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    Okay. So here's the list of comics supposedly appearing in your local comics store from this Weds.

    So... any creators here have a book coming out this week?

    If you do: want to mention it? Talk about it? Point at a website, a blog entry, a bit of art, whatever... let these many thousands of people with disposable income know about it?
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    Marvel Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary Special

    My first-ever full issue from Marvel comes out this week: the Marvel Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary Special! It's All Out Action in the Mighty Marvel Manner featuring the Sub-Mariner, the original Human Torch, and a host of other golden age heroes as they yell at each other and beat up Nazis, gangsters, and robots. There's a six-page preview up on CBR

    It was written by Tom DeFalco, has art by Chris Burnham (me!), and colors by Nathan Fairbairn.
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    Some guy named Mark Waid does THE INCREDIBLES: FAMILY MATTERS #2 with Marcio Takara:

    Incredibles: Family Matters #2

    CAPED #2, continuing the adventures of a poor bastard who is an assistant to a superhero, and a superhero who's a complete tool. Written by Josh Lobis and Darren Moiselle, drawn by the amazing Yair Herrerra!

    Caped #2

    CARS: THE ROOKIE #2 by British-born but Austin, TX-residing Alan Porter, drawn by Albert Carreres, with covers from Allen Gladfelter. Pick up a copy for a tiny human living in your house:

    Cars: The Rookie #2

      CommentAuthorTony Lee
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2009 edited
    I have a book coming out this week, a precursor to my ongoing Doctor Who series in July, with art by the incredible and excellent Paul Grist...

    Doctor Who cover

    Doctor Who: The Time Machination

    Tony Lee (writer) Paul Grist (art / cover)
    Format: FC, 32pg., ONE-SHOT
    Publisher: IDW
    On Sale: May 20, 2009, price: $3.99

    London, 1889 and a time-stranded Doctor needs the help of an old friend to fix the TARDIS... but is beset by pursuers sent by Queen Victoria herself! How is this connected to a previous tale of the Sixth Doctor - and a Fourth Doctor adventure that hasn't happened yet? And what will happen if the Doctor is captured by the Torchwood Institute? Tony Lee and Paul Grist tell this special standalone tale!

    It should be a lot of fun. And Paul Grist's art is legendary. And the lovely guys at Comic Book Resources have put a preview up of the first few pages, which you can find at THIS LINK...
      CommentAuthorMIss K
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2009
    Ooh, that looks wonderful Tony. Paul was born to draw lanky Dr #10.
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    Wolverine Noir #2 out this week. Written by me, with art by the incredible CP Smith and color by Rain Beredo.


    The only Wolverine title on the market inspired by both The Maltese Falcon and Five Easy Pieces. Guaranteed.

    More info and art on my blog.
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    That's some of the nicest work I've yet seen from CP Smith.
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2009
    For sure, I'd given up on these noir series after Spiderman but I might just pick this up - that artwork is sweet
    • CommentAuthorkavka
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2009
    Not a comic per se, but The Burning Skies is released today (the second book in the Autumn Rain trilogy) - (Amazon link) - Burning Skies cover - worth checking out of you're into the action sci-fi genre...
    • CommentAuthorGWillow
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2009 edited
    Read my wingnut certified Islamist propaganda! Which I have cleverly hidden in a story containing trippy appearances by pagan deities, just to confuse you! It's all part of the plan!

    AIR #9 on sale this week:

    Air 9
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    The Complete Dracula #1

    The Complete Dracula #1 which Mr. Ellis has said some very nice things about (thank you kindly sir) is due to arrive in shops across the USA and Canada on the 20th (UK and Europe on the 21st).

    There's a 5 page preview over at

    It's a 5 issue series and each issue has 32 pages of story in it plus a load of extras with us waffling on about the reasons why we did this and that and justifying loads of stuff in a pseudo-academic way... but no, wait, come back, it's good! Honest.

    Loads and loads of Dracula related stuff including interviews, advance review, etc over at
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    Those previews were absolutely lovely. I'm so ready for that book.
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    GWillow- looking forward to it, and got a good number of relatives who'll be reading it too. Wingnut and certified is the only propaganda we're willing to tolerate 'round these here parts.
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    I fucking love Air. One of the best comics I've read in a loooong time.
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    I like it that because of "intelligent" banner ad programs, Debbie Schlussel's site is promoting a Muslim marriage site.
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    @OptimusRhyme - thanks mate. :)
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    Jamie and I actually have a strip in an anthology which is out this week. Which, if I can hotlink this image like a bad human, looks like this...

    In the vein of Image's previous Tori Amos and Belle & Sebastian anthologies, this takes records by the British Indie Band Spearmint and interpret them in comics. Preview images, including a couple of our strip, up at CBR. We did archetypal Spearmint track SWEEPING THE NATION. 200 pages in total. Go comics!

    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2009

    I think I'm safe to finally mention this ^_^
    Much Ado About Nothing should be hitting shops in the UK this week after the sort of looooong labour befitting graphic novel production.
    U.S Release in August.
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    Cover of the Magazine

    I write a short story in this Anthology. You can find it anywhere in South America.
    Is six pages long and this is one of the pages...
    Sale en esta Antología una historieta mia. Se puede encontrar en cualquier lugar de Sudamérica. Consta de seis páginas y esta es una de ellas...

    Fourth page

    More info at
    Thanks Warren
    See ya
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    Today I have Agents of Atlas #5 out, and Mysterius the Unfathomble #5 as well. Which has my favorite cover by Tom Fowler...

    yep, that's a wicker man

    Thanks for the venue, Warren