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    People who make print magazines! I would like to be told about your magazines now.

    Any kind of PRINT magazine is fair game, though obviously I'm most interested in people starting up their own, people publishing through POD, people trying something new, etc etc.

    I think Suraya from FILAMENT will be through here at some point. I expect the COILHOUSE coven to materialise within a day. Kat Foisy flies through on her broomstick every now and then.

    STEAMPUNK counts, because it has a print component as well as the free download.

    People (well, me) would especially like mission statements, website links, and some kind of clue as to how to buy or otherwise obtain the things.

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    I work for the Software Development Times. We're printed twice a month in Mexico by R. R. Donnelly and Sons. Seems to work fairly well: send them a PDF, they print and do fulfillment down there. Donnelly is huge and totally self contained.

    I won't link to our web site, because it kinda sucks.

    If you're looking at book publishing, there's always Booksurge, but I used them recently, and found them to be a tepid pool of yak semen, mixed with a slight touch of lark's vomit.

    We give away our PDF for free, but find that people still subscribe to the magazine/newspaper because it has cache and makes them look smart to have it in their offices.
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    I'm the web editor for GhettoblasterMagazine , but I've also got my hand in the print magazine as well. The website is mainly a tool to get more people to subscribe to the magazine.

    It's a quarterly music and culture rag, and it's put together by me, the publisher, and the editor who reach out to a volunteer staff. No one makes any money off of it. Instead, we sell just enough ads to get it to print, and then it ships and we start on the next issue.

    It's a bicycle. But we're able to cover a better scope of music than most shitty pring mags, because our number one priority is to the reader and to ourselves, not the ad monkeys.
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    Well, My name is Ramsey and I publish an Indie newsprint Music, Art & Entertainment mag called "MAGAZINE X" in TEXAS ( It's a grass roots operation, but we love what we do.I eventually want to publish my own comics. It was frustrated going to cons and being told i was too cartoon-y, too manga-y, only to have that style hit a few years later, and have since decided i don't want to work on other peoples properties. I saw a way in to publishing and ran with it and hopefully soon will realize my dreams on my own terms. Plus, interviewing my favorite rock bands is a big plus!!! As far as a mission statement, this mag is basically a little bit of everything i love which is Film, Tv, Music, Comics, etc. Oh, and half naked ladies!!! We also post up our content online for a worldwide audience as well as a digital "flippy" flash version for those who want the feel of reading the actual mag.

    Magx # 42

    Ramsey Ramirez
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    My sister-in-law, brother and myself run and put out FlashINK, a bi-monthly tattoo magazine--and the first of its kind in Singapore. We cover everything to do with inking, naturally focusing primarily on the local scene, but also giving a fair bit of coverage to the regional and international culture.

    In Singapore, we're permitted by the authorities to only distribute in tattoo studios. However, we do distribute internationally via a subscription or to select partner studios.

    Our third issue is on the stands now and it features interviews with the world's most tattooed man Lucky Diamond Rich, Malaysian tattoo crew Black Cat, as well as internationally-acclaimed Singaporean artist Elson Yeo.

    You can get all the information you need about picking up our magazine at our work blog. We're also on Facebook. Here's the cover for issue three:

    Edit to add: Warren, if you are keen to give it a read, do let me know and we'll be more than happy to send you a copy on the house.
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    Filament is the thinking woman's crumpet.

    Our mission is twofold:
    - to make women's media less brainless by demonstrating the rocket science that women want to read intelligent stuff
    - to provide women with pictures of beautiful men being beautiful, informed by research about what women want to look at.

    We look like this:

    Some of our lads look like this:

    And some of our articles, which may not be all that safe for work, are like this:

    We are hard copy, quarterly and our first issue is due out on 1 June 2009, although it's cheaper if you subscribe before 20 May. That is the only way to get it - via our website, but you can get it anywhere in the world as long as you have something on or about your house into which post, or mail, can be placed. How cool is that? :)

    Would love to hear what people think.
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    Was about to tell you about Filament, but uh.. yeah.

    I'm oddly proud of the fact that the first-ever erection to be featured in Filament has been penned by my twisted little hand.

    Suraya is awesome. I may yet threaten her into getting ratted with me on Whitstable beach soon.
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    Oh dear it appears that I forgot to tell Charly about the other erection. Although his is bigger. And for this reason I need no encouragement to get ratted with him on Whitstable beach.
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    been an epublisher since 2003, but this year have started doing hard copy publishing. Doing some journals for launch in the next few months:
    'Monsters and the Monstrous'

    and re-launching Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness

    we have others in the pipeline. Also started doing a range of cyber -related things, but not coming on-line till 2010. My aim is to try and get people from different contexts, perspectives, professions, vocations together to share ideas and start them talking. Always on the look out for new ideas and something different!
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    This definitely calls for a bit of bonobo-style penis-fencing. I feel cruelly robbed of my strange claim to fame D:
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    @surayasidhusingh and charlycrash

    Speaking as a straight guy, nice work! It looks like a fantastic mag!
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    This definitely calls for a bit of bonobo-style penis-fencing.

    this is what happens when i let the fucking riffraff in
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    You're just jealous because you didn't write such fencing into an issue of Transmetropolitan.
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    I work for Front Magazine, which is a super-awesome British gentlemen's lifestyle periodical. It's the only national men's mag going up in readership. We bill ourselves as "Britain's funniest magazine" and contain far more swearing than is strictly necessary. We've got a (NSFW) website at which is pretty brilliant.

    The magazine generally looks a lot like this:

    It's Andrew WK's favourite magazine, which as far as I'm concerned is pretty fucking sweet.
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    Also, Filament looks very well done. Best of luck with it. Should you ever want to replace the good-looking toned men with a specky ginger bearded mess, holla at ya boy.
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    @ dot_xom Thanks! Tell all your gal friends ;)

    @mikerandom Thanks also, and if you are this speckly ginger bearded mess, a huge yes :)

    Red Pip by Jinnwoo
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    Murky Depths mixes prose short stories and comics in a graphic novel-style format - science fiction and horror mainly.
    Issue #8 just launched:-
    Issue #8 cover
    Coming up in issue #9 is a new prose story by Juliet E McKenna and the first episode in the graphic novel adaptation of Richard Calder's Dead Girls with art by Leonardo M Giron.
    The pages of Issue #10 will be featuring new prose from Mike Carey, and a writing competition, which Mike will also be judging.
    The mission statement, although it's not all we're trying to do (entertain, for instance) is 'To promote the "literary" value of comics.'

    A bit more info is needed here, perhaps. Murky Depths is standard graphic novel size with a 5mm (about a quarter inch) spine. Cover is colour inside and out and gloss laminated on a medium weight card. The 80 pages of contents are b&w. Nearly all the prose stories have a commissioned double-page spread illustration, some have more. If you visit the website there's a FREE full CBR file available of Issue #6 (click on the cover).
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    Constellation is an astrologically inspired gallery space for artists and writers. We use magcloud for printing at it has worked out well for us. Our next issue Gemini/Cancer will be out May 21st and features the extraordinary Lenora Claire on the cover. Till then we can be found here: Previous covers have included Molly Crabapple and gothic bellydancer Jeniviva D'Espinet.
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    That picture is completely buggered, by the way, darling.

    I love that you and Lenora got together.
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    @warrenellis I'll try to play with it. It's coming out ok on my computer but let me see if I can reload it. If not I'll just leave everyone with the link. Lenora is wonderful, I absolutely adore her.