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    A black and white webcomic about vermin (tattooed pigs, tin cats, gwoks, cadaverous crows etc.) in an imaginary city. Not cute, and a bit polemic. See at:, latest page:

    Tattooed Pigs
    Us comic page 1

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    I make "Dorm Dorks," which is a lot funnier that it sounds like it should be. It updates M/W/F and can be found at

    Dorm Dorks

    Dorm Dorks
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    Really enjoying this thread. So much great stuff.

    I posted a link to my ongoing comic back on the first page but I just realized I forgot to also post a link to a fun little series I started doing a while back and have been meaning to get back to when I have the time.

    True Celebrity Fiction: Britney Spears

    There's a Jessica Simpson one at the link as well:
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    Din Krakatau is currently on a sort-of hiatus. That is, I'll be replacing it with a b&w version and relaunching under a new title (Amen City Chronicles) together with a series of sequels, Din Krakatau being only volume one of the series. Still... you can read he first 128 pages online at this point in color.
    (please don't kill me for posting three pages, I just couldn't make up my mind which one is less important of these three)

    Din Krakatau page 53
    Din Krakatau page 54
    Din Krakatau page 55

    (please don't kill me for posting three pages, I just felt like all three are important here)

    The whole thing is projected at 15 100-140 page long volumes, basically consisting of overlapping stories, last three being the "grand finale" to the whole saga.
    Also, these pages are from an older version, all pages were relettered recently, I just didn't get to uploading the new versions yet).
    • CommentAuthorNeil Kleid
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Action, Ohio - written by Xeric Award winning author Neil Kleid and illustrated by Paul Salvi - asks what might happen if the comic book industry as we know it today was created to hide the existence of real-life superheroes living in the heart of Ohio?

    Running one page per week at Image Comics/Shadowline’s webcomics hub, the story explores detective Andrea Bruce’s private dilemma and the sacrifices she must make in order to save an isolated community struggling to contain its secrets. Choosing between solving a murder and opening a Pandora's Box of evil or putting aside her vendetta to help a group of heroes contain their existence and freedoms, Andrea unfolds the mysteries of a sleepy little town that inspired the Silver Age of comic books and races to find a killer before he forces its inhabitants to reveal themselves and destroy the world.

    Bundle up, gather the children and settle in to read the first three chapters of Action, Ohio, now available online. We're on hiatus for the month of May, but Chapter 4 begins on June 1st and a new four-color, thrilling page will go live every Monday.

    For the complete ACTION experience, check out these virtual extras:

    Newsarama interview
    io9 interview
    Facebook group
    Message Board


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    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Hey, I don't know if it counts as whoring since I do this entirely for funzies (and on livejournal, no less), also the jury is out as to whether it counts as a comic, but here it is:

    The website is here, and checking it out will benefit only my narcissism. Thanks very much.
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    Hi there.

    I've been writing webcomics for eight years now. My latest is about survival after a Pandemic (It started six months before swine flu). It's updated seven days a week and has writing from Lliam Amor from 'Thank God You're Here' and the 'Micallef P(r)ogram(e)'.

    edit: Whoops! Forgot the link

    BubbleWrap Demo
      CommentAuthorEgg Embry
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    Global Freezing by Egg Embry

    Here legends begin “Before the world froze…”

    Everyone knows the sun is there even if no one has it seen since winter began. Every religion tells of the good living on in the burning Summer and sinners imprisoned in the coldest Winter. Men are as rare a find as fire in the morning. Food is caught, not grown. Only those that are built cold survive. And every person knows, with certainty, that if you travel far enough south you will find The Warmth.

    Global Freezing is the story of three survivalists living in a world frozen solid. Together, Jaia, Keesa and White will try to find their places in this post-apocalyptic wasteland.

    A strip from Chapter 01 Scene 05 of Global Freezing

    A strip from Chapter 01 Scene 05 of Global Freezing

    Updated Monday, Wednesday and Friday - Global Freezing at

    The site is also the home of comic artist Jessi Nelson. Check out her art here! Enjoy!
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    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Fragile Gravity is a comedy strip about comics, conventions, and an extra-bitter stoat. It appears three times a week (M-W-F) and has no social redeeming qualities whatsoever.

    A recent sample of Fragile Gravity

    A secondary sample with bacon
      CommentAuthorJeff Owens
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Everyone here is so good I almost don't want to bother!

