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    I'm really glad to hear that you liked it. That series will have to wait. however, since I'm writing the second book in my new Sandman Slim series.
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    Just a reminder to all, including Mr. Kadrey. I first learned of Mr. Kadrey through Probability Beach, so I didn't only get to learn he was an author but thought he was quite a talented narrator.

    It was short run, the stories fantastic. I hope you get the time to try this again. To everyone else, I'd recommend a revisit to the site as the stories are still there...
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    Probability Beach is another project I want to return to later this year. Most likely this Fall when I'm done with the second Sandman Slim novel.

    And if you're in the Bay Area:

    SF in SF presents authors Richard Kadrey and
    Heather Shaw at the Variety Preview Room in the
    Hobart Building, 582 Market Street, Saturday, May
    16th at 7:00 pm
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    Just got Sandman Slim in the mail this week from the publisher and I'm 80 pages in and loving it. The Gibson quote is 100% accurate.

    This is the first of Kadrey's novels I've read. Will have to read more.
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    Hear me, watch me, smell me yammering about Sandman Slim in this little promo video. It's just like Eraserhead, only shorter and without the chickens.
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    I just found out that Sandman Slim is going to be an official August selection of Indie Next, the independent booksellers title recommendations to the ABA. Woo!
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    My guest blog/essay on why I've been writing fantasy and why I wrote Sandman Slim is now available for your dining and dancing pleasure at BSCReview.

    What The Devil Taught Me
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    The podcast interview I did with Jon Armstrong, the author of Grey is live. Here's the lowdown:

    Author Richard Kadrey Talks about Fantasy, George Bush, and Heavy Drinking on If You're Just Joining Us

    • CommentAuthorBryanL
    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2009
    Richard Kadrey
    If nothing else, I'm going to have to pick up butcherbirds after reading through this thread. Probably have to check out some of your photography as well. I also love the idea for your fantasy novel, sounds like good fun.

    Bryan L
    • CommentAuthormunin218
    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2009
    Mr. Kadrey is a pretty cool fellow. ;P
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    Thank you both!
    • CommentAuthorBryanL
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2009
    @ Richard Kadrey I just saw some of your photography, and I loved it. It is just the kind of thing I like, women. I kid well sort of. I like the expression of flaws, and I'm a total dork for industrial themes and nature. I haven't gotten a chance to pick up butcherbirds, but I read a review and I think I'll probably enjoy that just as much. Keep on doing what you are doing!
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    Thanks. Glad you like the visual work. There's always more of that to come.

    I hope you like the novel, too. The actual title is Butcher Bird. I also have a new book, Sandman Slim, coming out at the end of July.
    • CommentAuthorBryanL
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2009
    @ Richard Kadrey Oh yeah, I spotted the video for it you posted for Sandman Slim. I usually burn through a book in a day or two, so I'll see about picking it up as well.
    Apologies for the book title, I did that twice already haha.
    What are you thinking of doing for your next photo shoot? I really liked the ones of the girl in the woods with the vacuum cleaner. It had a slight bit of humour to it that I enjoyed.
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2009 edited
    ACCELERATEis a GREAT book. Thanks for making it.
    It's just like being high, but printed.
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    @ BryanL
    No worries on the title. It was closer than what a lot of people say.

    I'm not sure about the next shoot. I'm having to slow down on shooting as I work on Sandman Slim 2. I'm talking to a few models right now, but haven't nailed down anything yet.

    @ AndySpield
    Thanks. I'm glad you liked Accelerate. It was an interesting learning experience. I hope to do more comic writing this year, but there's nothing firm on that front. More likely, whatever scripting I do this year will be for the Sandman Slim movie that's in development.
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    vampires and ghosts, damn i'm gonna get a nice job working as middle management for a chain of grocery stores and stay away from that whole dichotomy caste system. scary thought for anyone who really hasn't laid down any foundations. thank you Richard Kadrey for writing great enoyable,thought provoking stories and making it harder for me to sleep at night . :) not to mention I can picture a story involving the two extremes, where record producers,business owners and general assortments of higher up folk are actually a group of vampires while on street level down where the prol's roam folks are constantly being kept up at night by the moaning and bitching of long dead ghosts who where lured in and feed off of intellectually and physically by head vampires....
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    @billystarfish Sounds you have the beginning of your own story. Run with it.
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    Sandman Slim hits the stores tomorrow. I'm not advocating getting drunk & shooting your guns in the air, but I'm not say not to
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2009 edited
    Mr. Kadrey, are you going to be at SDCC to promote Sandman Slim?

    Also, I think your Author Info page at Harper Collins is kind of cool. Didn't know you wrote children's books, let alone that you were one of the "best-selling children's authors in history." Rock it.

    Godspeed. I'll be picking my copy of SS up today.