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    • CommentAuthorscaryboots
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009
    Well, I am officially confused about minicomics. Mine is not A7, but it is a minicomic by the wikipedia definition, and if we're going to start disagreeing with Wikipedia the whole internet world will roll up at the seams. So here I present for your delectation the first page of my a4, but extremely low budget (hand photocopied, folded and stapled) offering:
    First page of Apostrophe and Coma #1
    Link goes to the whole edition in .pdf, or paper copies are available from Orbital Comics, London, or whenever I get my arse to a comic show.

    It's about a girl-monster whose only friend is a selfish robotic cat thing. She tries and fails to understand people.

    It is not as hackneyed as it sounds, I promise. For one thing, she's fat. For another, I seem to be writing about economics quite a lot.
    • CommentAuthorSeanazz
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009 edited

    Necessary Monsters is a web to print comic by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and Sean Azzopardi.
    Here we see some of the cover images for the mini comic editions of Necessary Monsters. At the moment we’re only
    selling the minis at conventions – would folk like to see them available for purchase at the site as well? Let us know!

    Oh, and if anyone would like a chance to pick up some minis from us in the flesh, you’re in luck –
    myself and Sean will be exhibiting at The London Movie, Comics & Media Expo.
    Come by and say hi! Bring money! And cakes!
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    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009 edited
    Hey guys- first time poster here. My good friend G.W. Lapid and I have been doing these cool little backwards (mini)comics for a while- he lives in San Diego and I in Chicago. I'll send him a letter and as a part of the post script there'll be these frames I drew with my own personal story in mind. He'll then "illustrate" with his own text, as inspired by the images. It's really a wonderful experience, I suggest y'all should try it! Here's one of our first PS Pages.
    Minicomic by D. Yendler and G.W. Lapid
    • CommentAuthorTim
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009 edited
    This is my fiancee's minicomic, not mine. But she isn't anywhere near the internet at the moment, and I am.

    Owl Is Angry Cover
    Owl Is Angry

    She has also done a mini-mini comic. A microcomic, maybe. As well as other minicomics.
    Tiny Tea Comic

    Edit: Oh, and the site is here.
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    I hope this doesn't seem inappropriate (if so, delete at will!) but I run the Poopsheet Foundation, a website dedicated to mini-comics new and old (lots of history articles and data).

    Our intention is to be a central meeting place for mini-comics publishers, artists, writers, readers and collectors. It's a community-driven site that's also got social networking features built in. Members can upload photos and videos, participate in discussions in the forums, post mini-comics news and reviews in their individual blogs (these get fed into the main blog on the front page), "friend" other members, send messages to other members through the site, invite friends to join, add applications to their profile pages and other fun stuff.

    Thanks, Warren, for highlighting mini-comics and their importance to comics.
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    The wife, Sara Ryan, has put out a new issue of her Flytrap minicomic series. This one, the fourth, is illustrated by Sarah Burrini, a cartoonist who's done work for Germany's Mad Magazine.
    Flytrap number four, featuring attractive women and their drunken karaoke revelations.

    Also, I heartily endorse Natalie Nourigat's mini comic from the first page of this thread.
    • CommentAuthorBram
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009
    I'm a part of a Northern New Mexico-based comics creators collective, 7000 BC. Everybody's doing their own thing, working in whatever style and genre they want, making comics they way they think they should be made; some are minicomics, some are more elaborate. But every month, we collect gather whatever we can of whatever everyone's working on into our anthology string, and when we have enough issues to make it worth printing, we put together a minicomic to sell at local shops and cons.

    Because our reach is limited, every issue gets posted to our Web site for free download. The most recent issue also has links to all the previous ones; we try and keep them below 5MB. Please check it out.

    7000 BC string preview

    Raised By Squirrels, the series I produce with my wife, had its origins as a minicomic that we would print up and give away at cons or bundle and sell when possible. We finally got enough to print up one volume, then two, and are still going.

    RBS promo

    Our roots are still in the short tales — and that's still how we release them. All the chapters of the comic are also available for free download as PDFs at the in the lower left of the site.
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    Great thread.

    I publish a quarterly mini-comic anthology titled Candy or Medicine. I have published eight issues total featuring contributors from the U.S., Canada, England, Brazil, Slovenia, Greece, Belgium, Japan and New Zealand. While mostly a humor publication, there are also a few artsy/experimental type comics. I like it to be as accessible to people as possible, so each issue is just $1 (plus shipping) or available for a trade. I'm always looking for new contributors, so anyone on here feel free to contact me at info (at) if you are interested in contributing.

    On my Web site, you can download two PDF versions of the Free Comic Book Day Specials.

    Candy or Medicine Volume Five

    Candy or Medicine Volume Four
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    Yep, I sho nuff do make minicomics. Here is the cover of my latest, Shannon Smith is Addicted to Distraction #1.This comic will punch awesome in it's face.

    You can buy my books here at Crooked Finger Press.
    Fresh hot comics for sale.

    I also review minicomics at file under other. Visit the link and find out how to get your stuff reviewed.
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    Hello pretties

    My two newest minis are Chloe Noonan and Ellerbisms Vol 3

    Ellerbisms stems from my autbio webcomic. The covers are printed on recycled cardboard and I try and make the product as interesting as possible to hold and flick through. With Vol 3 I even included a special "pull out section" where people can make their own Marc Ellerby mini comic if they so wish (no responses as of yet though, boo!)


