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    Hi Gang --

    Just wanted to make the announcement that on May 30th, 2009 the first of a 2-part radio adventure THE KNIGHTMARE: THE MURDER LEGION STRIKES AT MIDNIGHT will debut on Decoder Ring Theater.

    This is an internet collaboration between myself and Gregg Taylor, evil Mastermind behind Decoder Ring to put more "new pulp media" into your thinkmeat. Yes, the show's for free and after it broadcasts you can even download it to your ipod.

    From the show's opening:

    FADE IN:


    (echo chamber)
    Beware Evildoers. I am The Knightmare...and I know what you fear.


    It’s time for another heart-pounding adventure of The Knightmare, the Master of Fear.
    Each week, these thrilling radio adventures are enacted to demonstrate to young and old alike that evil cowers in fear of those who stand for justice.


    Since the dawn of man, there has been the shadow warrior men call The Knightmare. The one true weapon against the forces of evil.

    His armor is forged of darkness. His sword is the power of fear. Generation after generation, his power is passed down to that one soul worthy to serve justice.

    In 1939 Hollywood, The Knightmare is Cameron Tyler - wealthy, Hollywood man-about-town. With the aid of a mystic ring, Tyler transforms himself into The Knightmare and prowls the night, striking terror into those who would destroy America. His dual identity is known only to his trusted assistant ...

    Here's an ad we designed, created by pulp artist extraordinaire Scotty Godlewski:

    The Knightmare Ad

    For more information you can join us at Fans of The Knightmare on Facebook.

    Thanks! And support new pulp media.
    • CommentAuthorCinexploits
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2009 edited
    For your listening pleasure - though it doesn't look like there's too many internet radio fans here - the opening theme and narration for

    (Yes, there's Nazis involved)
    • CommentAuthorOxbrow
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2009
    Cool. Great logo too.

    Although the title inspires alarming flashbacks to a CGI-background-based fantasy gameshow for kids in British visitors of a certain age.
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    Yes, there's been a bout 4 or 5 different properties with the title, Knightmare.

    We take ours from a project by a poverty row movie "producer" named Cameron Tyler (who we honor in the show by naming our hero after him though I am fairly certain Tyler is a stage name) who was trying to develop a movie serial and radio series along the lines of The Shadow. Low budget, big dreams.

    His multimedia plans were derailed by Pearl Harbor, and he was never heard from again - at least not in Hollywood.
    We proceeded from there after doing some legal legwork.

    Our project has definitely been a ride on the fun train, and I want to do more with him - a pulp novel, a golden age style comic, and a web serial.

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    Just an FYI that the show is here:

    And as always, it's free. Enjoy!
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    Just letting everyone know that Chapter 2 will be up this weekend at Decoder Ring Theatre.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2009
    I dug it--pretty good. :D
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    Chapter 2 - the exciting conclusion to:

    "The Murder Legion Strikes at Midnight"