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    I think we need special 'Whitechapel' greetings so that they know we frequent this place.

    For Warren I think the aformentioned hug and then crying in front of him would be suitable.

    For anyone connected to Phonogram I think walking up to them and defending Kula Shaker's back catalogue would be apt.

    (Yes, I am a blogger looking to get a few headlines by writing about being violently assaulted by a comic book writer)
      CommentAuthorGreg SBB!
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2009
    Contemplating buying Kula Shaker's back catalogue and forcing Gillen to sign it. I don't think he has mastery of the Arse Eels yet...
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    @Reynolds - wouldn't "I'm from the forum" do? "I'm from Whitechapel" might have you seem a bit stabby.
    • CommentAuthorKinsella5
    • CommentTimeApr 23rd 2009
    Hopefully Warren you can make it out here to Seattle for the 2010 Emerald City Comic Con. It is a great show put on by some great people that are quite supportive of your works.

    Fingers crossed....
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    Hopefully Warren you can make it out here to Seattle for the 2010 Emerald City Comic Con.

    I haven't been invited, and am unlikely to have the time next year in any case. Sorry.
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    I was wondering, I'm part of a podcast that focuses on all things fun and dorky, and we wanted to know if there was any chance of getting an interview with you at/after/before the expo. basicly when ever would be best for you?

    the web page is
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    Very unlikely, sorry.
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2009
    perhaps, in the future, you may be able to employ this type of technology to avoid traveling "across the pond" and having your hand crushed by 10,000 fists. Also, this would allow you to chain smoke and engage in your regular scheduled debauchery all the while making a 'live via satellite" comic con appearance. you could probably do it from yer local pub.
    or not.
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2009
    Gosh, I want to take Fell with me, but also my friend wants me to get Fell signed for her (as we are both going to Comic Con in San Diego and want to pester Ben Templesmith. I'm going to look like a huge dork :D
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    i'm going to get a Tactical Defense Pen so i can just jab out the hearts of anyone who bugs me
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    I am reconsidering my attendance as of that comment. It's not that I plan to annoy you, it's just that there's a massive chance I will. I'm shit at meeting people.
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2009
    Let's queue up together. When he tries to jab us both, we can split up and run in different directions. Double our chances.
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    Unless we mix up our rehearsals and run into one another. Then we'd be fucked.
    • CommentAuthorUrbanAngel
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2009
    Hi there,
    Am new to this forum but not to Warren Ellis' work which I started reading x years ago whenever Transmetropolitan came out.
    I'll be at the London Expo again in May and was delighted to read that the great man himself will be present to snarl at us. Does Warren or anyone know whether copies of Freakangels will be on sale there?

    I was originally going to cosplay Slave Leia but now I think I may cosplay KK! (Don't anyone dare copy my idea!) Just a few weeks left to make it though. Hrm.

    Anyway yes, I shall stop rambling and remind you of my question as to whether Freakangels will be on sale?
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    I'm afraid the idea of cosplay KK has already been suggested.

    Although, if I remember correctly, it depended on getting a hold of tights.
    • CommentAuthorUrbanAngel
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2009
    Oh well, there may be more than one of us running around then! Tights should be the easy part of the costume. Though if you look at the drawings, she is wearing fish net stockings, not tights. I already have 2 pairs of those at home!
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    I know they're fishnet's, but for some reason I foresaw a horrible misunderstanding in which I said "vast quantities of fishnet" and got banned for being an accidental arsehole.

    I would've thought the piping runnning around near her waist would be difficult.
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    Does Warren or anyone know whether copies of Freakangels will be on sale there?

    I won't be selling them, but Paul might.... PAUL! OI!
    • CommentAuthorUrbanAngel
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2009
    That was possibly the most exciting moment of my day so far - Warren Ellis himself answering my post! Yes, I know I sound like a groupie. Then again, my day has so far consisted of getting up to go to work, sitting at my desk and procrastinating by reading Freakangels before heading off to lunch.

    Re: piping - I have an idea! *taps nose in an annoying fashion*
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2009
    @Encephalo Ray Hmm, maybe he'd be too busy laughing at us to jab and we could (try again to) make a quick getaway? But thank you for making me spit tea at my monitor in an unladylike fashion.