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      CommentAuthorJeff Zero
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009

    Any photos of the process itself?
    • CommentAuthorBaszma
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009 edited
    Hello World.

    I'm new here.

    this was my hair up until January... I miss me mo'... :(

    my pink mohawk

    (Edited by Ariana: Fixed your photo for you. You've got to link an image file -- the url will end in jpg, gif, etc -- not just a page with an image on it.)
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009
    MIss K Those are really lovely photos.

    Naked men You fill me with the desire to start high fiving people every time I check this thread out.

    I have finally sort-of-ish done the dance theme from last month (or was it the month before?)
    In my sexy Coilhouse shirt.

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    Haven't posted on this site in at least a year, but I suppose everyone has to stop lurking at some point, so here's me, demonstrating how useless the camera on my phone is.
    pixelated image FTL
      CommentAuthorJeff Zero
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009
    I was very adamantly against cameraphones during the rise of their popularity, but I have embraced the technology fully.

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    @MIss K OMG cute Asian tranny makes my day.
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009 edited
    So many great pictures this month again.

    @shining_lion: thanks for teaching me such a cute verb such an adorable way.
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009
    Man this thread is difficult to read at work.

    Yes I know it's NSFW. I live life on the edge.

    And my boss behind me is reading /b. So I'm pretty sure I'm good.
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009
    Fuck yea naked boys! That is all.
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    Miss K, Gekko:

    Thank you! And Gekko, nuzzling = <3 Nice to have introduced you to it!
      CommentAuthorMIss K
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2009
    @CinnamonAndSpice: making your day makes my day
    @V: thank you. I love your shot and have been enjoying your tumblr
    • CommentAuthorlead_pipe
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2009
    I am quite happy to wrestle naked for the August picture. No fishhooking, eyegouging or teabagging, though.
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    There are worse things to do for Whitechapel than wrestle nekkid. I wouldn't even let the fact that you're in Johannesburg stop me. NO CRYING, either.

    Also, can we agree on no shots to the dangly bits?
      CommentAuthorMIss K
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2009
    And can we also agree on no shots *of* the dangly bits?
    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2009
    I stole my ex girlfriend's laptop for a don't have weird extra piercings...I don't know why I have white spots on my face...



    and, me and me snake...don't know if i posted this one before...
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2009

    Coilhouse shirt! Weeee!
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2009
    Coilhouse shirt! UNFF!
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    In the lab where I work on giant humming machines.
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    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2009
    Chickens go BOK BOK BOK!!!

    And fishes go POOK POOK!!!

    luv to that T-shirt!!