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    So: if you bought new comics this week, here's your discussion thread for them.

    Rules: I'm not interested in shopping lists. I want to know what you thought about what you bought, and so do the people reading. If you've got a spoiler element to discuss, you could use the "hide" button in the reply menubar.


    You will, this week, divide your items into the following two categories:




    Why am I starting this on new release day? When so few of the audience here are Wednesday Crowd? Well, some of them are, and those people are providing weekend shopping guidance for the rest.

    To the regs: yes, we're trying this again. I know. I know.

    Off you go, then.
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    Of the new releases this week, I was pleased with LOCKJAW & THE PET AVENGERS; Chris Eliopolis does wonderful work on the Franklin Richards books, and his particular brand of whimsy is well-displayed here, as well.

    In our shop (my wife runs a comic store), I really try to showcase young-readers books, and I'm genuinely thrilled that Marvel and DC are both branching out into more such titles. Doesn't hurt when they're good.

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    Chris can also be found at daily.
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    Nice. Thanks!

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    Today I bought Buffy 25, Dark Avengers 4 and the Beta Ray Bill one-shot. Only had time to read Buffy on the train. I liked it. It rounded of the 5 single issue stories on a high, after some dodgy stuff from Jim Krueger and Drew Greenberg. I'd be interested to read what you all think of Georges Jeanty's pencils. I personally think the style it too cartoony and bright, and prefer what IDW have done for Angel.
    • CommentAuthorsnafu
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009
    What I bought this week in no particular order. Echo 12, Gravel 11, Ultimate Spider-Man 132, X-Factor 43, Young Liars 15, B.P.R.D. 5 and Fables 84. A bunch of great books here and a fairly light week for me. Or so I thought. On the way to the door I saw Steve Rude: Artist in Motion. I hadn't pre-ordered this book because things like this are always a gamble. I picked it up, thumbed through it and headed right back to the register. This is a beautiful book and I highly recommend it. That's all for now.
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    Edit - Updated to fit properly with pre-determined rules. I am a fool.


    Guerillas #4 - This is still remaining a top buy for me, despite its slow release schedule. I'm really intrigued, but I hope some part of the mystery gets revealed soon. But, I'm patient. This is only #4.

    Fables #84 - The Great Fables Crossover does benefit me with a new Fables issue almost every week, which I really enjoy. But the writers seems to be forcing the fact that for this storyline to move forward, we have to read a lot about Jack. And I couldn't give two fucks about Jack, I think he's kind of a lame version of Prince Charming. His dialog always seems so forced and he's hardly portrayed as a likable 'anti-hero' character. Though, the series really, really wants to put him at the focal point of this crossover. I'm bugged by this. Also, can we get a consistent artist here? I know Akins has been drawing the Jack of Fables comics mostly, but this is supposed to be the core Fables edition. Come on.

    The Unwritten #1 - This has a really interesting start. I see promise here. The dialog was a little heavy at parts and had the effect of slowing the flow down in a few spots, but the concept brewing is pretty intriguing.


    Walking Dead #61 - Despite all of my remora eel comic reading roommates (who just steal my comics on comic book day after I've read them) telling me that they've grown bored with The Walking Dead, I've ignored them. I really was in love with the dynamic Kirkman had established, despite its tendency to get a little repetitive and walk into clich├ęs, I really liked how the story could go from settled to chaos in a single issue. But the most recent issue #61 might be my last. The most recent turn of events for the survivors seemed so contrived and pointless, it made me begin to doubt my dedication to Kirkman's ability with the series.
    It seems less like he's building a legit world and narrative and more like he's stringing together traumatic incidents with worn out characters. This tragedy seems like something that really could have been hinted at in some way, with the mental deterioration of the boys. Instead, it feels like a quick, cheap injection of drama into the plot.

    Hawkeye #2 of 5 - The Dark Reign story arc needs another really good comic to give it some more chomp. I know this isn't the main series or anything, but it's still tied to it. It was a little stale. The ending was almost comically dramatic.
    • CommentAuthoradlewis
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009
    None of my subs were in, so I did some exploring this week. Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century proves what I have always suspected -- that I am not as smart as I think. A good 60% of it was over my head, and I'm getting a PhD in Literature. Sigh.

    Secret Warriors stays strong, now at issue #4. I credit the nicely clean art of Stefano Caselli and Daniele Rudoni, the best colorist since Laura Martin. And, it's superpowers light; much of the pleasure comes in the combo scripting of Bendis and Hickman.

    Paid $.50 for the FCBD Blackest Night issue. And got more than my money's worth.

    Best buy of the week: Mike Carey's The Unwritten. Carey's won a lot of good will from me with Lucifer and Crossing Midnight, so I'm on board from the ground floor here. Great concept, nice execution, interesting to see if it has legs or goes the way of American Virgin.
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    Amazing Fluids:
    Young Liars #15- still great, David Lapham manages to keep the intensity level extremely high while still telling a compelling story which may or may not be about complete lunatics. Although it's looking more and more like the inmates are running the asylum. The cancellation hurts my soul.

