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    It's from Neil Gaiman's blog, and I find this very interesting:
    This one is, I think, important:

    Hello, Neil. I intern at a lab that deals with stem cell research, and recently was forwarded the following attached message from the head of our lab. The document linked will explain everything, but the gist of it is that there is currently some regulatory legislation in the works to replace the repealed guidelines on embryonic stem cell research from the Bush administration. The National Institutes of Health are currently running an online comment form which allows US citizens to have their opinions on the matter heard, and such opinions are being heavily considered. If you would prefer not to get involved in a controversial issue like this, I would completely understand. But if it is something that you would be willing to get behind, it would be greatly appreciated if someone of your influence could get this message out. Thank you so much for your time.

    -Joshua Turner

    I think stem cell research is important. (You out there reading this in internet-land do not have to think as I do. You can actively want to ban it if you like.) But having learned that,

    *"The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) launched a new
    "Oppose Destructive Stem Cell Research" campaign today, equipping citizens
    to contact Congress and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to oppose
    embryonic stem cell research ." -- WASHINGTON, May 6
    and that

    ". ..of the 6000 plus comments that NIH
    has received concerning the draft guidelines, 99% were from people who
    opposed embryonic stem cell research."-Carecure Forum given that I do not believe that 99% of the people out there believe that stem-cell research should be banned, I thought, well, my opinion is at least as valid as that of any Conference of Bishops. And I bet I can reach at least 6,000 people...

    So, look over the document. If you have an opinion on stem cell research, and would like it expressed, go to:

    and let them know what it is.

    And please, if you care about this and if you have a blog or LJ or method of reaching other people, pass it along -- link to this blog post, or link to the googledoc above. You've got until May 26th to make your opinions heard.