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    MIAMI, FL  APRIL 22, 2009 - Zombie Years , one of the up and coming Horror Drama comics on the Web, is asking for more Zombies! More Zombies? MORE ZOMBIES!

    “I needed more reference for certain shots, and sure I have some of my own reference, and some internet reference but I needed more. So I thought the best bet was to reach out to the community and see if they could give me some Zombie poses for reference!”

    The images will be used for upcoming pages of Zombie Years, giving credit at each episode.

    "It' good way to get your name on the site and get links,in, and I get the referene in hand so that i can just keep drawing instead of looking for reference, win-win"

    Go to for details or email at secretmediagroup at Gmail dot com with your pics or for info!


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    -Can send some stuff in later. :)
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2009
    If only it were that easy.

    "Calling All Zombies! Come Here! Gather 'Round! Fresh Brains For Everyone!"

    "Rrrugh?" *shuffleshuffleshuffle*

    .... aaaand cue the machine-guns.