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    Okay, we've done this before, but it's time for another roll call:

    Who here is producing their own minicomics?

    Tell us about them. Show me one or two images (no more than that, or the thread will choke). Most importantly, tell us how we can get hold of them.

    I am holding in reserve a long half-coherent rant about DIY being the order of the day and minicomics always having been, for as long as I can remember, the absolute lifeblood of the medium.

    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2009
    ...and once you've done that, get thee to this thread:
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    just a small note ~ GUD is looking to publish minicomics, ~ 3-10 pages (loose guideline). must fit & be legible at 4x7". $12/page + possible long-tail royalties. Looking for strong writing and coherent art.

    I apparently must learn the difference between mini-comics and short comics stories. ? /me goes off to research, trying to look less stupid... It's all about the packaging? My thought was that the content of a minicomic would be the right size story-wise (and if there's no "writing", that's ok, too).
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    Minicomics are not the same as short comics stories.
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    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2009
    Are we talking like photocopy, self bound mini comics? Or self published comics? Excuse my stupidity, just wanted to know before I promote the wrong thing.
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    I Make Minicomics. Little Photocopy Things I Give to Friends and Coworkers. Just a Hobby. Nothing For Sale. This Is Worker Drones. Trash Talking Robots Based on My People From My Old Job.
    Worker Drones
    Worker Drones: Alt, Jig, and Chunker
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    I posted my ComicSpace preview of my first minicomic, "Karaoke Comics" #1, in the online comics thread from yesterday, so not meaning to double dip, I've edited that post because this is first and foremost intended to be a printed piece. Here are a few pages . . .

    • CommentAuthorwormulus
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2009
    I'm producing my own minicomics! Starting this year, I'm trying to keep a quarterly-ish schedule. Up to this point, they've mostly been autobio/observational things as well as drawings of mine that I liked, but this next issue will be a bit more experimental (at times). All the covers starting at issue #3 have been handmade (either by stencil or by screenprinting).

    They can be purchased from me at SPX or MoCCA this year or at my etsy store. Or if you want to read the ones I put online, I try to put up something new 7 days a week at my website. Currently, I have 3 issues of "Jumbly Junkery" in print as well as a 24-hour comic "!". I'll have a brand new issue of "Jumbly Junkery" (#7) to debut at MoCCA.

    Here are some samples from a past issue and the upcoming issue:

    an observation

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    I'm part of a small comic collective called We Are Words And Pictures, and we produce our own little zines. We print the colour covers and b&w insides ourselves, and then fold and staple. We go to small zine fairs, small press comics shows, and conventions around the UK with them - we're going to be at the Leeds Thought Bubble show in November, for instance. So far we've produced two collections of our work so far, the Robot Zine and the Covers Zine. This is the cover of the Robot Zine:


    We've got a website here, and an Etsy shop here!
    • CommentAuthortallychyck
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2009 edited
    Hi there,
    My name is Natalie Nourigat, and I make minicomics to help circulate my work and cover my table at cons. My latest is called 'A Room of One's Own'. It was a school project--my response to the Virginia Woolf essay of the same name--but I decided that I wanted to see it in print as well.

    A Room of One's Own page 1 preview

    Here's the cover,
    Here's a sample page,
    And here's where you can buy it.


    My Homepage
    • CommentAuthorjakze
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2009
    Oh I am, me too! Here is what they look like at the conventions I do:

    Our booth at Stumptown

    The Ouija ones are based on transcriptions I made of sessions on the Ouija board in a creepy old building on Nantucket island, and the Shuteye ones (Vea, Night & Day, etc) are loosely connected short stories about dreams. Both series are hand-assembled and in hand-serigraphed covers.

    You can buy them (and many other minicomics I helped put out) HERE,

    and you can see more samples of the minis I've made and illustrations and other things HERE.
    • CommentAuthorfenmere
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2009
    I'm not making any mini comics right now, but I can share something I did for a while that worked amazingly well for me:

    Display of my handbills at BellCon2008

    I used to produce my comics on brightly colored quarter page handbills and distribute them around my home town once a week. Eight places around town accepted them: A bar, a pizza parlor, a bookstore, and five coffee shops. I managed to keep it up for a year and a half at about $10 a week expenses. I'd produce 160 handbills and distribute most of them (saving the rest for handing out of my backpack). At the height of their popularity, about 80 of them would disappear. Watching people's reading habits, I estimate that for every one that was picked up and kept two other people would put theirs back after reading it, so I think I had an exposure of 240 people a week.

