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    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2008 edited
    I'm fairly new to this whole "legal Drinking thing"
    (since the 5th, actually)

    so my tastes aren't really refined yet.

    upon turning 21, I spent a long time (7 days or so) going through everything I could remember that my father used to drink
    (he tends towards things made by monks who live on top of mountains)
    but pretty much just settled on "when in doubt, order a 7&7," which is something that one of my friend's father used to drink.

    Sparks was the drink of choice for more than one New Hampshire noise rock kid,
    and I'm masochistic enough to occasionally stock up on it.
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    Damn - the most hardcore thing I ingested today was a ginseng/honey/mint tea!

    But I did spend much of my evening teaching my wife some nasty close-quarter combat moves and helping our houseguest write a 'fuck off' letter to a creepy ex-boyfriend.
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2008
    I am currently full of sushi and flopping my way through the rest of the afternoon at work. I all but gave up caffeine a few months ago, the first several weeks made me sleep like a regular human being but I was able to adjust back to my normal forced insomnia quickly enough.
    Warren's had Sparks before. :)
    That panel was the highlight of Comic-Con last year, made paying a few gold bars for the hotel completely worth it.

    Even though I am a booze snob, I went through a Sparks phase for about 2 weeks. We bought some as a joke (malt liquor with legal speed in a BATTERY CAN), then quickly became addicted. Nothing like getting drunk and dangerously hyper at the same time. Bonus: no hangover.
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    I've just gotten home from school, so sleep isn't possible yet. But the wife is making something delicious-smelling and I've a roleplaying campaign to write, so life is good.
    Also, although Sparks (WTF!!) is probably out of the question, I may have to pop by a convenience store for some Red Bull or, if I'm really lucky, Bawls.
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2008
    I would like to fuck around all day on the internet. instead I have to try and teach Japanese people how to pronounce "would." and I am no longer allowed caffeine, so all I can use as artificial stimulation are antidepressants and vitamins. feel sorry for me.
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    Still not done with the case studies, been on powerpoint all night (although that new version does make it easier to make something that's not eye-gouginly horrible -- on a side note, is anyone capable enough to make creative and good looking templates for powerpoint, and willing to give them away to a business student whose very future relies on the damned program?), and after that I have to apply for some internships.

    God, that makes me feel old and I hate that. Internships. I wish I could just fuck around forever.

    Does sending an internship application at 1 AM-ish make me look bad?
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2008
    I wrote a paragraph for an RPGame project. That's the most (creative) writing that I've done in weeks.

    And it's about hobos. Have hobos jumped the shark yet?
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    Hobos are the new ninjas. Use them while you still can.
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    dude, hobos will never "jump the shark" as long as us privileged folk use them as punch lines. plus, those dudes rule. i give hobos booze money all thetime. if anyone should drink its the homeless- those motherfuckers put up with the most bullshit out of ANY of us. i fully encourage them to get wrecked. downtown phoenix is full of people that are scared to even talk to the homeless, let alone hook em up. support yr local hobo!!!

    yes, i am drunk right now. that doesnt negate anything i said though, its all true. i just cant articulate well right now.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2008
    My powdered matcha tea is not powdered. It is looseleaf. Damn. All well.

    Hobos will only jump the shark once they begin a war against another anthropological group. At that point, they shall cease to be cool.
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    Since you're just getting to know your way around legal drinking, pick up a bottle of Blavod, a nice vodka dyed black with a tasteless extract from Burmese trees. It's fun for mixed drinks, especially if you float a single cherry or wedge of lime of lemon in the glass.
    Drinks should be visually amusing, as well as alcoholically effective and Blavod fills that requirement perfectly.
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2008 edited
    Richard, thanks for the tip.

    I'm really enjoying the whole "experimenter phase" with regards to drinking.
    (I am however quite convinced that alcohol is a highly toxic poison, but there you go)
    My parents came into town for my birthday, which ended with my father and I drinking stupid things excessively, and my mother getting totally smashed on a quarter of a Margareta, and then hitting on my gay "Manny" (male nanny) friend, who was delighted.
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2008
    Sparks always struck me as going halfway with it. Of course, my days used to start with two cans of Red Bull, the trick is to drain half the can in one long, agonizing gulp, then fill it back up with Tanqueray 10 and lightly coat the rim of the can with the juice of a fresh lemon. Two of those is the way to start your day. Of course, that was when my days didn't begin until about six or seven PM.

    Now I just have to wait until noon before I allow myself to get into the Irish whiskey, a just reward for waking up at a nine AM.
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2008
    Wish I'd known about that black vodka a while back - had the mission of creating a black and somewhat bubbly potent alcoholic drink. Could only come up with brownish green muddy yuck.

    (The drink had been featured in a friend's dream -- it was called Haujobb. I'm all about instantiating dreamthings).
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    wow, chris you are fucking brutal. my days of hard, hard drinking are in the midst of winding down...but when the "hard, hard" days were over a fifth of whisky plus a sixpack or so, i guess my current reduced levels are still pretty bad...i still put down a solid pint of vodka or rum and two or three talls on a "light drinking" night.
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2008
    Joe, with any luck people on this very board, people much smarter than me, will be coming up with ways to grow replacement livers and kidneys in vats. At this rate, they can't figure that shit out soon enough.
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    Sparks frightens people.
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    Bed sounds like the best idea all day. Unfortunately, I am chained to my desk for the day.