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    No audio from the meeting on attention, as Navi (my laptop) crashed during save. It was at Remedy Teas, and so would have been loud anyway.
    However, there is audio from a focus group between myself and two other people which started out on Information Diets and ended up on Relevance (which has been on my mind a lot lately).
    Audio 1
    Audio 2

    This upcoming Friday we'll have a meeting on Ethics, as led by Theo. (Facebook invite)

    And here's the state of the union part, guys:
    I'm tired. If people don't start stepping up to the plate to present, this won't keep going. So far, we have a good number of things lined up, and so I'll keep planning it. But I don't feel like I can research enough to provide a thought-provoking insights if I have to present and plan one of these every other week. Not in addition to everything else I do. So I want to hear what you want to know about, and if you're in the area (or if you're comfortable presenting via Skype or Google Talk), if you'd be willing to present on it - with a solid time-line.
    Otherwise it'll just go down to focus groups erratically over time, with better sound and deeper thoughts, but less community. I'd rather have both. So please help me out.
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    Sorry, Willow, I made this sticky for four days, and nothing...
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    It's ok. I appreciate it. People around here are stepping up, but we'll see how good it is/how long it lasts...

    Appreciate the prominant position. I'll keep doing focus groups if nothing else.