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    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2008
    This movie is exactly what I want to see this year. It looks ridiculous and fun!
    • CommentAuthorMacgyver
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2008
    I liked the first Resident Evil movie

    that's one of my most hated movies of all time. I liked the second one though...
    • CommentAuthorMidweeker
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2008
    I liked the first Resident Evil movie

    that's one of my most hated movies of all time. I liked the second one though...

    Good god, really?

    The first one was kinda fun, in a generically predictable way, and it had some nice scenes, and a few decent performances, if way too light on the gore. If it's on the telly, I'll usually watch at least some of it again.

    The second was just an abomination, poorly acted, poorly scripted, and with awful plastic effects. It was slightly closer to the story of the game, but even so, I'd rather give a blow job to a strimmer than watch that film again.
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    Resident Evil 2 features the world's politest zombies. They turn up when they are needed and then politely vanish from the plot entirely when they aren't and it's the big ugly dude's turn to play.

    I didn't mind the first Resident Evil movie though, it was pleasant enough nonsense although it will be forever tainted for me by director Paul Anderson being responsible for Alien vs Predator, a movie that makes me cry tears of pure rage every time I even think about it. I wrote to Anderson once to say that I'd greatly enjoyed his film 'Shopping' but could I please have the hour and half of my life I wasted on AVP back.

    Apparently his remake of Deathrace 2000 ought to be coming out this year. I wait with bated breath. More off-beat sci-fi to go with Doomsday and Cloverfield.
    • CommentAuthorMacgyver
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2008
    Well, the only good thing in the first one is Mila's performance. The script and editing were terrible. For no damned reason they have a very load noise and camera zoom on her as an attempt to cause a scare. Then a pause, and the same very loud noise (a bit of score, not a scream or anything). They bring up a map and say "we have to get from here to here", basically through the entire complex, and then suddenly they're at their destination. That journey should have been the frikkin film. And Michelle Rodriguez just pissed me off...

    I thought the second one was fun and didn't have the same kind of problems as the first. It's not a great movie, but I've seen much worse. I'm not a fan of the games or anything though.

    I'm dreading Deathrace 2000 because of the hack that's making it. The originally is a B movie classic.
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    Doomsday looks like a movie to watch on late night TV when there's nothing else to do, but that's about it. It would be good if they prove me wrong though.

    The first Resident Evil was another one of those with 'something' missing. I don't know what it was but I keep feeling I should really like it, then I watch it and it just washes over me again without making a mark. Hm.

    Deathrace 2000 so far looks like an awful Mad Max rehash. Dammit.

    Hopeful about The Signal though.