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    The Water Project.

    A couple of episodes ago in Freakangels we saw Miki worrying about cholera--a disease that comes from tainted water and causes diahrrea, which dehydrates and can kill the drinker. This crisis hit the little group that was attacking them--the group now incorporated into Whitechapel society. The water was tainted in their world because of an apocalyptic flood, but what many don't realize is that this SAME THING is happening in OUR world, too!

    4900 children die EVERY DAY of cholera caused by tainted water in Kenya. Just the children! Right now there's a movement to build wells for them--our school is asking for donations, just passing around a bucket and mailing the money to the organization whose website you can click above, and we've already got more than a hundred dollars--and that's just after a few days. And they only need $5000 or so--imagine how much your school/workplace could help! PLEASE try something. There are a lot of easy little things you can do--check out the website! This is something anyone can help with--and now that we've seen illustrations and read stories about what it can do, how can we ignore it?

    Please help. Thank you!