. Sounds like after they discovered shagging.

    *smiles* Love it, Warren. LOVE. IT.
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    If they lived before the flood? How can they not know what a chicken egg is? Or what a chicken is for that fact of the matter? I'm sure before the flood they had chickens, right?
    Other then those questions that flood through my mind, I love this episode.
    So fun and light for a killer being on the loose.
    The picture of the dead guy saying chicknzzz is funny, good pic.
    Good Freak Angels episode and can't wait for next week.
    • CommentAuthorDee_Noir
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2009
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    This episode rekindled my love for Freakangels. The dialogue about whether an egg is a fruit or vegetable is simply brilliant. I laughed out loud, numerous times.

    There was such a nice contrast between this episode and the one before it. Lingering right at the back of my mind is the thought that there's a vicious killer on the loose, but it's hard to focus on that when you're spitting all over your monitor in glee.

    This week, I've been writing an essay about the ambiguous nature of sin as represented in John Webster's <i>The White Devil</i>. I have been also working on a short story for an uncoming anthology :D The story is called 'The Serpentine Sea' and is about a woman who turns up off the shore in Frinton with total amnesia and an inability to talk. Ooo, you'll never guess what happens next :D

    Hope everyone is red-bulling it up. Did I say that? Yes, I did.
    • CommentAuthorDee_Noir
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2009
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    What the fuck does uncoming mean? It sounds like a sexual maneuver in reverse.

    I need to sleep.
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2009
    @Masterful Eyes

    I think it's a combination of not having seen an egg in years, not really caring to begin with, and KK having fun with them.

    Not to mention that some people now call them "cackle fruit" as a colloquialism. I'm pretty sure the whole thing is a joke, and most definitely Not To Be Taken Seriously.

    Personally, I'm having a giggle over the fact that no one would be able to hear 'Kady say a completely asinine spelling of the word "chickens". Oh yes, all giggly.
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    I LOVE the look on Conners face in the second panel on the first page! that is EXACTLY the look I get on my face when I smell a chicken.

    I really like the casual feel to this wweks comic. They arent fighting bad guys or rescuing people... just being in thier element and its kinda peaceful.
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    Arkady wins the week as my favorite Freakangel with her "Chikkinz" shout. KK comes a close second, though, with her mini-history of the duck that created electricity. Gad, are there any mechanically-inclined or green jobs-promoting Whitechapelers who could use this bit of forgotten technology to help wean their communities off the for-profit power companies?

    How'd my week go? It was a mix of both good stuff and minor frustrations. I've got several self-imposed article deadlines coming at me like fucking freight trains. Paid work involved doing repeated dinner theatre versions of "Waiting For Godot" as I waited for a necessary bit of software to produce necessary documents. On the other hand, a young accordionist busking in my subway terminal made me stop my homeward bound rush to hear her sing a song she had written. Her words were partly drowned out by the noise of the trains, but I nodded my head along with every squeeze of her instrument.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2009
    As for them not knowing what a chicken is, you'd be surprised how few kids these days know anything about where their food comes from. They might know what a roast chicken looks like, but there's a disconnect between that and the actual animal.

    And yes, this does make me despair for the future.
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2009
    Hah! What incredibly placid chickens those are.......
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2009
    man, feels like a calm before a storm!