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    • CommentAuthorctupa
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Great stuff here!! Here is my comic, an all ages, fun, adventure space story!!


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    hey All - DWAP Productions has 4 online comics right now - we update them every Thursday, please give them a peep:
    Caffeine Dreams Online - An Online Anthology
    Once Upon a Time in the Dark - A Partisan Rhapsody
    On Becoming a Monster - How a Gang Lord Takes His Fight to Angels and Demons
    Magnificent Creatures - The Every Thursday Exquisite Corpse Comic

    • CommentAuthorMoochava
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Broken Space: Adventure. Mad Science. Poor Impulse Control.

    Here, two of the main characters, unwittingly trapped in the wax-paper memories of a dead enemy, remember why they killed him in the first place: he really was very annoying.

    Volume 8 Page 32

    And here's an older page--the art isn't quite so good--demonstrating why some people just shouldn't be trusted with high-powered rifles.

    Volume 4 Page 9

    Broken Space should wrap up by the end of this month, actually, after 8 issues and about three years of updates. Then I'll be starting a new comic, a fantasy epic called Water Phoenix King.
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    Hello, I make a comic named Seamonster ( I thought I'd mention it to let people know that it hasn't been abandoned - although I stopped updating at page 71, I've finished 110 now, with only 10 to go. I just wanted to wait until it was complete before I began posting again, so I could finish off with a half decent update schedule. Feedback is always appreciated (there's a shoutbox thing on the page) - webcomics are a lonely pursuit...

    Seamonster Comic
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Some really great stuff on this thread so far. @Cameron Stewart, I'm really looking forward to having some time to check out that comic. Looks fantastic.

    Here's mine. Milo The Cloud It updates on Mondays and Thursdays. Sometimes that means Monday and Thursday at 11:59 pm because life happens. I'm also currently making a batch of Milo toys. Pouring the plastic myself, from home made molds of a sculpture I did about a year ago. I just bought a couple gallons of plastic, so I'll be making the biggest batch I've ever made sometime this week or next, and hopefully I'll have them up for sale in about a month (gotta get the packaging done too).

    Hope you enjoy. Here's the two latest in small-o-vision. Full size is the happiest size, so if you're piqued, please visit the site.


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    Hi all,

    I do a webcomic called Byron: Die, Byron! Die! I am currently serializing Chapter 5 on my blog with updates every Monday. You can still read Chapter 4 on the SLG publishing website.


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    Hello, all. My name is Brandon Jerwa, and I'd like to tell you about WIDE AWAKE.

    WIDE AWAKE is a new weekly webcomic co-written by Eric Trautmann (Checkmate, Perfect Dark Zero, Final Crisis: Resist) and Brandon Jerwa (Battlestar Galactica, Highlander, G.I. Joe), with art by Mirco Pierfederici (Doctor Who, Star Trek Alien Spotlight). David Messina (Star Trek: Countdown, Angel) will serve as art director for the series and coordinate the spectacular covers for each chapter (like the one seen below!)

    WIDE AWAKE is the story of Amanda Carter, a young woman who can pass into the realm of dreams in her sleep. She encounters terrible, hungry creatures in the Dreamspace...and if she doesn't defeat them before she wakes up, they get loose in our world.

    The first glimpse of “Wide Awake” — a short story called “Behind the Wall of Sleep,” — can be found in the Image Comics anthology POPGUN VOLUME TWO, which is available now. It's sort of a proof-of-concept piece in relation to what we're doing with the webcomic itself. Our series begins its weekly run in late June, but we currently have a "chapter zero" up on the website - a special sneak peek that we released in time for this year's Free Comic Book Day.

    We’re currently planning to present the story in an uninterrupted weekly format, with a new six-page chapter every Friday. And yes, we chose that format because we enjoyed it so much while reading FREAKANGELS.

    This is art for art's sake - we have no publisher backing us, no safety net and no income stream of any kind. We've committed ourselves to a good long run on the series, and we hope you'll join us.

    The website:

    The Facebook fan page:

    • CommentAuthorRizuMcButt
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    split poison: eshkol
    split poison page 287
    (i promise the lack of a mouth there is intentional)

    I admit it can be a little weeaboo sometimes, but I started it three years ago and weeaboo I was indeed. It's drifting away from that. :(

    Split Poison, because why wouldn't you want to read about fantasy desert-based mafia groups?
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    My friends and I do two superhero comics at New Haven Comics. We just started today actually. Both books, Zero's Heroes and The Celestial, will be updated twice a week. Right now there's an eight page short story and the first pages of each book.

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    The Caribbean: 1690s
    Jacob van Ritter is a vampire pirate alchemist.
    Marielle is his girlfriend. She's the captain of the pirate ship, Damaballah. She's also a zombie.
    The hot chicks with the swords and the guns? They're a kill team; combined wetwork squads from the Catholic Inquisition and the English Witchfinders.
    He's looking for the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismestigus.
    She's looking to take ships, kicks ass, and party.
    They want van Ritter staked, beheaded, and burnt. That can occur in any order.
    Oh, and van Ritter's crew? Ritually scarified Mayans high on hallucinogenic toad.

    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009 edited
    I write a couple of different webcomics. One is Tiny Kitten Teeth, which is hand-painted by my girlfriend Becky in gouache.
    Tiny Kitten Teeth

    The other is I <3 Tapes, drawn in Flash by Ned Hugar.

    I Love Tapes
    • CommentAuthorWidgett
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Hi. My name is Widgett Walls and...forgive me..but I *can't draw*. Every so often I try and it makes me even more depressed than you would be, looking at the scribblings of a guy who *can't draw* since you folks in this thread definitely can.

