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    • CommentAuthorFfordesoon
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2008
    @ gallardo: Yes, film is lovely, isn't it?

    @ kadrey: I bought BUTCHER BIRD. Haven't read it yet, but it's on the pile. The cover is the tits, and what little of it I've read has been fantastic.

    So, you know, yay you. :)
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    The cover is amazing. The cover artist is amazing.
    He's Dan Dos Santos. Here's his site:
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    >After many weeks of silence, we were told no thanks without explanation
    >and not given the chance to try and fix whatever they didn't like
    Welcome to LA, where business is like bad sex with a total stranger, and it leaves you wondering if what you dread more is that they won't call you in the morning or that they will.
      CommentAuthorHokus Krokus
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2008 edited
    Since this is a Richard Kadrey thread, allow me to post a link to Treasure Hunt, a short that Mr. Kadrey was nice enough to give to years ago.

    Treasure Hunt -
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    Thanks for the link!
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    I'm not exactly sure what the phrase "major deal" means in current Hollywood patois, but here's the official poop that my agency will let me talk about:

    "Richard Kadrey's SANDMAN SLIM, after eleven years in Hell (where he worked as an assassin), a magician/hitman returns to Los Angeles to find out who betrayed him and murdered his girlfriend, to Dino De Laurentiis Company at Universal, in a major deal, by Holly Frederick at Curtis Brown on behalf of Ginger Clark at Curtis Brown."

    I've already been assured in no uncertain terms that any movie that might come of this will NOT be called Sandman Slim because that sucks for a movie title. I tend to agree.
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    You professional artist types don't have my envy at all. It seems everyone wants the artist to work their ass off for as little money as possible, working shitty deadlines and then expect them to give up ownership and rights to the material.

    I hope the best for both yours and Mr. Ellis's recent Hollywood endeavors, Mr. Kadrey. You guys deserve to be rich.
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    Did you man to post that here? I'm a writer, not an artist and I'm being decently paid and not giving up any rights that my agent and I don't want to.
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    I consider writers artists, too.:) I didn't mean to imply you're poor either. I say what I say because I have seen various artists, particularly writers, not get their fair shake from Hollywood, that's all. If you sell a story or screenplay that turns into a box-office hit or a TV series, you should be made as filthy rich as the one's acting or directing the production, in my opinion...
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    That would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath.
    There's an old LA joke: How can you tell that a starlet is dumb?
    Answer: She fucks the writer.
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    Happy Fourth to Warren, you limey bastard. We will steal your flag, kind of rearrange it lamely and Bedazzler on some disco stars. Suck on that, King George!
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    Happy Fourth to Warren, you limey bastard. We will steal your flag, kind of rearrange it lamely and Bedazzler on some disco stars. Suck on that, King George!

    Meanwhile you are more than welcome to all our Puritans.

    I think we came out ahead - *grin*
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    Fuck you!
    Yeah, you really did come out ahead on that one.
    We still think bare breasts are worse than Darth Vader, and we will believe that for the next thousand years.
    Oh, and gay people cause tornados.
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    We will change the flag, Mr. Kadrey. However, we will keep their bible, eh?
    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2008
    @ Kadrey

    I posted about this in another thread, but you might want to take a look at John Dies at the End, which you can read for free here.

    Meanwhile, regarding game books as source material, check out things in the GURPS system, especially Warehouse 23 and GURPS: Voodoo. Along with the game material, you get in-depth tutorials on real-world histories and applications, especially in Voodoo.

    Also, Changeling: the Dreaming is, indeed, some pretty twee stuff. Actually, on reflection, most of the Old World of Darkness stuff was some pretty twee stuff (Why, yes, I do play a mage/ghoul who can change into a kittycat, what of it?). Changeling: The Lost, on the other hand, is a pretty damn cool horror game that really fits into the World of Darkness setting. Ditto for the rest of the New World of Darkness.
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    I genuinely appreciate all the suggestions that people have made here, but the ugly truth is that I probably won't every be able to look at much of the gaming stuff. My eyes tend to bounce off that material, which isn't me judging the work because I can't get far enough to judge it. It's as if we're similarly charged magnets that can't get too close. Perhaps the poles will flip for one of us one day--it's happened to me before with other kind so books and with other artforms--but, for me, gaming books remain a victim of Zeno's paradox. They're clear across the room and I can't quite make the distance.
    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2008
    Not a problem. Really, unless you're planning to play or GM the game in question, you're better off looking at another, cheaper source of material. White Wolf products range between 28 - 40 dollars or so per book, which is a little steep for research costs. I stand by my recommendation for John Dies at the End, though. I also like Glen Cook. Cook doesn't puts guns and technology in his books, but they have a definate "fantasy noir" feel to them.
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    The guys at Night Shade, the publisher of my last novel, introduced me to Glen Cook's work. He's a terrific writer.
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    What it's like to finish a novel on time...

    In an undisclosed location near Dick Cheney’s Hellmouth hideaway:

    Time is a jellyfish, all gooey and full of stingy neurotoxins. Sitting in a blacked-out hotel room and slowly turning into a Morlock. Living on room service and Ritz crackers. Coffee and Pepsi Plus (or whateve the hell it's called) when I can emerge from my Fortress of Suckitude long enough to scuttle down to the lobby. Typing, typing, typing. Dreaming of George Bush diddling Paris Hilton's chihuahua. Must not weaken and call the porn girls I know at the club across town. No more writing for a while when I’m done with the book. Some speaking engagements, movie biz cocksucking (cocksucking is better than ass kissing because when you suck cock, you know when you’re done) and some travel. Maybe gunrunning to Oz. Those midgets are itching for a fight. Blood will glisten prettily on the Piss Yellow Brick Road.

    Need food. Will watch an episode of Garth Marenhghi’s Dark Place on the computer and then it’s back to work.

    Someone better buy this fucking book when it comes out next year or I will kick the devil’s ass. When you sell your soul, the prince of darkness needs to pony up or it’s clobberin’ time.
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    - smiles -

    And yes, I will buy your book.