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    @ Twist

    And that's fine. I'm noticed that Warren tends to reuse certain types and tropes in his writing as well. Presumable all writers do it to some extent or another. And the main reason I cited what I did was that I'd read enough of Green's works to notice it.
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    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2009
    @JohnJones Eeep, I didn't mean that to be like GRRRRR. Just an agreeance. I find with some writers it bothers me and with others it doesn't.
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    @JohnJones Several people have mentioned Green to me. I'll check him out.
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    @ Richard Kadrey

    Green does bizarre stuff really well. He's also good at cool names for strange stuff. That all said, whenever I read a Green book I get the feeling that I'm not really sharing a universe, but sharing a brain. After a while, you notice that various personalities all share similar characteristics (the cowardly fop who only reluctantly joins the hero suddenly "mans up" and become an uber-badass slayer of beasties, like that.) I feel like I'm reading a ventriloquist, because all the characters in his works essentially have at their root the same voice. And while in practical terms that's true of every writer, in Green's works it's more... pronounced. I don't know if I'm explaining it right. At base his stuff is enjoyable, but it'd probably be best not to read a whole lot of it at once because of the repetition factor is my point, I suppose.
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    Thanks for the warning.A friend just gave me the first Nightside book.
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    Hi Richard,
    I read the 46 of your short stories that are available from feedbooks on an iphone the other day. T'were a slow, 14 hour shift at the adult bookstore. I also tracked down copies of 'Butcher Bird' and 'Sandman Slim' a while back, very enjoyable reads. Have you read 'The Raw Shark Texts' by Steven Hall? Several sections of that book have a really good urban fantasy feel.
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    Hi. I’ve been absent from the site long enough that I almost feel like I shold almost reintroduce myself, however in terms of priorities that’s right behind, “Find George Bush laser codpiece to go with the Blackhawk attack jetpack.” If you’re around here I figure that you know who I am. If you don’t, I have a fairly out of date Wikipedia entry. It’s gets the basic facts right. It just doesn’t have the new ones.

    Here are a few updates since I pulled my Ambrose Bierce.

    The Sandman Slim paperback is out and doing well. It’s a mass market so it’s easy to shoplift. Steal it or buy it. I get paid either way.

    I’m working on the third Sandman Slim book. The second, KILL THE DEAD, will be in bookstores and on Amazon in late Septemebr. I encourage you to get the book from a local independent store, but if you’re at McMurdo Station or in Ulan Bator I won’t hold it against you if you opt for mail order. I’ll be posting excerts from the book in my Twitter feed and longer ones will appear on the Eos site closer to publication. I’ll post the url when it goes live.

    I’ll be at the San Diego ComicCon from 7/22-24 doing some panels and signing whatever the hell people shove at me. If I sign someone else’s book, your cankles or your baby, it means you got too close too fast when I had a pen in my hand. I’ll also be at the NY ComicCon in October.

    The Sandman Slim movie creeps forward slowly. A script is on the way and apparently the production company is director shopping. I don’t know much more than that and when I do I probably won’t be able to talk about it. Hollywood is run like a John le Carre novel. There’s a lot more cloak and dagger than coke and porn stars which seems fundamentally wrong. Welcome to the 21st century.

    I also might be doing an online movie column. If it happens, I’ll talk about it here.
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    I shoot a lot of fetish, glam and odd photos under the name Kaos Beauty Klinik. A new and vastly superior site has just gone live. Note: 90% of the images are NSFW. Consider yourself been warned.

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    You can follow my yammer here:
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    Thanks for stopping by.

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    The official cover for KILL THE DEAD.

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    Is Kill the Dead much longer then Sandman Slim? I liked the smaller hard cover but could have used moar.
    I'd love to see Mr. Muninn on film.
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    Kill the Dead is a bit longer than the first book, but it's more complex, so maybe so maybe it'll feel longer for you.
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    ." alt="KBK" />
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    The cover for KILL THE DEAD is lovely.
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    I greatly enjoyed Sandman Slim, and can't wait until the next book's out. And Spiral's right; the cover does look lovely.
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    I'm very happy with the cover. Let's hope the buyers for the chains are, too.
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    I'd prefer a cover that works in some of your photography. Though i'm not sure how well the Borders crowd would take to that.
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    That might happen if I get to do another project with an indy press. I've also thought about doing a POP book of my microfictions. If that happens, I'll get a real designer to put the book together, but I'll shoot the cover and maybe do some interior illos.

    The chains have been very supportive of the first Sandman Slim book and it sounds like they'll do the same for KILL THE DEAD, so I really can't complain about how they're treating me.
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    I had to trek into a specialty store and place an order for Sandman Slim when it first came out. Then again my experience of chain bookstores in Australia is probably substantially different to bookstores in the states