    Fables #84- Thoroughly enjoying this Fables Crossover. It's hard to recommend this book to new readers though because you have to start at the beginning and we're so far from there now. One issue of the crossover per week/3 weeks per month. Spectacular!

    Walking Dead #61- Robert Kirkman seems like a pretty normal guy. Most of the books I've read by him are fun, like-able stories which work well on a mass-audience scale while not condescending to the reader. Walking Dead is like his fucked-up id. Terrible things happen to everyone, all the time, every issue. This one is no different and in the last page, we get a glimpse of what horrors await our protagonists. Waiting a month for this book to come out kills me.

    Wolverine #73- NOT the wrap-up of the Old Man Logan story but I picked it up because Jason Aaron writes one of the 2 stories in this issue. Not much of a Wolverine fan but both stories are good. The second, a biker story, gets a little muddled at the end but is still a fun read.

    The Unwritten #1- Bought it because Vertigo's been ramming down my throat and it was $1. Haven't read it yet.
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    Picked up GRAVEL 11. I always thought all the books with the Gravel character were Warren's version of Kubrick making a Schwarzenegger movie, but I find that with the turn last ish this series is really starting to transcend fun action magic. Really digging it now.
    Got Wolverine 73. It is funny and well-written, a seamless reversion to Way-style Wolvie after Old Man Logan, which is good considering they put out 73 this week A WEEK BEFORE 72 COMES OUT AND FINISHES THE FUCKING STORY WTF MARVEL.
    Got Deadpool Suicide Kings 2. Not bad, but not as good as the regular series. I'd stick with just that unless you love the character.
    Lastly, got GI Joe Cobra 3. Been a long time fan of Joe from the 80s and this is so good it beats out my favorite Special Missions issues. It's so good it should have been called GI Joe Sleeper. I can't recommend it enough. And it's got Chuckles!
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009

    X-Factor #43- I'm half tempted to write, verbatim, what Peter David put in the front page to lead everyone off course. I'll resist. I don't think there are any words to do this book justice. The past four or five issues have been more exciting, but there continues to be STUFF HAPPENING. Big stuff. David knows how to build a big story, and even though Marvel ripped an integral character w/ out of his hands just to beat her up and put her in a corner (looking at you, X-Force), he's still been able to make this into a book that could change the status quo, if any one was paying attention.
    Yipes. That was terribly fanboy-ish. Sorry. Read X-Factor, though.

    Deadpool: Suicide Kings #2 of 5- Deadpool- written well. By well, I mean funny. Punisher- not as serious as usual. Good enough for this book, though. Tombstone- badass. Bea Arthur- represented, though I'm waiting for full-out tribute to the lady. Art- cartoony, appropriate. Glad to see the increase in Deadpool books, so far, hasn't resulted in a decrease in quality.

    Dark Reign: Hawkeye- Lots of death and violence. Nice little twist at the end. More excited about next issue than current.


    Wonderful Wizard of Oz #6 of 8- Still love Scottie Young's art in this, but having read the book before and seen the movie a billion times makes for a kinda boring read.

    Oracle: The Cure #3 of 3- Wasn't a bad story, in concept, but had a weak ending. Which set up an on-going I don't particularly care to read. Meh.
    • CommentAuthorKidDork
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009 edited
    So far, I've only been able to read League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century. I also feel I'm missing a lot of the references, but I like that. The day Alan Moore doesn't make me feel like an unread street urchin is the day I don't want to ever see dawn.
    • CommentAuthornilskidoo
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009 edited
    The only books from the big 2 I read are for certain creators, though I have never and will never personally review anything Marvel or DC at my site, as there are hundreds, thousands of other reviews elsewhere for that. Regardless, I am taking advantage of this here thread for a rant. Pardons if my geek is blatantly spilling out all over the place.

    I did read the new Warlord relaunch from DC.
    I love Mike Grell's writing, but the pencil art is all wrong. They should have gone with less polish, more grit- something like what Justiniano has been doing lately.
    I am quietly looking forward to the Doom Patrol relaunch as well, from Keith Giffen and Matthew Clark. I like the Giff, and Clark has been going in some incredible directions artistically, as evidenced by his upcoming steampunkish webcomic.

    I have been sorely disappointed by the Vertigo line for some years now. They started as something really special and have since gone the way of over-written hitmen and vikings. Violence over metaphysics. At first I was looking forward to the new Carey series, The Unwritten, but having read an advance I see it as shades of Moore's Promethea and shades of Motown Machineworks' Man Against Time. Sigh. If only the crop of writers from Vertigo's first half dozen or so years had not been lulled by the capes...

    As for M, I think the Pet Avengers book is the best idea they've had in ages.
    I like the idea of these wide crossover story arcs, and it's nice to see so many b- and c- list characters having the dust blown off them, but consistency is a virtue that Quesada's stable seem completely incapable of. I hate admitting that Marvel is doing better with the epic stories now than DC. The Bats and Supes franchises are abominal right now. Modernization is fine, and not writing down to an audience is always groovy, but there are just too damn many cooks in the kitchen.

