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    Bagfull of Wrong

    War Twat
    Squid Yes, Not So Octopus
    SYNSO 2: Squid Harder

    Delightfully mad old-school shooters designed to be played no more than a few seconds to a minute or two per game before killing you through the face. Stylish and great fun.
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2009
    Turn-based, 3D persistent-world multiplayer car combat anyone? Darkwind is a Mad Max/Car Warsish MMO.

    "The focus of the game is on vehicular combat - cars with guns - both in the wilderness and in manmade arenas and racing circuits. Darkwind has highly detailed rules for combat, vehicle modifications, character injuries and morale, fame and reputation, as well as detailed behind-the-scenes simulations which define the in-game trade economy and on-the-road piracy levels as a direct response to player actions."

    About 2/3rds of the games areas/leagues are totally free of charge, other options and extensions can be had for a modest subscription fee. There is a ton of post-apocalyptic mayhem, competition and enjoyment to be had free of charge.