    People loved them, and even after my comic was picked up by the local newspaper they'd still ask when the handbills were coming back. I had one friend tell me, "I met this really cool girl last night and when I went over to her house I found her bathroom floor completely covered with your handbills."

    Now that the paper's closed, I'd bring them back. But I don't have the job to support the expenses.
    • CommentAuthorPeterQuach
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2009 edited
    I'm not quite sure if this falls under the "mini-comics" heading, but I'm self-publishing (through a print-on-demand service) a comic which will debut at MoCCA this year:
    Page 1
    Page 4

    TRANSIT is the 20 page first chapter of a story about being young and aimless in New York City, and the connections people seem desperate for in the city. I'm thinking it will be around 90 pages when all is said and done.

    Eventually I will have a website up where you'll be able to read the entire first chapter, but I haven't quite gotten there yet. But copies will be available for MoCCA (in less than a month!).

    Peter Quach (edited to add a description of the story)
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    Yes! I will have a minicomic available at MoCCA called "Have You Seen This Ghost," inspired by the recent flyering of Midtown Manhattan with bits of paper saying "Have You Seen The Ghost Of Eddie Maxwell?"

    Page 1 of Have You Seen This Ghost

    This is the first mini I've done since 2000. I am actually doing this because all my friends are so kind about giving me free comics all the time, and I felt like I owe it to them to have something I can trade with them.
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    Here's my most recent mini, "Hufflepuff House," which combines Harry Potter and Animal House, with the assumption that any lawsuits from the copyright holders will just cancel each other out. Here are the first two pages: Hufflepuff House
    Hufflepuff House, page 2

    The book sells for $3 at conventions, or $4 through the mail. E-mail me at with "Hufflepuff" in the subject line to place an order.
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    Hey there Warren, I finished a full TPB, but it could be considered mini by development standards, I was the only person who worked on it. My comic is called Aftermath, and it's a dystopian action comic set in Santa Fe, New Mexico after a nuclear war. It follows a broken super-soldier and few young people as they try to liberate their fellow citizens from the clutches of a powerful and corrupt paramilitary orginization. It is fast paced, far out, and a fun read.

    I'm self publishing it on


    Aftermath Cover

    I hope you check it out, I spent a lot of time trying to make something good, and I hope people start to check it out. I'm out here all alone, so get back to me if any of you guys are interested.

    Nate Doyle
    • CommentAuthorczarlos
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2009
    My name is Carlos Gabriel Ruiz and I write and draw a comic strip called Pretentious Record Store Guy. Issue #1 is out and is available now on IndyPlanet for $2.99. Issue #2 comes out in July. Here are two pages from the first issue:
    Pretentious Record Store Guy #1 Page 8

    Pretentious Record Store Guy #1 Page 9

    Check it out at and read the pretentious blog at
    • CommentAuthorsilberspy
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2009 edited
    I do three different mini-comics & there's a couple more that may or may not come to fruition (hard to get people to draw junk for free). They are very mini, the size of a pack of matches:
    actual size

    Lost Kisses is "typical" mini-comic stuff. Slice of life stories about emotions. Here's a gif version of issue #2
    Lost Kisses #2

    XO is a story about a guy trying to stop killing people. Everybody's life has challenges. The art helps make it more interesting than if it was just a noir story. Here's a gif of the first issue:
    XO #1

    Worms is a teen coming of age story in a Kafka/Lovecraft setting. Some people hate the highly stylized artwork, but I think it is awesome & perfect. Here's the first issue:
    Worms #1

    They cost $1 each with shipping in the USA, a little extra for international. Discounts if you order more than one issue.
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    I made some mini-comics for ECCC this year. One was called Stink and it was about a horrible smell in a young man's apartment. The smell won't go and drives him over the edge.
    Stink cover

    The other one is Archie Snow: The First Fifteen Hours. It's a continuation of a character I've been publishing in the back pages of Proof (from Image Comics) for about two years now.

    Archie cover
    Archie fight!

    If you'd like a copy of either, hassle me over here: the big sketchblog
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2009 edited

    I live on the west side of Michigan, and on the east side lives Sean Bieri, who I will go out and say is the best humor writer I've ever read. AND he makes mini-comics. Really good ones, like the JAPE series. He's been making mini-comics forever, and along with Matt Feazell and Pam Bliss, is one of the elder statesman of the medium.

    If you see a Sean Bieri mini-comic, you should pick it up and buy it that instant. Go to his blog and see all the cool crap he does.

    Also, I just found his "12 Days of Zombie Christmas"; while not a mini-comic, well worth checking out..
    12 Days of Zombie Christmas