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    • CommentAuthorrosscott
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    THE SYSTEM: Comics will be posted until morale improves.
    Updating 5 days a week (Monday through Friday).

    Jimmy the Murderdog:
    The System #20

    On Family Packs:
    The System #105
    • CommentAuthorbabyok
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Hi I'm Brian and I'm currently writing a web comic called Chaos Punks over at Strumhaus comics. It's about sex, drugs and rock & roll in the city of Pittsburgh, PA. Just started Season 2.

    From the beginning

    Sample Page
    • CommentAuthorscarfman
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
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    Hi here ! I introduce myself : Marcocartoon, french comic artist.
    My webcomic is called Djib. It's about a young geek who gets accidentely total control over the god of storms, Maluku. It's about adventure, some manga crossed with "bande dessinée" and with humour.
    I update the comic every sunday.
    You can read it here :
    Here are some samples of the first pages :


    Hope you enjoy it ! :)
    • CommentAuthorcarl915
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Calamities of Nature updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and is consistently funny.

    Here are two examples:

    Comic from Calamities of Nature

    Comic from Calamities of Nature
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    LINK: Yo.

    TITLE: Bug-Out: An Electric Drama In Red And Black.

    AUTHORS: Me, and a Mate of mine.

    UPDATES: Fridays (Sorry Warren).

    SYNOPSIS: In the undetermined future, the majority of humans have been crowded into Sacrum, a gigantic city in a valley in a desert, where they have been living and dying and not developing at all for decades. Policing them is the Chitin Guard, a motley crew of technological gendarmes whose hi-tech, performance-enhancing helmets - originally a patent developed for military work - are all in the shape of some sort of Beetle.

    In their heyday, following their creation, they were the proud warrior-defenders of a city of promise and progress; now, there are only 10 fully-trained, helmeted officers in a bubbling cauldron of unrest and distrust. The recruiting machine can no longer locate individuals who suit its refined criteria, and there remain few mechanics able enough to understand the original data-coding that controls its choices.

    That number of officers is to be reduced even further, with the surprise announcement from one of the Guard's best – Sergeant-At-Arms Aidan Blake – that he is planning to leave Sacrum and rediscover life outside the city's oppressive Sun Dome.

    Thus begins the 'Bug-Out' – referring to the military definition of an army outpost leaving their current location, dismantling their equipment and moving on.

    OTHER: Due to the fact that I'm still setting up the fershlugginer website and ironing out the art, the comic has not started yet. However, it will, and I'm pretty confident it'll be appreciated. I apologise in advance for the generally poor content, but we are just beginning, and many more future developments will follow.

    IMAGE: The current snazzy header:

    ALSO: iPhone/iPod-touch friendly! Visit it on your hand-held device and press "Add To Home Screen" in "Bookmark", and it'll generate a nice little icon showing one of the protagonist's eye staring at you.
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    For the past 7 or 8 years I have had a "on again, off again" relationship with a comic that I created. That comic is called "Laughableness". First off the name I picked is horrible. It is hard to pronounce, and no one can remember it. Most people call it "The Laughables" or "Laugh-Man" or "Lunchables". I saw it in the dictionary, and thought it was funny that "Laughableness" is a real word. After only two issues of Laughableness, we are going in to the futuristic world of cyberspace.

    It won't be as cool as "The Matrix" or "The Matrix II" but it will be cooler than "The Matrix III" and "Speed II". Where was I? Oh, comics. I am going to post new shit every week, and some old stuff. I will still print issues, but this allows me to get hilarious content out to my millions of fans every week! yours truly, Adam "The funniest and most talented person" Cherry

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    Hello There--

    I'm Rebecca Migdal, my webcomic is Rosetta Stone and it's better than being bitten by mongeese. Or mongoooses.
    It updates daily and you can read it at:

    BTW--every chapter is also published as an "animated" comic that's narrated by the author, with original music. (No, I do not sleep.)

    This was yesterday's comic:
    Rosetta Stone by Rebecca Migdal- page 2,
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    I've been doing short done-in-one webcomics that pop up in different places on the internet from time to time. My latest one is up at the Top Shelf 2.0 site. It's a short horror piece exploring an interesting-but-obscure creature from Philippine folklore. It's a complete story in 8 pages, just a few minutes of your time, so check it out:

    If you liked that, I've got lots more stories up at The Chemistry Set, under the category Kare-Kare Komiks. :)
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    Page 3 of this thread alone will break your heart with its varied beauty.

    Hannibal proceeds his march through the Alps over at Shadowline: Hannibal Goes to Rome

    Probably the elephants didn't fly.

    And on my site, the world's greatest supervillain has just breached superhero headquarters to steal an omnipotent artifact in Heist.

    What's up now.

    Invisible, Inc.'s second issue gives a federal agent a glimpse of the conspiracy behind the curtain of the customary superhero slugfests.

    The humor anthology DOSE has morphed from primarily print with samples online, to primarily online with a short run of printing. I'm going to put the full issues online, one page a day, all summer. You can read lots of it collected until the end of the week; then it gets serialized on the front page.