    Chloe Noonan
    is about a monster hunter who is painfuly rubbish at what she does and kinda isn't even bothered about it anyway. She doesn't have any powers so has to get the bus around town trying to hunt the terrible nasties. Unlike Ellerbisms, you can't read this online and hopefully it's the start of a series of minis/graphic novels in the Chloe-verse.


    More previews at the flickr. You can buy them both from here
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    It's about time you showed up on this thread Marc.
    It's also about time more people bought your mini-comics.
    It's also time you spent some of your meagre profits on buying me a beer.
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2009
    I have a few minicomics available on my site.

    The Amazing Atavistic Adventures of The Fish - starring a fishman and Ned Kelly

    The Amazing Atavistic Adventures of The Fish by Adam Ford

    The Book of Job - a vector art stickfigure retelling of the Bible story recast as a playground dare between Satan & God

    The Book of Job by Adam Ford

    The Lives and Times of Jerry the Nerky Lizard - comics, collages and mashups about a lizard guy who likes chicken soup

    The Lives and Times of Jerry the Nerky Lizard by Adam Ford

    Rude Boy in: "We're out of milk" - clipart noir-comedy using the webdings font

    Rude Boy by Adam Ford

    All of these are available to buy on my site - happy to do the swappage thing too.

    Great thread. Looking forward to examining everyone else's output a bit closer.
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    Well, I did a mini, the whole thing can be read here. Copies can be ordered from me for a buck a piece by dropping me an email at steve (at) I originally intended to do a mini a month for a year but that fell through when some of my short's started getting accepted by editors and I decided to focus on that part of my career instead. Still, I really enjoyed the work and plan on doing it again, if for nothing else a few 24 hour comics.
    • CommentAuthorjeffzwirek
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2009
    I've been doing mini-comics for several years now. i finished my latest series called Burning Building Comix just recently. You can see what the art looks like, and a pic of all five issues put together here. The trick behind the comic, is that each issue is two stories of the same building as it catches on fire. You can see it all here.
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2009
    Would just like to say that since I posted here, I sold four things through the Etsy shop. Thanks! :)
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2009
    For those who've asked about the plastic sleeves I use:

    Inconsequential Art in sleeves

    4 pockets per sleeve. They're basically chopped up business card binder pages. Look great and fit nicely in a #10 envelope.

    Previous post about Inconsequential Art with ordering info, interiors, etc here.

    Took this photo after assembling this week's orders, thanks to Warren & Whitechapel. Thanks all!
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    Confessions of an American Ling Master has been posted as a PDF at the Literate Machine ( and will be reprinted, packaged with other old and new Ling Master material, and available in time for MoCCA ArtFest in New York in June. Individual digest-sized minis of "Jimmy", Or, The Bread-Doll Fancier, "I, The Stallion!", and The Squid Boys of Terre Haute (the Lovecraftian send-up) are still available. See for detailed descriptions and previews of all these and more.

    Page 3 of Confessions of an American Ling Master

    Also, my 2008 24-Hour Comic has been printed up as a 24-page digest-sized mini, How Dear To Me Is Sleep. A detailed description is at .

    Sample page of How Dear To Me Is Sleep
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    Thank you so much for the opportunity to yammer on about mini comics. I truly feel that through mini comics anyone can get there message out. How large an audience ends up receiving that message can be limited. It is great to have a place to mention something you have worked on. Again thanks to anyone who takes the time to look at my work.

    I have created three editions of my own mini comic as well as other DIY art objects. My mini comic is called SUPER! Each edition of the comic I like to think of as an album or mix tape with each page or strip being akin to a song. The topics covered in the comics range from love to war, from friendship to hatred and all the happy and sad places in between. The comics are not really structured around a linear narrative but each issue, page and panel informs all of the others.

    Each comic comes in a coin envelope with two buttons and two stickers and are sixteen pages with full color. I also made a "Fun Pack" version of the Third Editon. It comes with a gocco printed cover, buttons, stickers, a little sculpture, a gocco print and a hand drawn closure.

    Here are a few preview images. Contents followed by sample pages from all three editions.

    SUPER! First Edition Contents

    SUPER! First Edition Page 7

    SUPER! Second Edition Page 14-15


    My flickr page has more preview images in nice neat sets for you to view so I would take a gander over there if you happened to enjoy these. Should you want to know more about my work you can visit my blog/website Mortekai is SUPER!. I have not posted to it in a while but will resume doing so shortly.

    To purchase my comics and other DIY stuff head to my etsy shop thank you for your everything. My work is also available at other shops on the internet and in the world we breathe in. Check out the Poop Sheet Shop, Little Paper Planes, Star Clipper Comics, Desert Island and Atomic Books to name a few. My blog has a fairly complete list.

    Well thank you and I hope you like my work.

    Kevin b.

    p.s. I had trouble tying to get my images to show up. I was not able to get my images from flickr on here.
      CommentAuthorHokus Krokus
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2009 edited

    At SDCC I'll be handing out free minicomics to promote my brother Tim's comic, Troy City Comix.

    If anyone here would like a copy, please email me your address at and I'll send you one.

    Here a page from the mini to check out:


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    Kevin: your images aren't from Flickr, they're from Blogger, and Blogger doesn't allow image linking outside Blogger/Blogspot itself.