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    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    Well, I had some comments stored up in my head meats, but then in three pages worth of art, I saw too many really impressive and amusing pieces to remember everything I wanted to

    good art! :P
    • CommentAuthorKen Miller
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    @Adrian Rivero
    Really nice.
    What did you do it in - ink? Photoshop & ink?
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009 edited

    The result of inspiration and too many cold meds.

    I guess I imagined Click being contacted by "Bufa", his mysterious benefactor, who he only saw via his avatar of a frog. Of course, this assumes that Click has access to the Inter-connected Broadcast Transmission Grid, an early precursor to the internet in the late 30's. I also imagined that all the gadgets and gear that Click invented and couldn't sell to the police would just be added to himself, making him a kind of add-on cybernetic organism.

    I also imagined my dog was dancing down the hallway, but that was just the DayQuil kicking in,I guess...
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    Oooh, gotta love the DayQuil buzz- Way to tap into and harness the QuilForce, Sizer!
    Unbelievable work Sir, as always!
    Love the 'atari graphics' digital read out of the toad.
    Was this done in illustrator? PS? So crisp and clean... and awesome!
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    @ Sizer: Amazing. Love the harnessing waistcoat. Is his hand in the cannon or did he lose it in his crime fighting/inventing?
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009 edited
    @icelandbob - I wonder if he was licked inappropriately as a wee hopper and that's why he's so bitter now.. XD

    @Neal_Holman - brilliant perspective, I love how worried your toad looks as he stares down the building

    @jamaicad - Yours feels like a favourite childrens story - charming and quirky

    @Paul_Sizer - Gorgeous! The "metal" signal receiver wins this for me :D
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    Kinda late this week... writing getting in the way of drawing.

    the Gadget Man

    These days "The [something] Man" makes me think of the Boogey Man, so here's my take on it.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    @Rooth: Thanks. I figured during his time, even 8 bit graphics would be ahead of the curve. The frog and type were done in Freehand, everything else was pencilled/inked in MangaStudio, and colored in PhotoShop CS3. Clean-ness attributed to working at 400 dpi as long as I can.

    @Yoav: I'll say he has part of his hand in the cannon, a reminder of an investigation gone sour.

    @Mdevile: I was wondering if anyone would notice that his "metal" finger sign was actually his antenna for the transmission. Good eye!

    and thanks all!
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    Normally I'd single out my 4,5,6 favorites, but this thread is TOO GOOD for that! Wonderful work all around ya'll!! If I could, I'd buy literally EVERYONE who posted a piece a beer.
    • CommentAuthorMDominic
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    Wow. These threads just keep getting better and better by the week. Uncle Warren has really created a fun playground here, hasn't he?

    As soon as I finished last week's R&R, I promised myself that no matter what this week's subject was, I would challenge myself to do it in the style of an '80's Saturday morning cartoon. You can be the judge of how well that worked.


    Gadgetman, agent of B.U.F.O. (Big Underground Froglike Operative), who tackles crime around the world with his hypo-needle thingy and his mobile, self-aware compendium of devices known as F.R.O.G. (Full Retinue Of Gadgets). Coming soon to the R&R Network. Watch the cartoon; buy the cereal.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    @MDominic: My graphic designer heart just leapt from my chest! Bravo! I love all the details!
  3.  (5927.12)

    WIN I want an adult swim/ detour toon on that one! It's hit the style and hit the spirit.
  4.  (5927.13)
    @Aurora Borealis; I just love the feel of it! By the image alone, I want to know the story it has to tell.
  5.  (5927.14)
    I didn't have time to really finish detailing this picture, but I think it turned out okay. I'm actually really happy with the toad. Anyway, check it out!

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    Too many to go through and point out all the stuff I like, but off the top of my head:

    Jamaicad- This is great, especially the character work in the toad.

    Paul Sizer-The details in this are fantastic. Great tones as well.

    Aurora Borealis- Nice! Like an editorial cartoon.

    MDomnic- That logo is the best yet.

    Scott Keating- That toad is FANTASTIC! Great lighting scheme.
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    @ Scott

    Holy wow. That costume is awesome and I extra-love the toad.
    • CommentAuthorddav00
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    CLICK RUSH- Gadget Man

    As soon as I read "toad" I knew it was an acronym. Whaddya think?
    • CommentAuthorMDominic
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    @Scott Keating....Very nice. You give good toad. The whole piece has great depth. Well done.
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    Thanks guys! Annie, that means alot coming from you, your work is fantastic.

    ddav00: I love the giant helmet and that mechanical arm is boss!
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    @Scott Keating- Just looked at your website, you've got some very nice paints! I especially liked the Albert Fish piece.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.