    All in all, Black Lanterns and Red Hulks just ain't innovation. Thankfully, I hear from Sam Henderson that his next issue of Magic Whistle is coming along nicely. Also, I just replaced my old copy of Crumb's biography of Kafka, and wow is all I can muster.

    That's all for now...
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009
    Didn't buy comics this week.

    And yeah, whatever happened to Vertigo? They used to be somebody.
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    Comics bought this week:

    Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape #1 (supervillains + The Prisoner = awesome)
    The Unwritten #1 (Mike Carey awesomeness)
    King-Size Spider-Man Summer Special (funtastic!)
    Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #51 (Paste-Pot Pete!)
    From the Ashes #1 (Bob Fingerman post-apocalyptic satire! Sample dialogue: "But they..they...they've resorted to cannibalism!" "Looks like." "It's only been a couple of days!" "One shudders to think how many seconds it took before they started drinking their own urine.")
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    Swig Amazing Fluids:

    Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers: What, I'm a sucker for super-animal books. But this was a lot of fun, and that's really what I'm looking for.

    The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #6: Love the art so friggin' much. I'm always kinda surprised how much I like the story here, considering that I don't care for Gerard Way's musics too terribly much. But yeah, great stuff.

    Captain Britian and MI-13 #13: I get to like Leonard Kirk's art more every issue. Shame there wasn't as much of it this time around. But the "Vampire Invasion" story is a good action romp, with lots of nifty stuff I like in superhero books. Plus, hell, Marvel Dracula. Considering what kinda things Drac's had access to in this story, I have to assume he's got an account with the Beyond Corporation.

    Secret Six #9: While I really don't care a bit for this "Battle for the Cowl" story, this book delivers every issue, and this one's got the Ragdoll done up like Robin, which is both disturbing and hilarious.

    Herbal-No Thanks
    Nothin'. Good haul this week.

    (Leauge of Extraordinary Gentlemen came out last week in KC, so I'm already set there)
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    I haven't read everything this week, but so far-

    Amazingly Fluid-

    Wonderful Wizard of Oz- I've been loving this since issue 1, and will be buying the collections to give out this year to anyone I can't think of a good Christmas present for.

    From the Ashes- My first Bob Fingerman book in years and just as fun as I remember. I've got a rant about a lack of cover feature, though. Too long for here, see the end of this post.


    Fables- This just didn't do it for me. Jack's devolution from scheming bastard to self-parody has broken the character completely. The nice thing about this is that, once this crossover is done, I can drop Jack of Fables. I didn't realize how little I care about that series until this crossover, but now I realize the only thing I'll miss is the Babe the Blue Ox monologues.


    Young Liars and League of Extraordinary Gentlement. I'll get to them soonish, but it's been a busy day.

    Rant- What is it with limited series that can't be bothered to tell you how many issues they're going to be? Avatar, of course, is amazingly bad about this, but From the Ashes looked limited and I had to hit up four web sites to find out it's a 144-page serialized graphic novel. Seriously, why? Why doesn't it just say 1 (of 6) on the cover somewhere? How many more issues are there of No Hero, or Ignition City? I've no idea. I like the story but I'm not bothering to memorize its publishing schedule. Seven-ish or something, maybe?

    Ever get to the end of a book and found the last 20 pages were ads and a preview chapter for something else? You're expecting more story, and had mentally prepared for a concluding chapter, but there's nothing. It's kind of like that except with even less idea where the ending might be unless you poke around at the publisher's web site.
    • CommentAuthorDavid Bird
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2009

    Fables #84 - DC's strongest event in a long while (yeah, I know its Vertigo) just gets better. I didn't rush out to embrace Jack of Fables when it started because I find the character as about annoying as everyone he encounters, but I can't imagine anyone else grabbing up these opportunities the way he has and I can't wait until reality catches up to Stinker.

    Azrael #3 - A solid conclusion to this mini. I love the art and I appreciated that the heroes settled things through dialogue and negotiation. No small feat in a genre that revolves around people hitting each other.

    Secret Six #9 - I only picked this up because its a Battle for the Cowl tie in. I haven't followed the Six since their initial Infinite Crisis tie in and didn't know Bane was a part of the group. He joins Catman and Ragdoll in Gotham, trying to save some kids and the city from itself and getting no respect for their efforts. A fun done in one.


    Oracle #3 - Weak. Pointless. Every crossover has some filler, but this entire mini has no real connection to events in Gotham at all. The idea that Gordon might regain the ability to walk and take back her mantle turned out to be as much a tease as the cover art.

    I have also picked up The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century 1910, but haven't had the time to read it yet. I'm expecting great things.
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    Thanks for picking up FROM THE ASHES #1. Not sure why they didn't make the issue run clear, but I hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment of the series.

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    Been to 8 stores and have had no luck with finding Crossed #1 so I buckled and ordered it from my local. Had to freakin' download the first issue. Found all the other issuesthough. Really loving it. Terrifying and awesome! Can't wait for #5 in a couple weeks!