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    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2008
    A new cellular service will sell high-speed data access instead of phones and phone calls...

    If you’re a certain kind of person (you probably are if you’re reading this magazine), the idea of having a Wi-Fi–like connection to the Internet everywhere you go is exhilarating. Armed with a Xohm-compatible smart phone, a networking card for your laptop, or a tiny ultra­mobile personal computer, you could stream movies or music in real time, and you’d be able to send video and sound files too—right from your kid’s soccer game, for example. It’s closer than you think: Samsung, of Seoul, South Korea, already has a Xohm-ready ultra­mobile PC on the market, and others are expected to follow. As long as you’re in a metropolitan area that gets the Xohm service, you’ll be instantly and always online at high speed.

    Goal:To blanket the United States with high-speed Internet access, even in a moving train or car.

    Why It’s a Winner: It combines the two fastest-growing areas in telecommunications: cellular and high-speed Internet access.

    Player: Sprint Nextel

    Budget: US $3 billion

    Think it'll work?
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2008
    Bring it on!
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    It'll work.

    We have it in the UK already.

    Three Mobile Broadband - Other networks offer it too.

    Speeds of up to 2.8Mbp/s at the moment. I expect that'll rise bit by bit though.