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    • CommentAuthorgavd
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2008
    Burping. Big satisfying bolognese and bread and butter pudding burps. And picking the leftover bits outs with floss.
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    Mostly done second essay for my MA. Is it wrong to speak of museums in terms of revolution?

    Another 1000-1500 words on this tomorrow and I can sleep for a bit. Any tips for maintaining motivation would be good.

    What's been on my mind: does going on a date with a girl mean having to get to grips a fundamental aspect of her personality?

    What if that fundamental aspect is a love of fox hunting?
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    Where are you in Canada, MDF? One day I hope you'll post a candid shot of a senior citizen enjoying Crooked Little Vein.
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2008
    I'm 28 years old and I think I just got my first hemorrhoid.
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2008
    Did everybody read about the Japanese cell phone novels? I'd like to read one.
    • CommentAuthormjw
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2008
    Dreading the review session I have to head in an hour and a half only slightly less than the 25 short-answer questions on 200 exams I will have to grade in two and a half days starting Tuesday afternoon. Wishing I were writing instead of dreading. Getting bored with neurophilosophy, interested in education, executive functions, and mental health policy. Remembering that I should get my hands on CLV for the plane to Taiwan. Listening to some blonde chemistry student be smarter than I'm ever going to be. Thinking deeply about megabats.

    Grading really is the worst, most soul-destroying, empty activity there is, by the way... or at least a close second to the graveyard shift at the pussy juice factory.
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    Reynolds - not that I've ever been aware! A couple of lovely lads who call themselves Bedsprings run a lot of nights upstairs there, and we were regulars before taking a year long break. But I've never known it to be a titty bar. Anyway, it's 1 Mile End Road, if that helps you at all. Come along!
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    @Pete Martin, i say find out the reasons for her love of fox hunting first.

    i'm completly against it, but my fiancee hunts, not foxes, but duck and goose and phesant, and her reasons make me want to hunt myself, which is odd for a vegetarian.
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    Hello Warren, enjoyed seeing you in San Diego last summer.

    I've always wanted to hear you talk a bit about methods for writing dialogue. Yours is always great, and you have a gift for being able to paint a relatively complete picture of a character within a few lines. Being able to do that, and still make it sound natural is incredible. Any hints for that, or are you just a complete super-genius?


    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2008
    After two months away, I finally returned to a Dr. Sketchy's session.

    I had to stop going because I had 3 gallery shows in 6 weeks from Nov 1-Dec 6, and I couldn't really afford to lose 4 hours of my weekend practicing instead of making something a reality. After which, I fell off the productivity wagon and fell into the holiday trap that is "seeing people."
    Where everyone comes home from school or their new residency and descend upon this city, wanting to visit everyone they can. Which I suppose is a nice thing, considering that it's a once-a-year interruption. But I felt so terrible about moving away from my work back into getting drunk every night and sitting around watching movies, the next day resenting their intrusion and the fact that I lost yet another day of productivity. It was so bad that at one point I was happy to get food poisoning for a short while because it meant people left me alone. Because for some reason "I need to do work" isn't a good enough excuse to be left alone without someone's feelings getting hurt.

    So I'm very happy that I got out and went to a drawing session and discovered that I wasn't completely rusty when it came to quick studies and long poses and I hope to continue along my way.

    I also spent the past week unable to drink due to being on antibiotics and it was the most horrible thing I've had to do in a while. Besides being bitter and with little tolerance towards others, I also had hideous bouts of insomnia, which brought me to going to bed this morning at 6am. I hope to never have to do this again.
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    Going nuts over school registration and paying for rent. I may not be comming back to school this year. In a twisted way I almost hope it dosen't work out. I've been spending my life getting prepared for and going to school and now I may be forced to join the Real World by way of a buracratic fuck-up. Just got invited to join a groupblog a friend of mine is making about media criticism. Hoping it works out.
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    Because she likes riding horses

    And is posh.
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2008
    Oh, also getting ready to go with boyfriend to the studio for our poetry radio show. Well, it's actually his show although I fill in every once in a while. Always, I am the "peanut gallery". Hopefully we won't freeze to death on the way over.
    • CommentAuthorDonburiBoy
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2008
    Working at the used book store tonight. Will get some work done, and then continue to read "The World Without Us"

    I'm cat-sitting my ex-girlfriend's cat, who is ancient and may die at any moment. The other day, it coughed up a hairball, CONVULSED, and then fell over. I thought that was it. Then it stood up, looked at the puke, looked at me, and mewled "clean that shit up."
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    Hello again Warren.

