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    Parts 3 and 4 of SUSPECT ZERO are up.

    Suspect Zero, Part 3

    Suspect Zero, Part 4
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    Part 5, the conslusion of SUSPECT ZERO, is online.

    Suspect Zero, Part 5
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    That was a damn entertaining read. Is the concept of a 'Suspect Zero' serial killer part of that whole American serial killer folklore?
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    Yes. People have been speculating about Suspect Zero for a long time. There's no real evidence of his existence and he seems to be a ghost manifestation of the easy mobility of American society. Years ago, law enforcement from several states thought that Henry Lee Lucas was a kind of Suspect Zero. He was a drifter and known killer who confessed to hundreds of murders cross the US. His story fell apart when officials finally compared the dates of some killings and realized that Lucas couldn't have made it cross-country in time to commit both. Still, the fact it was so easy to believe in Lucas points to the power of the Suspect Zero myth and our desire to believe in it.
      CommentAuthorCorey Waits
    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2010 edited
    Serial Killers and the mythos that surround them is fertile ground to till, if you can find an original approach, and you certainly did that. Loved it.

    Also, back to Sandman Slim, if you ever think of doing a comics adaptation you should totally get Ben Templesmith on board. Fell showed that he can do the gritty realism, and he style would be perfect for some of the nastier creatures... The image in my head when Candy was doing her thing towards the end was especially Templesmith-esque.
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    I love Templesmith's work and it would be a kick to work with him.
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    Aww, just spied this. Cheers Richard. By the way, absolutely LOVE your photography, as well as the writing!
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    Working obsessively on ALOHA FROM HELL, Sandman Slim 3. It will be done at the end of the month. And so will I.
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    Done? I don't think so. We'll hook you up to a peripheral cannula and pump in equal parts india ink and whiskey until we see at least two more Sandman Slim books and maybe a Butcher Bird sequel.
    • CommentTimeSep 12th 2010
    Finally ordered "Sandman Slim" (I'm a slowpoke, mea culpa)--definitely looking forward to jumping in!
    • CommentAuthorTwist
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2010
    For those in Melbourne hunting it Sandman Slim can be found at "Of Science and Swords". Its a small independent bookstore. The new owners (big red headed man is the owner) are friends of mine and the staff are happy to order in anything else you want that they can get hold of.

    Shop details:

    Shop 11, 250
    Melbourne, Victoria

    Hope you don't mind the plug for these guys Richard. I begged them to order Sandman Slim in, so I figure I better let people know they have it :D
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    I've just finished 'Kill the Dead'...damn that was an enjoyable book. I'm supposed to have a 4,000 word essay completed by the end of the week and i just ignored it in favour of spending twelve hours reading 'Kill the Dead' cover to cover. I might even wager that it was more engaging than 'Sandman Slim'...tough to call though.

    It has also got me jonesing for a sequel...or at least more Kadrey books.
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    I've just finished re-reading Butcher Bird on my iphone as an epub file. I thought i was imagining things but the epub version of the book that i've obtained is quite different in a number of sections to my hard copy of the book.

    I've had this happen on a number of occasions when a revised edition of a book has been published, i've not noticed that i'm reading a revised edition and begun to question the veracity of my memory.

    p.s. i think the hard copy is the superior version.
    • CommentAuthorDarkest
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2011
    I still need to pick up Kill the Dead. Sandman Slim was an interesting take on Urban Fantasy since there are so many books in that genre now. Somewhat justified insofar as I'm having issues with getting into reading books again as I have a stack that may well be longer than my arm.
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2011
    Kill The Dead was awesome. It took the zombie tropes and freshened them up in a way that made sense in the Sandman Slim universe.

    The books make me really want to visit LA.
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    I seem to be back here again after too long an absence, and I’m back with free stuff. My Sandman Slim series is about to come out in the UK. You can win signed copies of the first three books by watching a video and answering a question on the HarperVoyagerUK Facebook page. It's good to be back. RK

    Sandman Slim UK contest
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2012
    Good to see you, chief. I can't goddamn wait for Devil Said Bang.
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    We'll be having contests and giveaways in July and August. Maybe some bound galleys at SD Comic Con.
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    I’m one of the Guests of Honor this weekend at FandomFest in Louisville, KY, 6/29 – 7/1. Here’s my official schedule.
    Unofficial stuff will probably pop up so stay tuned. I hope to see some of you there.

    Saturday 11:30 am Jones Room Spotlight Richard Kadrey

    Saturday 2pm Saturday 2pm Expo Area/Joseph-Beth Booth Guest of Honor Signing

    Saturday 4:30 pm Beckham Room: Exploring Genres-A look at Urban Fantasy

    Sunday 1pm Beckham Room The Big 6 and Traditional Press's Place in Today's Publishing World
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    I just found out that Butcher Bird is up for the Prix Elbakin in France.
    I'm up against China Mieville, Joe Hill, and Lucius Shepard so I'm sure I'll lose, but it's still pretty cool.