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    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Familiar Ground by Cedric Atizado

    Updates three times a week (MWF).

    It's a mix of a gag comic with a story. Mostly follows the 4 panel newspaper format, but occasionally changes the panel count/size depending on what needs to be done.

    Familiar Ground is a fantasy adventure comedy that follows the antics of animal companions as they accompany their humans on an epic quest. It is loosely based on tabletop RPG games, but I've been told that the humor translates well to a more general audience.

    There is a mini-blog that accompanies the comic, but is usually about a random subject matter that is only touched upon in the actual comic. Oh, and there's hover text that is often missed but people have found amusing.

    Familiar Ground webcomic
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    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    I write Elven Lacryment, a monthly high fantasy webcomic and the art is done by a friend, Alex Moore. It is currently being rebooted, but the old archives still stand. A good ol' tale of revenge.
    Elven Lacryment Page 3 Elven Lacryment page 4

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    My comic, Ed Contradictory, updates every Friday at

    Some recent strips:

    The Day The World Ran Out Of Money

    NYCC 2009 By Handcart

    And a larger one that's too big to post here:

    Internet: 1982!

    Almost forgot! This is Pinder the Panda Bear:

    Tiny Doors
    • CommentAuthorBen Costa
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    My comic is called Shi Long Pang: The Wandering Shaolin Monk, about a monk in 17th century China.
    The main character is the dude in blue about four-fifths down the page holding a weapon. See him...?
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    I am currently feeding a Twitter text webcomic--telling the story in 140-character chunks, akin to panels or dialogue balloons.

    The Trials of Tara Titan @hudsonweb -- Currently in the midst if Feed Two, "Tara Transformed."

    Feed One, "Violence in the Streets," has been archived here.

    At some point, I will begin illustrating the feeds as a "true" webcomic at my webpage, HudsonWeb.Net. The goal will be to take the text feeds and turn them into panels. That's still a little ways off in the future, though.

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    I only have two webcomics up right now: the first is "The Successors" #0, a scanned ashcan written by yours truly and illustrated by Brent Otey, available in full at the K.O. Comix blog.


    The other is an infrequent pop culture commentary series called "Vs. Current Events," which is kind of a news story mash-up. Here's the latest from a few weeks ago:

    Vs. Current Events

    Hope you dig it!
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    "The Marvel" is the comic biography of Jack Parsons: rocket scientist, occultist, and self-proclaimed Anti-christ who died in a mysterious explosion. Updates once weekly. Words are by me - R.S. Carbonneau, art and everything else by Robin Simon Ng.

    The Marvel: A Biography of Jack Parsons

    Sex, Magic, Rocket Science

    feel free to check out my other webcomic Zoroaster In Aethiopia which also updates at
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    I do Witch Doctor, with art by Lukas Ketner. It's a horror medical drama that grafts disturbing traits from real-life biology to archetypal genre monsters like zombies and werewolves. And it stars a hero who's part Dr. Strange, part Dr. House.

    Our first story, Witch Doctor: First Incision, features a decidedly different take on vampires. And it's available to read online, for free, as well as to purchase.

    Our second story, "Rock, Paper, Scalpel", is also available for purchase. We were planning to put it online for free, but it's currently being considered for a leading anthology and we're going to have to wait until the verdict comes in. HOWEVER, if you would like to read a preview copy, e-mail me and I'll send you the link.

    Here's the first page. As you can see, we're taking the visuals in a different direction.

    And incidentally: Want to donate your body to sorcery?

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    My name is Thomas K. Dye, and I do a comic called Newshounds which, two years ago, became Newshounds II.

    I began this comic on the net in November 1997, when webcomics were relatively young. It started out as a regular comic strip, and remained that way until December 2006. In July of 2007, I rebooted the comic in a more graphic-novel style format, Newshounds II.

    I also have another gag-a-day comic called Something Happens which began in April 2006.


    Sample Newshounds II page from May 8, 2009


    Sample Something Happens comic from April 1, 2009
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    Here is the first page of Counting Nuns, a short story I wrote that was adapted by Edward J. Grug III. You can read the entire story in my book Empty Rooms Lonely Countries.

    Counting Nuns Page 1

    Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. And Page 6 will be up on Friday.

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    My comic, Beleth's Library of Eclecticism. A collection of short stories written and drawn by me. It was rethought and relaunched recently. Currently update every Monday and Thursday, but while I was paralyzed by indecision, I'll probably run out of stock pages soon. :D

    Das Ich

    Current running story was done a while ago, and I'd like to apologize beforehand that my style already changed into this:

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    I've been doing a web comic page I call Time Cachers:

    It's been fun and very educational so far - from the mundane aspects of managing a wordpress/comicpress site, to how my art and writing has evolved when I force myself to adhere to a deadline to complete and post a new page. If what I create doesn't somehow amuse or entertain me, it's a labor to continue with the next page. Inversely, when I can pique my own interest, I find I can't wait to get working on the next few pages.

    Here's an odd page sample. This one amuses me, which probably indicates a somewhat juvenile sense of humor....

    Time Cachers by Jeff Langcaon - Posted 2009-05-07

    Time Cachers
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    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009

    My name is Michael May and I do "Eros Inc." a comic that updates thrice-weekly. It's about a young Jewish woman, Mot Fleishman, who is hired to become a local Los Angeles Cupid, finding matches for the hopelessly romantic and the romantically hopeless.

    Each arc builds upon the one before it, so I'd recommend starting at the very beginning if you're interested.

    If you want to just head to the main site, head to Eros Inc.

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    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Yeesh, okay...My main webcomic right now is Skin Horse, which I do with my cowriter Jeffrey Wells. It's about an underpaid, overworked department in Black Ops Social Services. Right now they're fighting werewolves, but this is subject to change.

    Running from werewolves, etc.
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    As Scott mentioned (msg. 5814.29), he and I are currently doing a not especially faithful adaptation of THE ODYSSEY called ODYSSEUS THE REBEL over at Big Head Press, basically about learning to tell the world to go fuck itself. It was a lot of fun, very irreverent (both literally and figuratively), and I've been putting poor Scott through hell, but he knew the job was dangerous when he took it. He thinks it's libertarian rant, but it isn't; it's an atheistic anarchist romp - and the death of mythology.

    Odysseus' Great Moment Of Triumph, Greek version


    - Grant
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    I do a comic called The Tale of Tamarind.

    It's about a little elf girl trying to find her dad. Oh, and she's got super strength.


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    Produced monthly and published on the internet for free, 'The Seeds of Orcus' is a webcomic
    about a gang of young inter-galactic refugees who survive a crash-landing in Rendlesham forest
    at the height of the Cold War.

    It's a nine issue series that explores themes of social freedom and national security
    from the perspective of five alien children who are picked up by the US Air Force in
    Europe and incarcerated by the UK Ministry of Defence at a secret army base on Rathlin

    It explores a lot of themes but at its heart is a prison escape story that builds to an
    explosive conclusion. It's like a cool 1980's BBC drama series but the themes are very 21st century.

    So jump in now, Issue 3 will be up soon, and a mailing list is in the pipeline. Here is a preview of the Cover.

    Thanks Whitechapel.