    I have been doing a panel-a-day auto-bio comic called Screw Jeff Owens for 861 days now. It's sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes exciting, sometimes boring, much like life. I'm no professional artist, but I do it every day, so that counts for something, right? Right?!

    Here are a couple of recent panels.

    SJO 4-15-9
    SJO 4-26-9

    Sometimes, I don't draw so well, because I am tired, but again, I do it every day, so it's a bit demanding. I also print them monthly. If anyone is interested in buying print copies, let me know.
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    Let's Be Friends Again, a strip I've been doing with my friend Chris for a few months. It's about comics, us making comics, things that interest late 20-something man-children.

    We have no comics background and few clues as to what we do, but my mom seems to enjoy it. Save for the time I used the word 'dicks' and she felt the need to call and ask if I couldn't have come up with something better, funnier.

    Bat Season

    Children of the Adam
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Hi, my name is Joe and I'm an Ellisolic. I told some of you that care (or are insomniacs) about my comic Thought Crimes. At least, I'm assuming I did since I saw a nice bump in January/February.

    For those that don't remember, it can be found at this cesspool. It's funny and occaisionally offensive. Or at least, I hope it is. So go and read it so the Internet Gods will give me space monies.

    Or at least pretend to.

    Look, it's JESUS!

    Because if you don't, this will happen. And no one wants that.

    Chip Zdarsky giving up the sweet man love at TCAF 2009

    Please think of the children. And our magnificent beards. And yes, that's really Chip Zdarsky.
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    Sam Costello, writer/creator of the horror anthology Split Lip here.

    We've got 275+ pages of free horror comics at the site. We're currently on hiatus, but will be coming back over the summer. We've got about 125 pages of comics currently in production by artists around the world. Here's a glimpse into a few stories from our archives:

    Ashes to Ashes, written by me, art by Anthony Perruzo

    Mujer, written by me, art by Sami Makkonen

    While we're on hiatus, I've published the first collection of Split Lip stories. It's 158 pages of comics for US$15. Comics Should Be Good recently said about it: "very good ... each story packs a punch."

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    Hi, I have been putting up mostly unconnected one pagers up at
    A bunch of things kind of like this:
    And also some things not quite like that.
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    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    Despite my sudden attack of feelings of inadequacy, this did get me to finally sign up and stop lurking anonymously...

    I write and draw a weekly comic (updates Wednesdays) called Ooh! Shiny. It's about whatever I can manage to wring out of my brain and get on paper in time to not miss an update.
    Overactive imagination results in rabbits stalking you
    I would watch Wheel of Fortune more often if this was a real category.
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    I write and draw a new webcomic for women called UNDERWIRE at It's about parenthood, womanhood, personhood. Posting the fourth Saturday of each month at For more info visit my blog at
    UNDERWIRE - Story 1: Watercress
    Watercress Panel 2
    Watercress Panel 3
    Watercress Panel 4
      CommentAuthorDirk Manning
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    NIGHTMARE WORLD which was recently picked-up by Shadowline/Image Comics, was once described as having the "intelligence of best THE TWILIGHT ZONE episdes you ever watched and the creepiness of the best TALES FROM THE CRYPT stories you ever read"... and that pretty much tells you everything you need to know about our lil' anthology series written by NEWSARAMA's "Write or Wrong" columnist Dirk Manning and illustrated by a rotating cast of some of the best "unknown" artists in the industry today... aside from the whole Cthulhu/Armageddon subplot and how all separate eight-page stories of the series weave together over time, anyway.

    After all, if we told you too much about that it would ruin all the fun!

    That (not) being said, here's a peek at a few of the covers from the series. We update with a page a day every Monday through Thursday... so if you like what you see (or are even just morbidly curious) come join us!

    Eric... I'm engaged! What should I do? What should WE do?

    I made a deal, Emma. I made a deal to save you... and the baby.

    Thanks for looking, all!

    Dirk Manning
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    SUBMISSION-a graphic (in more ways than one) novel i did for an adult site is an attempt at creating erotic fiction thats intelligent and sensual without spilling over into total porn but still maintaining a raw, uncensored potency. a 19 page preview (NSFW) is available here and the book is available as both a pdf here and as a digital flipbook here

    submission preview
    • CommentAuthorhelloimkc
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    hello im kc green my comic gunshow just started to update again

      CommentAuthorJeff Owens
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2009
    @helloiamkc - I just fell in love with your comic. Hysterical. Please keep updating!!