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    • CommentAuthorMathias B
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2009
    Slightly intoxicated at the moment, listening to "Saxophone Colossus" by the great SONNY ROLLINS. I've also been spending time with "Silence is Wild" by FRIDA HYVÖNEN - it's quite a beautiful record, actually.
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2009
    startin t'think that i may not be typical in the Whitechapel listening pool.
    According to that one post of yours, I'd say we've got some overlap tastewise. Especially the Hüsker Dü.
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2009
    Pontiak - Maker
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2009
    Amon Tobin Live in Brussels.

    Provided as a rather shiny free mp3 on his website. Yum.
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2009
    Painkiller - Execution Ground
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    CODE 13- a part of america died today 7" (possibly the only crust/HC record with a frederic wertham sample?!)
    CINEMA EYE-some nerve 12"
    RED LIGHT STING-hands up tiger! 12"
    PROPAGANDHI-less talk more rock 12"
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    This week I have been revisiting the Architecture In Helsinki catalogue, enjoying the Japandroids album and getting into Fela Kuti.

    I also listened to the new Manic Street Preachers album. It is shit.

    Will listen to the new Sunn O))) as soon as I can get an hour to myself to sit in a dark room with my headphones on.
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    |and I've been mainlining old Gary Numan lately. Why, oh why, has his album The Fury never been released on cd?

    Amazon US have it as a paid mp3 download. Amazon UK have it as a CD.

    Excellent - thanks! I hadn't thought to look there for some reason. I am ordering it right now...
    • CommentAuthorradian
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2009
    The sound of the postmen not bringing my Sunn0))) album.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2009
    what was on my MP3 player today....

    Heartilla - Mon Nom Est Le Printemps EP
    Starbird - Nanook Of The North
    JD Emmanuel - Solid Dawn
    Ultraman - Non Existence
    Rapeman - 2 nuns
    Oi Va Voi - Travelling the Face of the Globe
    Torche - Meanderthal
    VA (nohmad netlabel) - Petite Musique Pour Arbre Nu
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2009
    This definitely worked.

    Always does.
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    I've been listening to Themselves' latest, theFREEhoudini, a lot this week. Also Liars self-titled album and, for old times' sake, I threw on some some Caetano Veloso last night
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    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2009

    thanks f'r that.
    • CommentAuthorMattyoung
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2009
    Been loving "Power + Light" by 50FootWave. It's a 25 In seven or eight movements that roll into each other and among each other in a way fitting of the band's name. What could be an EP of song ideas all become one epic monster of a song that swells and cools and swells again like a really well-thought mixtape, except it wasn't just build by one person, it was all played by one band.

    There are few pieces of pop music that are over 20 minutes long (that I know of), and this is the only one I've listened all the way through and then started listening to again.
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2009
    @joe.distort Re: CINEMA EYE-some nerve 12"

    Yes. Yes. Absolutely. It's beautiful, isn't it?

    If you can find their split 4 song with Audion, do so. The guys in Audion ended up joining Cinema Eye. The drummer played this little Manu Katche kit that sounded great. I talked to him (Paul) and the singer (Molly) a few times. They were very cool and super nice. One of my top 3 favorite shows ever had them open up for Aqui and An Albatross in a sweaty little basement club on like a Monday. I went alone, but the place was packed. Damn, I miss that band.

    This week is all about some old Hot Snakes and Natalie Portman's Shaved Head. Those kids know how to have fun (video).
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2009
    Fennesz - Black Sea

    Marcus Belgrave - Gemini
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    I've been listening to the new Eminem album yesterday, and its not bad in my opinion, otherwise its business as usual and have been polluting the airwaves with:

    Unkle — Showreel
    Hudson Mohawke — Polkadot Blues
    Method Man & Redman — Blackout 2
    Martyn — Great Lenghts
    Kotchy — 89
    Modeselektor — Happy Birthday
    Moderat — Moderat
    Nosaj Thing — Drift
    Two Fingers — Two Fingers

    And Dub FX after someone sent me this YouTube video:
    Dub FX "Step On My Trip"
    • CommentAuthorMidweeker
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2009 edited
    I made a wonderful discovery on Monday, whilst surfing through the Amazon new releases pages.
    Moderat is the debut from producers Apparat and Modeselektor, and it's my favourite dance album of the year so far, with bits of dubstep, techno, trance and extremely accessible.
    The whole album's on Spotify already, despite only being released this week.
    I liked it so much, I bought it the next day...

    I'm also quite liking the Polly Scattergood & School of Seven Bells albums - giving the Metric album a bit of a rest, so I don't overplay it.

    EDIT - Hah, Tom, I can't believe you namechecked it while I was writing my post...
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2009

    Modeselektor - Happy birthday good call!

    As for the new Moderat album, that sounds ike a good buy there. Will have to see if my local digital store is getting it. If not, DOWNLOAD!