    Back from New Orleans. And Gods, did I need that trip. Here's to generous friends.
    I had a great time, hung around the French Quarter mostly and put in visits to the cemetaries and great drinking establishments. I do love that city. So, I'm back on the streets of Houston, renewed and ready to to take it all on again.
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2008
    Hi Warren and fellow White Chaplers.....Pretend that makes sense

    Vent about anything hmm well recently I've read murder mysteries by Neil Gaiman and was quite enthralled by it it's got me thinking about past relationships and the links between love and other aspects of life. The giant gaping toilet that Marvel has made of Spider-man comics with the one more day fiasco has also been discussed by me and some friends and The topic came up of the ridiculaous offer Mephisto made. The point being if there was a one more day scenario in your life.....what point if changed would put you on a different path all together...I'm interested to hear stories....
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2008
    I've been messing with (not dirty, but a 2.0 scheduling deal) when now, I've just realized that I don't let real people know my schedule, so why should I let a pretend person?

    If she becomes self aware before Friday, I'm totally going to ditch my haircut on Saturday. I'm sure she'd conspire with my blackberry, Chumby, and my laptop, to do horrible horrible things.

    OK, back to watching addicts cry on cable tv.
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2008
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    Just turned down a roadtrip to Boston to see my friend play repetitive three-chord folk music, I just can't stand the music and I know the whole car trip would be listening to him talking about himself and always being wrong.

    Things are improving though. I'm lucky I have this place here to rest awhile. The house I mean, but this place too.
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    Jeff Holland, here. 28 years old, taking care of a martini, getting ready to write on "Cloverfield" and "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles," while still unsure whether I actually enjoyed either of them.

    FIrstly: To the fella that just got his first hemorroid: Welcome to the most uncomfortable week of your life (I hope, anyway). My sincerest wishes of good luck.

    Girlfriend's out of town for the next week, so I started my faux-bachelor time by sitting down with a stack of Ellis - the Strange Kiss/Killings books, and Ocean.

    On Ocean: There are four lines here that are repeated in other stories - "They carry their history with them" showed up later in the Justice League episode you wrote. Not a complaint, mind you. Some lines are worth repeating, especially when the larger body of work focuses on pet themes.
    Also, I realized about forty pages in that I could not pinpoint the last page of the serialized chapters - which was impressively curious to me (though not to my roommate when I mentioned it out loud). Then I remembered hearing something about this being optioned for a movie. Anything ever happen with that?
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2008
    My little sister is moving 1730 miles away on Tuesday. She got the idea to do this about two weeks ago. I can't shake the feeling that this is one of the Big Things in my life (and hers) and I'm in the process of fucking it up completely. She's an hour and half away already, and I'm just not sure I can get there before she's gone. She's turned into a pretty cool person despite her desperately fucked up life, and I feel like an ass for not being around more. Shoulda tried harder, shoulda done more.

    I've already let her slip out of my life; here I am getting scared of slipping out of hers. Poor bitch, getting stuck with a sister like me. Sometimes I also get the sneaking suspicion that I'm bitter because I know this makes her more hardcore than me. Irrational family guilt, yay.

    In other news, my husband wrote an article about super heroes in real life that you might be interested in. The various flamewars it has started are both sad and hilarious. Oh, internet, your screaming hordes of incensed indigenes never cease to amuse me.

    I turn 25 on Saturday. woo?