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    The funniest episode of Quincy was the punk rock one.

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    Waiting for the Dollhouse finale tonight. But anyways, I'm not too sure if anybody's talked about it extensively 'bout the power of the four-panel grid, but it's really amazing. As much as I want to see Warren give Paul just room to run around with his cock out, I find that comics that are disciplined enough to stick to a grid (Watchmen, From Hell, Stray Bullets), they have a quiet authority that draws you in.

    Love this fucking comic. And as much I love the pacing, I wonder why Warren is going this route. Has he said anything about it, or...

    Well, cheers!
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    The pictures of Arkady saying "I has chikkens" was great - she has such a vacant expression! Since I read episodes 1-53 in 1 week, I can see how waiting every week for a new episode could get agonising! Oh well, good things come to those who wait or something. See if you can reference Matlock in the next episode! hehe.
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    HAHAHA...Quincy's cock was a foot long...HAHAHA....
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2009
    Right now, I really love Arkady.

    Also, the Quincy rant? Truest thing I've read today.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2009
    chikkinz! and teleportation gags, excellent ^_^
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2009
    Excellent episode!
    Though I dont think Kait is afraid of chikkinz, but anybody would be shocked if one of them appeared out of bloody nowhere with a girl screaming "dead body!"
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2009 edited
    @ mybrainhurts - That very episode was aired today. And I watched it. And yes, it is awesome. (Honestly, I watch Quincy EVERYDAY. I made up a drinking game about it. The Search function is Your Friend.)

    @ clairefun - an early Happy Birthdate and a belated Cinquo De Mayo to you!

    @ Warren - still blown away by this. Reckon I always will be. Fucking Freakangels! Fucking right, mate.

    More love to Paul, who quite frankly doesn't get enough love from the cunts around here. (and yes, computer, I'm certain I spelled "cunts" correctly. Thank you for your input. Do Fuck Off Now.)

    And all brought to us by Ariana. (*makes pathetic noise*). You doing all right, love? Need anything? NAME IT. I'll make sure you get it.

    I have to give someone Shit tomorrow. It's about Money. And Respect. I cannae wait.

    Also, I look forward to seeing Diello and any other Toronto Whitechapellers at TCAF!

    EDIT TO ADD - Do please make yourself known to me, somehow. I'm the chap with the mustache and the bad attitude who needs a bath.
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    Suddenly I have a much lower appreciation of Kait for her fear and over-reaction towards a few chickens. Playing at being a 'hard-nut' rather than actually being so seems to be her gig now.

    But, yeah, Freakangels goes from strength to strength I'm in it for the long ride (especially because the people who I order 'No Hero' from seem to have missed out issue four - which make me rather psychotic annoyed.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2009
    I'm assuming you all know that they never said Quincy's first name. Never. Not even once.

    I guess with a foot-long cock, Quincy DOESN'T HAVE TO TELL YOU HIS NAME.
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2009
    This episode was LOVE!
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    Women talking in an incredibly forthright manner is one of the best things about Warrens work. I'm trying to imagine any of the 20something women I know making an impassioned rant about Quincy's cock. My sister loved Quincy, but as shes gay and can't even say "willies" without turning crimson I don't think I'd be able to get her to re-enact this speech, despite the fact I'd probably nearly die laughing.
    I liked Arkadys threat response, which notably occured without touching perhaps?
    RE. Kait getting flustered, birds flying in your face can be bloody startling even if your used to them, for some innercity (lake) types, who've barely even seen a chicken before, it'd probably be pants wettigly scary. And lets not forget shes mad.
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2009
    We need a "Quincy's cock was a foot long." t-shirt
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    Women talking in an incredibly forthright manner is one of the best things about Warrens work.

    I have a female boss who talks like that. It's hugely entertaining.
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2009
    @mister hex
    I was around all day Saturday (and some of today) with my FreakAngels temp. tattoo on my arm, but I missed you :(
    Perhaps next time.
    • CommentAuthorPinkFearie
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2009
    Arkady is definetly my favourite. This weeks episode has me on tenterhooks, I never can wait till the next friday for the next episode. Loving the way KK responds when Arkady just teleports. Just wish next Friday would hurry up and arrive.
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2009
    I loved how the hat just started falling to the ground.
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    @paul reading this for the second time through just now, I noticed how, starting with the bottom half of page 5, when the "action" starts, you began overflowing the panels. interesting use of the technique. have I overlooked that in any prior episodes? I can't seem to recall your having used it before. maybe it's just standing out this time because I recently read a comment here (couldn't say where, exactly) about the four-panel structure and how it's disciplined use can really tighten story-telling... waitaminnit... that was in this thread...

    @Chris M Ferguson what do you think about the overflow technique used here? it seemed to deliberately emphasize the enclosed space of the room they were in, raising awareness of the "space-appropriateness" of kait and arkady's reactions. again, paul? comments?
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    @Professor Imagine
    I've used it on rare occasions, when the action becomes pretty kinetic, normally in moments involving Arkady and her powers. I think I want to start using it a *little* more frequently, since it breaks up the regularity of the limited range of panels, without making things hard to read on screen.

    In terms of my thoughts about regular boxed panel layouts, I actually think in the majority of cases it reduces comics to little more than cut-and-paste storyboards with integrated scripts (part of the reason I think films so regularly look to US comics at the moment). Readability is obviously the primary concern of the artist and writer, but imo the page should be thought of as a piece of artwork and a composition in its own right, or the storytelling potential of the medium just isn't being explored thoroughly. Put another way, there are far more ways to effectively guide a reader's eye round a page and from bubble to bubble than the formal method derived from how we scan text, so why should we be using textual scanning to parse images? Something's wrong with that picture (lol, shoot me).

    Freakangels is an odd exception, since it's ease of screen-presentation that drives the look of the layout... so whilst my personal opinion is that it suffers a little in print, it's for a well considered reason.
    • CommentAuthorDee_Noir
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    I loved the look of this episode, absolutely loved the way that on p5, the chickens were leaping out of their panels. It gave the whole thing a much more dynamic and three-dimentional look. Really beautiful.

    So, to summarise: Things That We've Learned -

    1) Kait, despite <i>that</i> haircut, isn't gay.
    2) Arkady doesn't need to touch someone to physically transport them.
    3) The aforementioned charcter is fond of her chikkinz.

    One day I'm going to write the filthest slash fiction you've ever seen :D