    Thanks for letting us do this, Warren. It's always a big boost.
    • CommentAuthorPerilous
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009 edited

    I write the webcomic Welcome to Border City with artist Monty Smith. It's sort of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? meets Watchmen. A murder mystery with superhero archetypes and a rich mythology, but less dark and more meta- and Deconstructionist. It's been going for about a year now, with some interruptions due to hurricanes. The best compliment I got about it was a reader came into the comic shop and told us that she "reads two webcomics on a regular basis--Border City and Freak Angels."
    • CommentAuthorstevelec
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Here's a page from Much the Miller's Son

    To be honest, most of the strip is in black and white. This is more eye-catching though, ain't it?
    • CommentAuthorJEFFSJ
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Jonny Subconscious. Updates once a week on Mondays.
    • CommentAuthorthe.joeba
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009 edited
    I'm doing a full story in the form of a graphic novel, but I'm using the web as my medium. It reads more like a traditional comic (with cool flipping pages and that new comic smell (well maybe not the smell)) then a web comic, but since the web is the medium, it is undeniably still classified as a web comic. I've added the synopsis and page 6 (to show the masterful art of S. Grim). I will be printing issues (20-30 pages) as they get published, but it's still free online.

    The Comic of Revelation is for you, Joe Nobody. Does the 9 to 5 get you down? Are you just another drone at your boring job? Today things are going to change.

    Today you are going to a funeral. It's not going to be some boring and Grim church service. You are going to meet somebody who could change your destiny. Of course it could always lead to your funeral.

    Either way, it'll be a Heck of a ride.

    Written by Joey Heck Illustrated by S. Grim Copyright 2009

    Revelation Page 6
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    I do A Girl and Her Fed. It is a story comic that focuses on relationships, the dead meddling in the affairs of the living, civil liberties in America, the ethical dilemmas associated with technology, and dick jokes.

    A Girl and Her Fed, then and now.
    • CommentAuthorbusorama
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Hi. I've got my hands in two webcomics. I co-write Registered Weapon (updates Tuesday and Friday), the story of a cash register who becomes a crime-fighting robot and is partnered with the toughest homicide detective in Los Angeles. We're about two-thirds of the way through the first case. I recommend starting from the beginning. The second investigation will get underway in mid-June.

    I also write and illustrate Lil' Gardner & Robot Jesus (updates Monday and Thursday), which stars a diminutive version of myself but is not a journal comic. Here's a recent ripped-from-the-headlines sample:

    Thanks for checking us out!
    • CommentAuthorXerxesTWD
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009 edited
    Wow, there's some awesome stuff I've never even heard of in this thread!

    My name is Scott Robertson. I'm the creator of the webcomic known as Koalacaust. I do the art, writing and the website. It began on June 27, 2008 and updates 3 times a week with an eventual shift to 5 times a week projected for later this year. Koalacaust is a serial comic, and standalone updates are rare, but do occur.

    Chapter 4 started at the end of March. There are less than 100 total comics, so catching up shouldn't be a problem. The art style shifts drastically from the beginning to the current comics. Honestly, it didn't really start to stabilize until Chapter 4. This is my first longterm sequential art project. It took this comic to help me fully appreciate the demands of consistency required of a cartoonist.

    Koalacaust is about a guy named Garrick that screws up his life by losing his job and his girlfriend on the same day, and to top it off, accidentally made his catholic mother think he's gay because he keep losing girlfriends and finds a koala that fell out of a van that was involved in a high-speed pursuit. Due to an unlikely turn of events, he and the koala shared a massive electrical shock and a large portion of his brain patterns were imprinted on the koala. A lot of the knowledge that was imprinted on the koala was trivial nonsense Garrick spent his life memorizing instead of important things. The two now share a short-range telepathic link. The koala's thoughts are in blue, and Garrick's are in green.

    Hopefully the header will bring you up to speed. I know there is another comic with a koala as a prominent character, but I didn't even know that existed until about a month after my comic launched. I'm confident that the characters are wholly dissimilar, with divergent origins beyond being a "genetically-engineered koala". I created Oz-Ten(my koala) in high school for an art project in 1998, and I'm sure Otter created hers well before she started working on her comic, as well.

    I hope you'll become a fan. It's free to read, so feel encouraged to bookmark me!

    Wow, Otter posted a couple minutes before me, but I linked to her anyway.

    Also, thanks for inviting us to link here, Warren. I guess it's time to stop lurking, now.
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    Conveniently, I just started publishing this as a webcomic today- Mongrels. A panel a day from my phone comics.

    Who Let the GODs out? Part 1 panel 4

    Also (NSFW) erotic comics at the Mary Tales blog.
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    The Only Title Page

    This is Girly.

    Life is failing to cough up the goods for Otra, one of the comic's protagonists. Living on her own, she's finding that even with a bit of success via a clothing designing gig, life is simply a series of meaningless accomplishments. This changes when she is clobbered over the head by a giant dildo.

    The owner of said dildo is Winter, who has taken to following Otra around wherever they go. After foiling the plans of an ultra-sexy seducer of women, Otra becomes Winter's sidekick, and live a fulfilling life of glorious adventure for adventure's sake.

    For new readers:
    "How it all began"

    Or if you want to read the entire damn thing:
    "The girl who shot people into space"

    Site features easy navigation via shortcut keys, to expedite enjoyment.

    GIRLY is ©2009 by Josh Lesnick.