    But I recognize my limitation and have decided to poke it in the eye by getting permission from the Strip Generator folks to use their tools to create my webcomic, Something Odd. I do it whenever I'm not having to, you know, trade in bits of my sanity to my day job in exchange for Showbiz Pizza tickets that I will one day exchange for a spider ring.

    Christ trapped in a fridge

    It concerns the adventures of three roommates: Sig, Orvil the talking pig, and a floating disembodied eye named Eye. Other recurring characters include Satan, Steve the cactus pimp and a very small ninja. It also features a great deal of alcohol and swearing.

    They start in the proper order here. You can find the latest here. Thank you for your time and eventual confusion.
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    Hey there -

    I have a webcomic done in photocomic form called Surviving the World. It gets updated seven days a week, and occasionally takes questions from the class.

    Here's a sample from almost a year ago - Lesson #5 - Fame.

    Surviving the World - Lesson #5 - Fame

    Also, Lesson #313 - Squirrels.

    Surviving the World - Lesson #313 - Squirrels
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Wow, some really neat-looking comics in here. Nice to see Bad Gods in here, too! I've been quite enjoying all the 'ball-of-mucus' wit.

    I don't actually draw worth a lick (at least, not by hand -- I tried to do motion lines that way once and couldn't even pull *that* off) but I am a trained cinematographer and I do a rudimentarily (so far) photoshopped comic called Hypothesis, the point of which is to tell my story of a time walker landed from another world, in another timeline. I am stranded without my memories, but I have also discovered (I think) my potentially planet-saving purpose, the earliest signs of which are encoded throughout my debut print 'issue' (made up of the first three webcomic episodes). Here's the first page...

    Hypothesis, Page 1

    You can continue reading from the above, at the about page for my Hypothesis, here.

    And if for some reason you are hurting for random, lightly science-'fiction'alised day-to-day minutiae to read in lifestream form, you can follow my lab reports, here and my Twitter feed, here.

    Unfortunately for my chances in the inevitable oncoming collision with the accepted wisdom of web success, I'm just never going to be a post-new-pages-regularly type of guy, because I am after all, a superhero, and naturally, have other things to worry about. And you may not think it in my case, since there is no drawing, but this 'comic book medium' as you all call it (on my world we just call it 'writing') is actually quite a slog to produce with present-day tech! Judging from past experience, sometime this summer, all of the pages from issue #2 will start to come in a flurry of weekly updates, in prep for Toronto's Fan Expo 2009, and then it will likely be a few months again before issue #3.

    If you find the above a little weird and are looking for a more to-the-point genre-algebra type of summary, how about... The Silver Surfer enters a schizoid relationship with a slice-of-life Canadian Splendor, in a first issue origin story that begins in a low-rent visual homage to Transmetropolitan, and then if you take all that and throw it away, what remains is the *really* weird. Classic '80s-era gaming is involved. And brainy sluts are mentioned, but not (yet?) pictured. Oh! I think briefly about zombies at one point. Good enough?


    Paul Laroquod.

    P.S. Thanks to all for the time, and to Warren for the space!
    • CommentAuthorattila
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Hi there my name is Attila Adorjany I do 2 webcomics.Each update weekly.
    The first I write and draw myself it's called - Metaphysical Neuroma

    page 05

    Updated on Wednesdays

    the other is a collaboration written by Joseph O'Brien and drawn by me.
    It's called - Night

    page 02

    Updated on Tuesdays.
    • CommentAuthorkeviemetal
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    I just started doing a little strip at act-i-vate about the weird stuff my kids do. Only a couple up so far, updates to come every Friday here. Thanks!

    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    GOF #2 p05

    Cool stuff on here, folks, thanks. Above is the most recent page of Gang of Fools, which is at ; semi-futuristic hipster assholes fucking their way through urban ennui and high-speed car chases. Updates have slowed to every Friday as I gear up for my first time as an exhibitor at MoCCA, but I think I've found my sea-legs with this whole webcomic thing, and I'm excited to be making stuff this regularly. Do stop by.
    • CommentAuthorsteamcrow
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009 edited
    Hi there -

    My name is Daniel m. Davis, and I've been illustrating and publishing books under the "Steam Crow Press" name.

    Last year, I started a webcomic called the "Monster Commute":

    It's about a beast and a robot(s) on a highway adventure through a monstery dieselpunk world.

    Monster Commute movie poster

    I'll admit it: the writing of my first strips is pretty bad. I tried a gag-a-day; I wasn't great at it. I feel far better about the story that I'm rolling with now.

    If you check it out, I'd suggest starting here, the Kings of the Road story.

    There's some GREAT new stuff I'm finding here. Thanks for sharing!
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    MonkeyPunchers is all about all the crap that happens all around me. Gaming, kids, drumming, work and any other random stuff that I can twist into something that resembles funny. Stop by MonkeyPunchers every week to lighten up your day. You can also follow me on Twitter at
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009

    Hey, my name's Felipe Sobreiro, I color and letter EARTHBUILDERS, a science fiction webcomic that won last month in Zuda and will go on as soon as we sort some initial details with the editors and such. It's not a strip, it's an ongoing story. So far the first 8 pages are up, with many more to come. Written by R.G. Llarena over a plot by Abraham Martínez, drawn by Axel Medellín.


    I can't recommend enough the fullscreen version! Otherwise you'll see the image choppy (the fullscreen button is below the actual comic page, the icon is a little arrow inside a rectangle, pointing towards its top right corner)